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List of International Emmy Award winners

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Title: List of International Emmy Award winners  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: The Magic Tree, Saving Africa's Witch Children, Cristina Banegas, Benidorm Bastards, The Ascent of Money
Collection: International Emmy Awards, International Emmy Awards Ceremonies
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List of International Emmy Award winners

This is a list of International Emmy winners.


  • Main Categories 1
    • Arts Programming 1.1
    • Actor 1.2
    • Actress 1.3
    • Comedy 1.4
    • Documentary 1.5
    • Drama Series 1.6
    • Drama 1.7
    • Non-Scripted Entertainment 1.8
    • Telenovela (Soap Opera) 1.9
    • TV Movie/Mini Series 1.10
  • Other Categories 2
    • Children and Young People 2.1
    • Digital Program: Children and Young People 2.2
    • Digital Program: Non-Fiction 2.3
    • Digital Program: Fiction 2.4
    • News 2.5
    • Current Affairs 2.6
    • Directorate Award 2.7
    • Interactive Program 2.8
    • Interactive TV Service 2.9
    • Interactive Channel 2.10
    • International Children's Day of Broadcasting Award 2.11
    • Statistics 2.12
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Main Categories

Arts Programming

Year Program Country
2013 Hello?! Orchestra  South Korea
2012 Songs of War  Germany
2011 Gareth Malone goes to Glyndebourne  United Kingdom
2010 The World According to Ion B.  Romania
2009 The Mona Lisa Curse  United Kingdom
2008 Strictly Bolshoi  United Kingdom
2007 Simon Schama's Power of Art  United Kingdom
2006 Knowledge is the Beginning  Germany
2005 Holocaust-A Musical Memorial Film from Auschwitz  United Kingdom
2004 George Orwell: A Life in Pictures  United Kingdom
2003 Arena: The Life and Times of Count Luchino Visconti  United Kingdom
2002 Dracula – Pages from a Virgin's Diary  Canada


Year Actor Program Country
2014 Stephen Dillane The Tunnel  United Kingdom
2013 Sean Bean Accused  United Kingdom
2012 Darío Grandinetti Televisión x la Inclusión  Argentina
2011 Christopher Eccleston Accused  United Kingdom
2010 Bob Hoskins The Street  United Kingdom
2009 Ben Whishaw Criminal Justice  United Kingdom
2008 David Suchet Maxwell  United Kingdom
2007 Pierre Bokma The Chosen One  Netherlands
Jim Broadbent The Street  United Kingdom (tie)
2006 Ray Winstone Vincent  United Kingdom
2005 Thierry Fremont Dans La Tete Du Tueur (Murder in Mind)  France


Year Actress Program Country
2014 Bianca Krijgsman De Nieuwe Wereld  Netherlands
2013 Fernanda Montenegro Sweet Mother  Brazil
2012 Cristina Banegas Televisión x la Inclusión  Argentina
2011 Julie Walters Mo  United Kingdom
2010 Helena Bonham Carter Enid  United Kingdom
2009 Julie Walters A Short Stay in Switzerland  United Kingdom
2008 Lucy Cohu Forgiven  United Kingdom
2007 Muriel Robin Marie Besnard l'empoisonneuse'  France
2006 Maryam Hassouni Offers  Netherlands
2005 He Lin(何琳) Slave Mother  People's Republic of China


Year Program Country
2014 What If? (Wat als?)  Belgium
2013 Moone Boy  United Kingdom
2012 The Invisible Woman  Brazil
2011 Benidorm Bastards  Belgium
2010 Ramzor  Israel
2009 Shinichi Hoshi's Short Short's  Japan
2008 The IT Crowd  United Kingdom
2007 Little Britain Abroad  United Kingdom
2006 Little Britain  United Kingdom
2005 The Newsroom episode Anchors Away  Canada
2004 Berlin, Berlin  Germany
2003 The Kumars at No. 42  United Kingdom


Year Program Country
2013 5 Broken Cameras  France
2012 Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die  United Kingdom[1]
2011 Life with Murder  Canada
2010 Mom and the Red Bean Cake  South Korea
2009 The Ascent of Money  United Kingdom
2008 The Beckoning Silence  United Kingdom
2007 Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive  United Kingdom
2006 Hiroshima  United Kingdom
2005 The Drama of Dresden  Germany
2004 The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off  United Kingdom
2003 Das Leben geht weiter (Live Goes On)  Germany
2002 Nicholas Winton - The Power of Good  Czech Republic
2001 Welcome to North Korea  Netherlands[2]
2000 Kapo  Israel
1999 Just Like Anyone Else  Japan
Born in the USSR – 14 Up  United Kingdom (tie)
1998 Exile in Sarajevo  Australia
1997 Gerrie & Louise  Canada
1996 The Pelican of Ramzan the Red  France
People's Century: 1900–1999 episode 1933: The Master Race  United Kingdom (tie)
1996 The Saga of Life: The Unknown World  Sweden
1995 Contre L'Oubli  France
Anne Frank Remembered  United Kingdom (tie)
1994 Life in the Freezer: The Big Freeze  United Kingdom
1993 Disappearing World: We Are All Neighbours  United Kingdom
Monika and Jonas – the Face of the Informer State  Japan (tie)
1992 The Fifth Estate: To Sell A War  Canada
1991 Cambodia: The Betrayal  United Kingdom
1990 J'ai Douze Ans et Je Fais la Guerre  France
1989 Four Hours in My Lai  United Kingdom
1988 The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank  United Kingdom
1987 The Sword of Islam  United Kingdom
1986 Chasing a Rainbow: The Life of Josephine Baker  United Kingdom
1985 28 Up  United Kingdom
1984 The Heart of the Dragon: Remembering  United Kingdom
1983 The Miracle of Life  Sweden
1982 Is There One Who Understands Me? – The World of James Joyce  Ireland
1981 Charters Pour L'Enfer  France
1980 Fighting Back  Canada
1979 Secret Hospital  United Kingdom
1969 The Last Campaign of Robert Kennedy  Switzerland
1968 La Section Anderson  France
1967 Big Deal at Gothenburg  United Kingdom
  • 1970 – 1978 No Award

Drama Series

Year Program Country
2014 Utopia  United Kingdom
2013 The Returned  France
2012 Braquo  France
2011 Accused  United Kingdom
2010 The Street  United Kingdom
2009 The Protectors  Denmark
2008 Life on Mars  United Kingdom
2007 The Street  United Kingdom
2006 Life on Mars  United Kingdom
2005 The Eagle  Denmark
2004 Waking the Dead  United Kingdom
2003 Nikolaj and Julie  Denmark
2002 Unit One  Denmark


Year Program Country
2001 Dirty Tricks  United Kingdom
2000 All Stars  Netherlands
1999 Lost for Words  United Kingdom
1998 The Tattooed Widow  Sweden
1997 Crossing the Floor  United Kingdom
1996 La Colline aux Mille Enfants  Netherlands
1995 The Politician's Wife  United Kingdom
1994 The Bullion Boys  United Kingdom
1993 Unnatural Pursuits  United Kingdom
1992 A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia  United Kingdom
1991 The Black Velvet Gown  United Kingdom
1990 First and Last  United Kingdom
1989 Traffik  United Kingdom
1988 A Very British Coup  United Kingdom
1987 Porterhouse Blue  United Kingdom
1986 Shadowlands  United Kingdom
1985 Das Boot  Germany
1984 The Jewel in the Crown  United Kingdom
1983 King Lear  United Kingdom
1982 A Voyage Round My Father  United Kingdom
1981 A Town Like Alice  Australia
1980 A Rod of Iron  United Kingdom
1979 On Giants Shoulders  United Kingdom
  • This category have been reformatted in 2002.[3]

Non-Scripted Entertainment

Year Program Country
2013 Go Back To Where You Came From  Australia
2012 The Amazing Race Australia 2  Australia
2011 The World's Strictest Parents  United Kingdom
2010 Caiga Quien Caiga  Argentina
2009 The Phone  Netherlands
2008 The Big Donor Show  Netherlands
2007 How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?  United Kingdom
2006 Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares  United Kingdom
2005 Top Gear  United Kingdom
2004 Brat Camp  United Kingdom
2003 Without Prejudice?  United Kingdom

Telenovela (Soap Opera)

Year Program Country
2014 Precious Pearl  Brazil
2013 Side by Side  Brazil
2012 The Illusionist  Brazil
2011 Blood Ties  Portugal
2010 My Love  Portugal
2009 India – A Love Story  Brazil
2008 The Invasion Ijtiyah  Jordan

TV Movie/Mini Series

Year Program Country
2014 Generation War  Germany
2013 A Day for a Miracle  Austria/ Germany
2012 Black Mirror  United Kingdom[4]
2011 Millennium  Sweden
2010 Small Island  United Kingdom
2009 The Wolves of Berlin  Germany
2008 Televisión por la identidad(es)  Argentina
2007 Death of a President  United Kingdom
2006 Nuit Noire, 17 October 1961  France
2005 Young Andersen  Denmark
2004 Henry VIII  United Kingdom
2003 Mein Vater  Germany
2002 Die Manns – Ein Jahrhundertroman  Germany
2000 Lost for Words  United Kingdom

Other Categories

Children and Young People

Year Program Country
2013 Pedro & Bianca[5]  Brazil
2012 The Amazing World of Gumball  United Kingdom
2011 ¿Con Qué Sueñas? (What is your Dream?)  Chile
2010 Shaun the Sheep  United Kingdom
2009 Dustbin Baby  United Kingdom
2008 Shaun the Sheep  United Kingdom
2007 The Magic Tree  Poland
2006 Sugar Rush  United Kingdom
2005 Dark Oracle  Canada
2004 The Illustrated Man  United Kingdom
2003 Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost Tribe  United Kingdom
2002 Stig of the Dump  United Kingdom
2001 Street Cents  Canada
2000 The Magician's House  United Kingdom
1999 Tell Us About Your Life – Battlefield Doctor  Japan
1998 Blabbermouth and Stickybeak  United Kingdom
1997 Wise Up  United Kingdom
1996 Newsround Extra:War Child  United Kingdom
1995 Wise Up  United Kingdom
1994 Insektors  France
1993 The Penknife  Netherlands
1992 Beat That: Hairdressing  United Kingdom
1991 The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship  United Kingdom
1990 Living With Dinosaurs  United Kingdom
1989 My Secret Identity  Canada
1988 Captain Johnno  Australia
1987 Degrassi Junior High "It's Late"  Canada
1986 The Kids of Degrassi Street  Canada
1985 Supergran  United Kingdom
1984 The Wind in the Willows  United Kingdom
1983 Fraggle Rock  Canada

Digital Program: Children and Young People

Year Program Country
2013 dirtgirlworld...dig it all  Australia
2012 SHUJAAZ.FM  Kenya
2011 BATTLEFRONT II  United Kingdom
2010 Reservoir Hill  New Zealand
2009 Battlefront  United Kingdom

Digital Program: Non-Fiction

Year Program Country
2014 D-Day As It Happens  United Kingdom
2013 Entertainment Experience  Netherlands
2012 Live from the Clinic  United Kingdom
2011 HIGHRISE: Out My Window  Canada
2010 Digital Revolution  United Kingdom
2009 Britain From Above  United Kingdom

Digital Program: Fiction

Year Program Country
2013 GUIDESTONES  Canada
2012 Endgame Interactive: Facebook Episode  Canada
2011 Lebanon  Lebanon
2010 Primeval Evolved  United Kingdom
2009 Scorched  Australia


Year Program Country
2013 Channel 4 News: The Battle for Homs  United Kingdom
2012 Great East Japan Earthquake Emergency News  Japan
2011 Jornal Nacional: War on Drugs  Brazil
2010 Pakistan – Terrors' Front Line  United Kingdom
2009 ITV News – China Earthquake  United Kingdom
2008 PROTV News: Any Idea of What Your Kid is Doing Right Now?  Romania
2007 Lebanon Crisis – BBC News  United Kingdom
2006 London Bombings 7 July 2005  United Kingdom
2006 CONTINUING NEWS COVERAGE – Hunting for Taliban (tie)  Netherlands
2005 Beslan  United Kingdom
2005 Return to Beslan (tie)  Netherlands
2004 The Madrid Bombing  United Kingdom
2003 The Fall of Saddam  United Kingdom
2002 Fall of Kabul – BBC News  United Kingdom
2000 The Mozambique Floods  United Kingdom
1999 Dispatches: A Witness to Murder  United Kingdom
  • 2001 – There was no prize

Current Affairs

Year Program Country
2013 Banaz: An Honour Killing  United Kingdom
2012 Haiti's Orphans: One Year After the Earthquake  Canada
2011 Back from the Brink: Inside the Chilean Mine Disaster  Japan
2010 Dispatches – Pakistan's Taliban Generation  United Kingdom
2009 DispatchesSaving Africa's Witch Children  United Kingdom
2008 Peter R. de Vries – Natalee Holloway  Netherlands
2007 Baghdad: A Doctor's Story  United Kingdom

Directorate Award

Year Direction Country
2014 Roberto Irineu Marinho[6]  Brazil
2013 Anke Schäferkordt  Germany
2012 Dr. Kim In-Kyu  South Korea
2011 Subhash Chandra  India
2010 Lorne Michaels  Canada
2009 Prof. Markus Schächter  Germany
2008 Liu Changle  Hong Kong
2007 Patrick Le Lay  France
2006 Ronald Lauder  United States
2005 Charles Allen  United Kingdom
2004 Herbert Kloiber  Austria
2003 Greg Dyke  United Kingdom
2002 Katsuji Ebisawa  Japan
2001 Gustavo Cisneros  Venezuela
2000 Su-Ming Cheng  People's Republic of China
1999 Ralph Baruch  United States
1998 Sam Nilsson  Sweden
1997 Dieter Stolte  Germany
1996 Hebert A. Granath  Belgium
1995 John Birt, Baron Birt  United Kingdom
1994 Dr. Helmut Thoma  Germany
1993 Andre Rousselet  France
1992 Silvio Berlusconi  Italy
1991 Henry Becton  United States
1990 Henrikas Yushkiavitshus  Soviet Union
1989 R.E. "Ted" Turner  Canada
1988 Vittorio Boni  Italy
1987 Jeremy Isaacs  United Kingdom
1986 Herbert Schmertz  United States
1985 Leonard Goldenson  United States
1984 Lord Sydney Bernstein  United Kingdom
1983 Roberto Marinho  Brazil
1982 Akio Morita  Japan
1981 Huw Wheldon  United Kingdom
1980 Lew Grade  United Kingdom
1979 Dr. Frank Stanton  Italy
1977 Alphonse Quimet  Canada
1976 Talbot Duckmanton  Australia
1975 Junzo Imamichi  Japan
1974 Joseph V. Charyk  United States
1973 Charles Curran  United Kingdom

Interactive Program

Year Program Country
2008 Staraoke  Finland
2007 ReGenesis Extended Reality Game  Canada
2007 Zimmer Twins (tie)  Canada
2006 Cult  France
  • These categories have been reformatted

Interactive TV Service

Year Program Country
2008 The Truth About Marika  Sweden
2007 BBCi  United Kingdom
2006 Hello D  South Korea
  • These categories have been reformatted

Interactive Channel

Year Program Country
2008 WeDigTV  United Kingdom
2007 BITE Television  Canada
2006 Scamp  United Kingdom
  • These categories have been reformatted

International Children's Day of Broadcasting Award

Presented by UNICEF in conjunction with International Emmy Awards and awarded to a broadcaster whose children's programming on or around the first Sunday in March of the previous year best reflects the theme declared by UNICEF for that year. Aims and conditions may be found at [1].


Country Total
 United Kingdom 126 awards
 Canada 22 awards
 Germany 13 awards
 Netherlands 12 awards
 France 12 awards
 Brazil 10 awards
 Japan 9 awards
 Sweden 6 awards
 Australia 5 awards
 Denmark 5 awards
 Argentina 4 awards
 South Korea 4 awards
 Belgium 3 awards
 People's Republic of China 3 awards
 Italy 3 awards
 Australia 2 awards
 Portugal 2 awards
 Romania 2 awards
 Kenya 2 awards
 Israel 2 awards
 India 2 awards
 Colombia 2 awards
 New Zealand 2 awards
 Chile 1 awards
 Poland 1 awards
 Venezuela 1 awards
 Finland 1 awards
 Togo 1 awards
 Thailand 1 awards
 Egypt 1 awards
 Bangladesh 1 awards
 Namibia 1 awards
 Dominican Republic 1 awards
  • Until the year 2013


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  • International Emmy Awards
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