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Flora of the South Sandwich Islands

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Title: Flora of the South Sandwich Islands  
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Flora of the South Sandwich Islands

This is a list of the flora of the South Sandwich Islands, a group of islands in the subantarctic Atlantic Ocean, part of the British overseas territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The list contains flora in the strict sense; that is, plants only. It comprises a single species of vascular plant, 38 mosses, and 11 liverworts. Unusually, not a single species is known to have naturalised on the islands; all are presumed native.

The islands also contain 5 species of fungus, 41 lichens and 16 diatoms.

Vascular plants


  • Andreaea gainii
  • Andreaea regularis
  • Anisothecium hookeri
  • Bartramia patens
  • Bracythecium austrosalebrosum
  • Bracythecium fuegianum
  • Bracythecium glaciale
  • Bryum argenteum
  • Bryum dichotomum
  • Bryum orbiculatifolium
  • Bryum pseudomicron
  • Bryum pseudotriquetrum
  • Campylopus introflexus
  • Campylopus spiralis
  • Ceratodon purpureus
  • Dicranella hilariana
  • Dicranoweisia brevipes
  • Dicranoweisia grimmiacea
  • Ditrichum gemmiferum
  • Ditrichum heteromallum
  • Ditrichum hyalinum
  • Ditrichum lewis-smithii
  • Hennediella antarctica
  • Kiaeria pumila
  • Notoligotrichum trichodon
  • Pohlia drummondii
  • Pohlia nutans
  • Polytrichastrum alpinum
  • Polytrichum juniperinum
  • Polytrichum piliferum
  • Polytrichum strictum
  • Racomitrium orthotrichaceum
  • Racomitrium sudeticum
  • Sanionia georgico-uncinata
  • Sanionia uncinata
  • Schizymenium austrogeorgicum
  • Syntrichia filaris
  • Syntrichia princeps


  • Cephalozia badia
  • Cephaloziella varians
  • Clasmatocolea rigens
  • Cryptochila grandiflora
  • Lepidozia chordulifera
  • Lophocoela lenta
  • Lophozia chordulifera
  • Marchantia berteroana
  • Pachyglossa dissitifolia
  • Riccardia georgiensis
  • Triandrophyllum subtrifidum


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