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Timeline of knowledge about galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and large-scale structure

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Title: Timeline of knowledge about galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and large-scale structure  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Astrophysics, Galaxy, Index of physics articles (T)
Collection: Astronomy Timelines, Large-Scale Structure of the Cosmos
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Timeline of knowledge about galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and large-scale structure

Timeline of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and large-scale structure of the universe


  • Pre-20th century 1
  • Early 20th century 2
  • Mid-20th century 3
  • Late 20th century 4
  • Early 21st century 5
  • See also 6
  • References 7

Pre-20th century

Early 20th century

Mid-20th century

Late 20th century

Early 21st century

See also


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