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Regions of Chad

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The country of Chad is divided into 23 regions (French: régions).[1]

Each region is divided into between two and four departments (départments), apart from the city of N'Djamena, which is divided into 10 arrondissements.


  • Regions since 2012 1
  • History 2
    • Regions (2002-2008) 2.1
    • Regions created in 2008 2.2
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  • Other sources 5

Regions since 2012

This is a list of the regions of Chad since 2012 with population figures from the 2009 census.[2]


From independence in 1960 until 1999 it was divided into

  • Décret n° 419/PR/MAT/02 (17 October 2002), concerning the creation of the régions
  • Ordonnance n° 002/PR/08 portant restructuration de certaines collectivités territoriales décentralisées (19 February 2008), concerning the creation of new régions in 2008
  • "Chad Map No. 3788 Rev. 8 United Nations / March 2009 (Colour)" ( 
  • "Carte administrative du Tchad" [Administrative map of Chad] ( 

Other sources

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See also

On February 19, 2008, four new regions were created:[6]

Regions created in 2008

Regions (2002-2008)


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