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Ravi Bissambhar

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Title: Ravi Bissambhar  
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Ravi Bissambhar

Ravi Bissambhar
Birth name Ravi Bissambhar
Born (1982-10-27) October 27, 1982
Origin Trinidad and Tobago
Genres Chutney Soca
Occupation(s) Musician, producer, Vocalist
Instruments Vocals
Associated acts KARMA
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Ravi Bissambhar (born October 27, 1982) is a Trinidadian chutney musician.


  • Personal life 1
  • Karma Band 2
  • Inspiration 3
  • Achievements 4
  • Controversy 5
  • Awards 6
  • Albums and hit songs 7
  • Collaborations 8
  • References 9

Personal life

Ravi B (birth name Ravi Bissambhar) was born on October 27, 1982 in Trinidad. He started singing at the age of 13. He attended the Sangre Grande Hindu School, North Eastern College, University of the West Indies and he was attempting to complete his degree in Business Administration (A.B.E.).

Karma Band

He is the lead male vocalist, music director, producer and arranger for the Caribbean fused music band Karma. He is also a presenter with Trinidad and Tobago's East Indian radio station, 90.5fm. The Karma band is made up of Jeewanlal Bissambhar, Nisha Bissambhar, Ravi Bissambhar, Anil Bissambhar, Rajesh Ganess, Hemraj Rattan, Daryl Valentine, and Gregory Ayuen, Sheraz Ali, Andy Muregan, Ronnie Ramdass and Adesh Muregan.

Since its inauguration Karma has produced six albums, Evolution, A.B.C., Party Mix, Secret 48, Karma Mangalam, Destiny and Karmasutra. Karma is working on their 7th and 8th albums, Destiny 2 and Band Ah D Year, a party mix. They are supported by the River Night Club of New York, Club Tobago New York, and Mingles New York. Karma has also launched their new studio, Karma productions. Karma has represented Trinidad several times. Andy Singh was released from Karma

Albums: --License to Wine—Rise of a New King—Karmageddon—Karmasutra 2.0 --Destiny 2 --KARMA-Secret 48—Karma Mangalam—ABC—Evolution


Ravi Bissambhar claims to be inspired by international artists like Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam, Eminem and Machel Montano, but what inspires him the most is his parents, his brother Anil, sisters Nalini and Nisha, his love for music and most importantly God. Ravi has toured the Caribbean, U.S.A., Canada, Guyana, Europe and Suriname; representing Trinidad's culture, chutney and soca. He is was nominated for Best Chutney Soca artiste at the Virgin Records Awards in March 2006. Bissambhar was also a finalist in the Mastana Bahar and Chutney Soca Monarch competition. He is making waves with his big hit songs, 'Gul yuh start meh’, Rum is meh lover and 'Teer cheer.' Other hit songs include Karma slam 1&2, Yeh kahan, Mom and Dad, Badi door (featuring General Imran) Seene meh dil, Ek tera saath, Karma Rompe, The End, Channa vey and his version of Mangalam Ganesham.[1]


Some of his achievements includes performing alongside Nitin Mukesh in 1996, Shah Rukh Khan in 1999, forming Karma in 2002 together with his father Jeewanlal, brother Anil, and sister Nisha Bissambhar, joining 90.5 FM in 2002, playing music for Kumar Sanu at the 90.5 FM cook out competition in 2004, the 3rd of December 2005 where he was chosen to open the Bollywood Music Awards, the Bollywood Movie Awards 2006, received Best Sounding Band at Unifest 2006 in Miami and now getting prepared for the Annual Fathers Day Spectacular. It will be his first concert ever and he guarantees to deliver. He was and still is the youngest music producer/director/arranger in the chutney soca industry. Also, he was the youngest producer to produce ten albums in 6 years.


At the end of the Chutney Soca Monarch 2011 event, when Rikki Jai was crowned champion, a disgruntled Ravi approached the crowd and asked his fans to 'pelt something on the stage'.[2] This was viewed as an atrocity by event co-ordinators, and after talks with promoters, Ravi came back on stage and apologised to his fans. His actions were frowned upon by many other artists.[3] He was eventually retained as a brand Ambassador by Digicell after being put under a 6-month probationary period.

Ravi B has often been criticised from promoting alcoholism and wantoness through his numerous songs on the subjects. He has defended himself by citing that Chutney Soca itself has alcoholism as a major central theme and that he is only performing within the scope of his art.


Ravi Bissambhar received an award from the NY state assembly in designation for special honor in international music and culture. Ravi won three awards at the Hall of Fame. Ravi Bissambhar was also voted the Best New Artist in the year 2003 and he received the award for the Best Bhajan album in 2005. Karma and Ravi Bissambhar is now sponsored by Stag beer. Ravi B's bhajan cd Karma Mangalam won the Hall of Fame Award for Best Bhajan Album 2005. Ravi Bissambhar is the Chuntney Soca Monarch Winner 2010.

Albums and hit songs

  • Another Bad Creation (2003)
  • Secret 48 (2004)
  • Karma Mangalam (Bhajan CD) (2005)
  • Karma Sutra (2005)
  • Destiny 1 (2005)
Sasha and Ravi 4eva
  • Destiny 2 (2006)
Rum is Meh Lover
  • Destiny 3 (2007)
Whine On Meh Ta La La La
  • Karma Sutra 2.0 (2008)
  • Karmageddon (2009)
Jep Sting Naina
Tell Where Yuh From
Tek Meh Gyul
Dularie Nanny
  • Secret 69 (2013)
Gyal Wukkin
Wine Up Your Body
Keep Working – Gregory Ayuen
Choli Ke Peeche – Nisha B & Ravi B
Karma Slam 4 – Ravi B
Jiya Re – Nilli B & Nisha B
Karma Heer – Nisha B & Ravi B
Sanam Teri Kasam – Ravi B & Anil Bheem
Friends With Benefits – Ravi B & Konshens
Gul Doh Bother Me – Ravi B
Bacchanal – Omadath Maharaj & Ravi B
Gul Doh Bother Me – Ravi B
Lawa – Ravi B & Iwer George
Sindoor Lagawe – Nisha B
Tassa – Gregory Ayuen
License To Wine – Ravi B


  • "Jep Sting Naina"
  • "Bhaigan & Aloo" – Lalchan Babwa(Hunter), Ravi Bissambhar, Anil Bheem, Neeshan Prabhoo, Drupatee Ramgoonai, Andy Singh
  • "Tek Me Gyal" – Ravi Bissambhar, ft Neeshan Prabhoo
  • "De Hammer" – Ravi Bissambhar ft. S.W. Storm
  • "Ah Drinka" – Ravi Bissambhar
  • "Vanni" – Ravi Bissambhar & Shiva Lakhan
  • "Player" – Ravi Bissamber
  • "Cya Cum" – Ravi Bissambhar
  • "Sumatee" – Ravi Bissambhar & Terry Gajraj
  • "Ah Rose" – Ravi Bisshambhar
  • "Single" – Ravi Bissambhar & Rick Ramoutar
  • "She Horning Meh" – Ravi Bissambhar
  • "Doh Wah Me Go" – Ravi Bissambhar
  • "De Limer, Drinka & Barman" – Ravi Bissambhar, Dollyboy & Rikki Jai
  • "Lawa" – Ravi Bissambhar & Iwer George
  • "Doh Go Away" – Ravi Bissambhar & Rick Ramoutar
  • "Prescription" – Ravi Bissambhar
  • "Bacchanal" – Ravi Bissambhar & Omardath Maharaj
  • "Friends With Benefits" – Ravi Bissambhar & Konshens
  • "All Out Of Rum" – Ravi Bissambhar, Hunter, Rikki Jai & Soca Elvis
  • "Gyal Wukkin" – Ravi Bissambhar


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