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Real Aikido

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Title: Real Aikido  
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Subject: Ljubomir Vračarević, List of Serbs, Martial Arts, List of martial arts, May 6
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Real Aikido

Real Aikido
Focus Hybrid
Country of origin Serbia
Creator Ljubomir Vračarević
Parenthood Aikido and also some kicks delivered from different countries from Asia.
Olympic sport No
Official website WCRA

Real Aikido (Serbian: Реални аикидо) is a martial art developed by Ljubomir Vračarević, a self-defence instructor from Serbia. It is a mixture of aikido, judo and jujutsu techniques, with some modifications made by Vračarević.


  • Techniques 1
  • Bodyguard school 2
  • Use in Serbian schools 3
  • International recognition 4
    • Naming controversy 4.1
  • Ranks and grades 5
  • References 6
  • External links 7


The Real Aikido defense system includes unarmed techniques, as well as defense against weapons such as knife, pistol, etc. It includes of aikido, judo and jujutsu, techniques simplified so that they can be easily taught in security and self-defense courses. The curriculum itself is mainly based on a general aikido curriculum, with a kyu/dan system of grading. Apart from grappling, self-defense against strikes also includes evasion and some blocking techniques.

Bodyguard school

Vracarevic's bodyguard school is officially certified by the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA).[1]

Use in Serbian schools

From 2005 Real Aikido was included in elementary school curriculum in Serbia as an elective subject. [2]

International recognition

  • In 2001, Vladimir Djordjevic Chief Instructor of United States Center of Real Aikido and founder of Odbrana was recognized by United States Martial Arts Association.
  • In 2003, Real Aikido was recognized by United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame[3][4]
  • In 2005 CBS 2 Chicago TV Station aired the Chief Instructor Vladimir Mr.V Djordjevic at United States Center Of Real Aikido, on Rape Prevention issues.
  • In October 2007 Real Aikido practitioners entered the first European Martial Arts Hall of Fame.[5]
  • The United States Center of Real Aikido is member of International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association.[6][7]

Naming controversy

Real Aikido uses the word "Aikido" in its name, but is not recognised by the Aikikai Foundation, the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation, or any other Aikido organization.

Ranks and grades

The style of belt commonly worn in Real Aikido
Yellow 5th kyū
Orange 4th kyū
Green 3rd kyū
Blue 2nd kyū
Brown 1st kyū
Black dan


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External links

  • World Centre of Real Aikido
  • Real Aikido
  • Odbrana
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