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List of wars involving Japan

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Title: List of wars involving Japan  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of wars involving Yemen, List of wars involving Jordan, List of wars involving Cyprus, List of wars involving Israel, List of wars involving Iraq
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List of wars involving Japan

This is a list of wars involving Japan.


Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Results
Yayoi period
Civil war of Wa
(2nd century CE)
unknown Yayoi chiefdoms unknown Yayoi chiefdoms Establishment of Yamatai state
  • Consolidation of chiefdoms
  • Himiko made queen
Heian period
Genpei War
Minamoto clan Taira clan Minamoto victory
Kamakura period
Jōkyū War
Kamakura shogunate Emperor Go-Toba's loyal warriors Kamakura victory
  • Retired emperors exiled
Mongol invasions of Japan
(1274 and 1281)
 Japan Mongol Empire Victory
  • The Mongol Empire's invasions fail.
Genkō War
Emperor Go-Daigo's loyal forces Kamakura shogunate Imperial victory
Muromachi period
Ōei Invasion
Tsushima Province Joseon Victory
  • Joseon withdrawal
Ōnin War
Hosokawa clan Ashikaga Shogunate
Yamana clan
  • Weakening of the Ashikaga Shogunate
Azuchi–Momoyama period
Seven Year War
Japan Joseon
Ming dynasty
  • Tactical stalemate
  • Withdrawal of Japanese armies; Strategic Joseon/Ming dynasty victory
Battle of Sekigahara
Tokugawa clan Toyotomi clan Tokugawa victory
Edo period
Invasion of Ryukyu
Satsuma Domain Ryukyu Kingdom Satsuma victory
  • Ryukyu Kingdom becomes a vassal state.
Shimabara Rebellion
Tokugawa shogunate
Dutch Empire
Christian peasant and ronin rebels Tokugawa victory
Anglo-Satsuma War
Satsuma Domain  British Empire Stalemate
  • Tactical stalemate and mitigated British victory
Shimonoseki War
Chōshū Domain  British Empire
 Dutch Empire
French Empire
 United States of America
  • Chōshū pays an indemnity of $3,000,000.
Summer War
Chōshū Domain Tokugawa shogunate
Aizu Domain
Chōshū victory
  • Weakening of the Tokugawa shogunate
Meiji period
Boshin War
Imperial Court


Other Tozama daimyo:

 Empire of Japan

 British Empire

Tokugawa Shogunate

Aizu Domain
Takamatsu Domain
Ōuetsu Reppan Dōmei

and others...

Tsuruoka Domain
Kuwana Domain
Matsuyama Domain
Ogaki Domain

 Republic of Ezo

French Empire

Imperial victory
Battle of Ganghwa
Empire of Japan Joseon Victory
  • Severe damage inflicted on Joseon defenses
First Sino-Japanese War
 Empire of Japan  Qing dynasty Victory
Japanese invasion of Taiwan
Empire of Japan Republic of Formosa Victory
Boxer Rebellion
Empire of Japan
Russian Empire
 British Empire
 French Republic
 United States of America
German Empire
 Austro-Hungarian Empire
Kingdom of Italy
 Qing dynasty Victory
  • The rebellion was suppressed.
  • Signing of the Boxer Protocol
  • Provisions for foreign troops to be stationed in Beijing
Russo-Japanese War
Empire of Japan Russian Empire Victory
Taishō period
World War I
 Empire of Japan
 French Republic
 British Empire
 Russian Empire
 Kingdom of Italy
 United States of America
 Kingdom of Serbia
Republic of China
 Kingdom of Belgium
 Kingdom of Greece
 Kingdom of Romania
Portuguese Republic
United States of Brazil
 German Empire

 Austro-Hungarian Empire
 Ottoman Empire
 Kingdom of Bulgaria
Emirate of Jabal Shammar
Dervish State
Sultanate of Darfur

Siberian Intervention
Empire of Japan
 United States of America
 British Empire
 French Republic
 Kingdom of Italy
 Republic of Poland
Republic of China
Czechoslovak Republic
White movement
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
 Far Eastern Republic
Mongolian People's Party
  • Bolsheviks regain Siberia
Shōwa period
Japanese invasion of Manchuria
 Empire of Japan  Republic of China Victory
Second Sino-Japanese War
 Empire of Japan  Republic of China Defeat
World War II
 Empire of Japan
 German Reich
 Kingdom of Italy
 Kingdom of Thailand
 Republic of Finland
 Kingdom of Hungary
 Kingdom of Romania
 Kingdom of Bulgaria
 Slovak Republic
 Kingdom of Iraq
 Republic of China
 United States of America
 British Empire
 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
 French Republic
Viet Minh
 Republic of Poland
 Democratic Federal Yugoslavia
 Kingdom of Greece
 Kingdom of Denmark
 Kingdom of Norway
 Kingdom of Belgium
 Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
 Czechoslovak Republic
United States of Brazil
 United Mexican States
 Ethiopian Empire
Operation Masterdom
 Empire of Japan
 British Empire
French Republic
Viet Minh Withdrawal
Heisei period
Iraq War


New Iraqi government

Ba'athist Iraq


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