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List of European Commissioners by nationality

A European Commissioner is a member of the European Commission. Each Commissioner within the college holds a specific portfolio and are led by the President of the European Commission. In simple terms they are the equivalent of national ministers. Each European Union member state has the right to a single commissioner (prior to 2004, the four largest states--France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom--were granted two) and appoints them in consultation with the President.

The accession of Romania and Bulgaria in 2007 raised the number of commissioners from 25 to 27, and after the accession of Croatia in 2013 the number of commissioners raised to 28. Below is a list of all past and present European Commissioners according to the member-state they were nominated by, including the Presidents of the European Coal and Steel Community and European Atomic Energy Community. The colours indicate their political background (blue for conservative or centre-right, mainly European People's Party, red for left-wing or social democrats, mainly the Party of European Socialists, yellow for centrist or liberals, mainly European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party, and green for green politicians, mainly the European Green Party).


  • Austria 1
  • Belgium 2
  • Bulgaria 3
  • Croatia 4
  • Cyprus 5
  • Czech Republic 6
  • Denmark 7
  • Estonia 8
  • Finland 9
  • France 10
  • Germany 11
  • Greece 12
  • Hungary 13
  • Ireland 14
  • Italy 15
  • Latvia 16
  • Lithuania 17
  • Luxembourg 18
  • Malta 19
  • Netherlands 20
  • Poland 21
  • Portugal 22
  • Romania 23
  • Slovakia 24
  • Slovenia 25
  • Spain 26
  • Sweden 27
  • United Kingdom 28
  • Footnotes 29


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Franz Fischler Agriculture and Rural Development Santer / Marín ÖVP
Agriculture and Fisheries Prodi
Benita Ferrero-Waldner External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Barroso I ÖVP
Trade and European Neighbourhood Policy[1]
Johannes Hahn Regional Policy Barroso II ÖVP
European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Juncker


European Coal and Steel Community
Member Portfolio Authority Party
Albert Coppé Long Term Policy (Vice President) Monnet CVP
General Objectives, Long Term Policy, Markets, Agreements and Transport (Vice President) Mayer
General Objectives and Long Term Policy (Vice President) Finet
Member (Vice President) Malvestiti
Transport and Information (Vice President) Del Bo / Coppé
Paul Finet Social Problems and Administrative Questions Monnet BSP
Social Problems Mayer
President Finet
Member Malvestiti
Social Problems Del Bo[3][4]
Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Jean Rey External Relations Hallstein I PLP
External Relations Hallstein II
President Rey
Albert Coppé Budget, Credit, Investment, Press and Information Rey CVP
Social Affairs, Transport and Budget Malfatti
Social Affairs, Transport and Budget Mansholt
Henri Simonet Taxation and Energy (Vice President) Ortoli PS
Étienne Davignon Internal Market, Customs Union and Industrial Affairs Jenkins CDH
Industrial Affairs and Energy Thorn
Willy De Clercq External Relations and Trade Delors I PVV
Karel Van Miert Transport and Consumer Protection Delors II Sp.a
Competition (Vice President) Delors III
Competition Santer / Marín
Philippe Busquin Research Prodi[5] PS
Louis Michel Research Prodi[6] MR
Development and Humanitarian Aid Barroso I[7]
Karel De Gucht Development and Humanitarian Aid Barroso I[8] VLD
Trade Barroso II
Marianne Thyssen Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Juncker CD&V


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Meglena Kuneva Consumer Protection Barroso I[9] NDSV
Kristalina Georgieva International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response Barroso II GERB
Budget and Human Resources (Vice President) Juncker


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Neven Mimica Consumer Protection Barroso II SDP
International Cooperation and Development Juncker


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Markos Kyprianou Budget Prodi DIKO
Health Barroso I[10]
Androulla Vassiliou Health Barroso I[11] EDI
Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth Barroso II
Christos Stylianides Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Juncker DISY

Czech Republic

Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Pavel Telička Health and Consumer Protection Prodi US-DEU
Vladimír Špidla Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Barroso I ČSSD
Štefan Füle Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Barroso II ČSSD
Věra Jourová Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality Juncker ANO


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Finn Olav Gundelach Internal Market and Customs Union Ortoli SD
Agriculture and Fisheries (Vice President) Jenkins
Agriculture and Fisheries Thorn[12]
Henning Christophersen Budget, Financial Control, Personnel and Administration Delors I V
Economic and Financial Affairs (Vice President) Delors II
Economic and Financial Affairs (Vice President) Delors III
Poul Dalsager Agriculture and Fisheries Thorn[13] SD
Ritt Bjerregaard Environment Santer / Marín SD
Poul Nielson Development and Humanitarian Aid Prodi SD
Mariann Fischer Boel Agriculture and Rural Development Barroso I V
Connie Hedegaard Climate Action Barroso II KF
Margrethe Vestager Competition Juncker RV


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Siim Kallas Economic and Monetary Affairs Prodi[14] RP
Administrative Affairs, Audit and Anti-Fraud (Vice President) Barroso I
Transport (Vice President) Barroso II
Andrus Ansip Digital Single Market (Vice President) Juncker RP


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Erkki Liikanen Budget, Personnel and Administration Santer / Marín SDP
Enterprise and Information Society Prodi[5]
Olli Rehn Enterprise and Information Society Prodi[5] SK
Enlargement Barroso I
Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro (Vice President)[15] Barroso II[16]
Jyrki Katainen Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro (Vice President) Barroso II[16] KOK
Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness (Vice President) Juncker


European Atomic Energy Community
Member Portfolio Commission Party
Louis Armand President Armand Unknown
Étienne Hirsch President Hirsch Unknown
Pierre Chatenet President Chatenet UDR
European Coal and Steel Community
Member Portfolio Authority Party
Jean Monnet President Monnet Unknown
Léon Daum Finance, Investment, Production and Instructions Monnet Unknown
Finance, Investment, Production and Instructions Mayer
Investment and Production Finet
René Mayer President Mayer PR
Roger Reynaud Member Finet Unknown
Member Malvestiti
Economic Policy and Industrial Development Del Bo / Coppé[17][18]
Pierre-Olivier Lapie Member Malvestiti SFIO
Energy Del Bo / Coppé
Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Robert Lemaignen Overseas Development Hallstein I Unknown
Robert Marjolin Economic and Financial Affairs (Vice President) Hallstein I SFIO
Economic and Financial Affairs (Vice President) Hallstein II
Henri Rochereau Overseas Development Hallstein II Unknown
Overseas Development Rey
Raymond Barre Economic and Financial Affairs (Vice President) Rey UDF
Economic and Financial Affairs Malfatti
Economic and Financial Affairs Mansholt
Jean-François Deniau External Relations and Enlargement Malfatti UDF
Foreign Affairs and Development Aid Mansholt
Development Cooperation Ortoli
François-Xavier Ortoli President Ortoli UDR / RPR
Economics, Finance, Credit and Investments (Vice President) Jenkins
Economic and Fiance Affairs (Vice President) Thorn
Claude Cheysson Development Ortoli PS
Development Jenkins
Development Thorn[19]
Mediterranean Policy and North-South Relations Delors I
Edgard Pisani Development Thorn[20] PS
Jacques Delors President Delors I PS
President Delors II
President Delors III
Christiane Scrivener Taxation and Customs Union Delors II PR
Taxation, Customs Union and Consumer Policies Delors III
Yves-Thibault de Silguy Economic and Financial Affairs Santer / Marín RPR
Édith Cresson Research, Science and Technology Santer / Marín PS
Pascal Lamy Trade Prodi PS
Michel Barnier Regional Policy Prodi[21] UMP
Jacques Barrot Regional Policy Prodi[22] UMP
Transport (Vice President) Barroso I
Justice, Freedom and Security (Vice President)[23]
Michel Barnier Internal Market and Services (Vice President)[24] Barroso II UMP
Pierre Moscovici Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs Juncker PS


European Coal and Steel Community
Member Portfolio Authority Party
Heinz Potthof Member Monnet SPD
Franz Etzel Markets, Agreements and Transport (First Vice President) Monnet CDU
Member (First Vice President) Mayer[25]
Franz Blücher Member Finet[26] FDP
Heinz Potthoff Finance, Budget and Administration Finet SPD
Member Malvestiti[27]
Finance and Investment Del Bo[28]
Karl-Maria Hettlage Member Malvestiti[29] CDU
Finance and Investment Del Bo / Coppé[30]
Fritz Hellwig Coal and Steel Markets Del Bo / Coppé[31] CDU
Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Walter Hallstein President Hallstein I CDU
President Hallstein II
Hans von der Groeben Competition Hallstein I CDU
Competition Hallstein II
Internal Market and Regional Policy Rey
Fritz Hellwig Research, Technology and Information Distribution (Vice President) Rey CDU
Wilhelm Haferkamp Energy (Vice President) Rey SPD
Internal Market and Energy (Vice President) Malfatti
Internal Market and Energy (Vice President) Mansholt
Economics, Finance, Credit and Investment (Vice President) Ortoli
External Relations (Vice President) Jenkins
External Relations and Nuclear Affairs Thorn
Ralf Dahrendorf External Relations and Trade Malfatti FDP
External Relations and Trade Mansholt
Research, Science and Education Ortoli
Guido Brunner Energy, Research and Science Jenkins FDP
Karl-Heinz Narjes Internal Market, Industrial Innovation, Customs Union, Environment, Consumer Protection, and Nuclear Safety Thorn CDU
Industry, Information Technology, Science and Research (Vice President) Delors I
Alois Pfeiffer Economic Affairs and Employment Delors I[32] SPD
Peter Schmidhuber Economic Affairs and Employment Delors I[33] CSU
Budget Delors II
Budget, Financial Control and Cohesion Fund Delors III
Martin Bangemann Internal Market and Industrial Affairs Delors II FDP
Internal Market, Industrial Affairs and Information and Communications Technology (Vice President) Delors III
Industrial Affairs, Information and Telecommunications Technologies Santer / Marín
Monika Wulf-Mathies Regional Policy Santer / Marín SPD
Michaele Schreyer Budget Prodi Greens
Günter Verheugen Enlargement Prodi SPD
Enterprise and Industry (Vice President) Barroso I
Günther Oettinger Energy (Vice President)[34] Barroso II CDU
Digital Economy and Society Juncker


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Giorgios Contogeorgis Transport, Fisheries and Tourism Thorn ND
Grigoris Varfis Parliamentary Relations, Regional Policy and Consumer Protection Delors I PASOK
Vasso Papandreou Employment, Industrial Relations and Social Affairs Delors II PASOK
Ioannis Paleokrassas Environment Delors III ND
Christos Papoutsis Energy and Tourism Santer / Marín PASOK
Anna Diamantopoulou Employment and Social Affairs Prodi[35] PASOK
Stavros Dimas Employment and Social Affairs Prodi[36] ND
Environment Barroso I
Maria Damanaki Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Barroso II PASOK
Dimitris Avramopoulos Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Juncker ND


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Péter Balázs Regional Policy Prodi MSZP
László Kovács Taxation and Customs Union Barroso I MSZP
László Andor Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Barroso II MSZP
Tibor Navracsics Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Juncker Fidesz


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Patrick Hillery Social Affairs (Vice President) Ortoli[37] FF
Richard Burke Taxation, Consumer Affairs and Transport Jenkins FG
Michael O'Kennedy Personnel and Administration Thorn[38] FF
Richard Burke Personnel and Administration Thorn[39] FG
Peter Sutherland Competition, Social Affairs and Education Delors I FG
Ray MacSharry Agriculture and Rural Development Delors II FF
Pádraig Flynn Employment and Social Affairs Delors III FF
Employment and Social Affairs Santer / Marín
David Byrne Health and Consumer Protection Prodi FF
Charlie McCreevy Internal Market and Services Barroso I FF
Máire Geoghegan-Quinn Research, Innovation and Science Barroso II FF
Phil Hogan Agriculture and Rural Development Juncker FG


European Coal and Steel Community
Member Portfolio Authority Party
Enzo Giacchero Press and Information Monnet DC
Press and Information Mayer
Social Problems Finet
Piero Malvestiti President Malvestiti DC
Rinaldo Del Bo President Del Bo[40] DC
Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Piero Malvestiti Internal Market (Vice-President) Hallstein I[41] DC
Giuseppe Petrilli Social Affairs Hallstein I[42] DC
Giuseppe Caron Internal Market Hallstein I[43] DC
Internal Market (Vice President) Hallstein II[44]
Lionello Levi Sandri Social Affairs Hallstein I[45] PSI
Social Affairs (Vice President)[46] Hallstein II
Social Affairs, Personnel and Administration (Vice President) Rey
Guido Colonna di Paliano Internal Market Hallstein II[47] DC
Industrial Affairs Rey[48]
Edoardo Martino External Relations Rey DC
Franco Maria Malfatti President Malfatti DC
Altiero Spinelli Industrial Affairs and Research Malfatti PCI
Industrial Affairs and Research Mansholt
Industry and Technology Ortoli[49]
Carlo Scarascia-Mugnozza Agriculture (Vice President) Mansholt DC
Parliamentary Affairs, Environmental Policy and Transport Ortoli
Cesidio Guazzaroni Industry and Technology Ortoli[50] PRI
Antonio Giolitti Regional Policy Jenkins PSI
Regional Policy and Coordination of Community Funds Thorn
Lorenzo Natali Enlargement, Environment and Nuclear Safety (Vice President) Jenkins DC
Mediterranean Policy, Enlargement and Information Thorn
Cooperation, Development Affairs and Enlargement (Vice President) Delors I
Carlo Ripa di Meana Institutional Reforms, Information Policy, Culture and Tourism Delors I PSI
Environment, Energy and Civil Protection Delors II
Filippo Maria Pandolfi Science, Research, Development, Telecommunications and Innovation (Vice President) Delors II DC
Antonio Ruberti Science, Research, Technological Development and Education (Vice President) Delors III PSI
Raniero Vanni d'Archirafi Institutional Reform, Internal Market and Enterprise Delors III DC
Emma Bonino Consumers Policy and Fisheries Santer / Marín RI
Mario Monti Internal Market, Services, Customs and Taxation Santer / Marín Independent
Competition Prodi
Romano Prodi President Prodi ID / DL
Franco Frattini Justice, Freedom and Security (Vice President) Barroso I[51] FI
Antonio Tajani Transport (Vice President) Barroso I[52] PdL
Industry and Entrepreneurship (Vice President) Barroso II[53]
Ferdinando Nelli Feroci Industry and Entrepreneurship Barroso II[54] PD
Federica Mogherini Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (Vice President) Juncker PD


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Sandra Kalniete Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries Prodi LTF
Andris Piebalgs Energy Barroso I LPP / LC
Development Barroso II
Valdis Dombrovskis Euro and Social Dialogue (Vice President) Juncker Unity


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Dalia Grybauskaitė Education and Culture Prodi[55] Independent
Financial Programming and the Budget Barroso I[56]
Algirdas Šemeta Financial Programming and the Budget Barroso I[57] TS
Taxation and Customs Union, Audit and Anti-Fraud Barroso II
Vytenis Andriukaitis Health and Food Safety Juncker SDP


European Coal and Steel Community
Member Portfolio Authority Party
Albert Wehrer Member Monnet Unknown
Member Mayer
External Relations Finet
Member Malvestiti
External Relations Del Bo / Coppé
Jean Fohrmann Social Problems Del Bo / Coppé[58] LSAP
Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Michel Rasquin Transport Hallstein I[59] LSAP
Lambert Schaus Transport Hallstein I[60] CSV
Transport Hallstein II
Victor Bodson Transport Rey LSAP
Albert Borschette Competition and Regional Policy Malfatti Unknown
Competition and Regional Policy Mansholt
Competition Ortoli
Raymond Vouel Competition Jenkins LSAP
Gaston Thorn President Thorn DP
Nicolas Mosar Energy Delors I CSV
Jean Dondelinger Audiovisual and Cultural Affairs Delors II Unknown
René Steichen Agriculture and Rural Development Delors III CSV
Jacques Santer President Santer[61] CSV
Viviane Reding Education and Culture Prodi CSV
Information Society and Media Barroso I
Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship (Vice President) Barroso II[62]
Martine Reicherts Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Barroso II[16] CSV
Jean-Claude Juncker President Juncker CSV


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Joe Borg Development and Humanitarian Aid Prodi[63] PN
Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Barroso I
John Dalli Health and Consumer Policy Barroso II[64] PN
Tonio Borg Health and Consumer Policy Barroso II[65] PN
Karmenu Vella Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Juncker PL


European Coal and Steel Community
Member Portfolio Authority Party
Dirk Spierenburg External Relations Monnet Unknown
External Relations Mayer
Steel, Transport and Concentrations (First Vice President) Finet
Member (First Vice President) Malvestiti[67]
Competition (First Vice President) Del Bo[68]
Johannes Linthorst Homan Member Malvestiti VVD
Competition (First Vice President) Del Bo / Coppé[69]
Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Sicco Mansholt Agriculture (Vice President) Hallstein I PvdA
Agriculture (Vice President) Hallstein II
Agriculture (Vice President) Rey
Agriculture (Vice President) Malfatti
President Mansholt
Maan Sassen Competition Rey KVP
Pierre Lardinois Agriculture Ortoli KVP
Henk Vredeling Employment and Social Affairs (Vice President) Jenkins PvdA
Frans Andriessen Parliamentary Relations and Competition Thorn KVP
Agriculture and Fisheries (Vice President) Delors I
Agriculture (Vice President)[70]
External Relations and Trade (Vice President) Delors II
Hans van den Broek External Relations and Enlargement Delors III CDA
Central and Eastern European Relations and Enlargement Santer / Marín
Frits Bolkestein Internal Market, Taxation and Customs Union Prodi VVD
Neelie Kroes Competition Barroso I VVD
Digital Agenda (Vice President) Barroso II
Frans Timmermans Better Regulation, Inter-Institutional Relations, Rule of Law and Charter of Fundamental Rights (First Vice President) Juncker PvdA


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Danuta Hübner Trade Prodi[71] PO
Regional Policy Barroso I[72]
Paweł Samecki Regional Policy Barroso I[73] PO
Janusz Lewandowski Financial Programming and Budget Barroso II[74] PO
Jacek Dominik Financial Programming and Budget Barroso II[16] PO
Elżbieta Bieńkowska Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Juncker PO


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
António Cardoso e Cunha Fisheries Delors I[75] PSD
Energy, Small Business, Personnel and Translation Delors II
João de Deus Pinheiro Parliamentary Relations, Audiovisual and Cultural Affairs Delors III PSD
Asian, African and Caribbean Relations Santer / Marín
António Vitorino Justice and Home Affairs Prodi PS
José Manuel Barroso President Barroso I PSD
President Barroso II
Carlos Moedas Research, Science and Innovation Juncker PSD


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Leonard Orban Multilingualism Barroso I[76] PNL
Dacian Cioloş Agriculture and Rural Development Barroso II Independent
Corina Crețu Regional Policy Juncker PSD


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Ján Figeľ Enterprise and Information Society Prodi[77] KDH
Education, Training and Culture[78] Barroso I
Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism
Maroš Šefčovič Inter-Institutional Relations and Administration (Vice President) Barroso II Smer-SD
Energy Union (Vice President) Juncker


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Janez Potočnik Enlargement Prodi[79] LD
Science and Research Barroso I
Environment Barroso II
Violeta Bulc Transport Juncker SMC


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Abel Matutes Credit, Investments, Financial Instruments and SMEs Delors I[80] PP
Mediterranean and Latin American Policy Delors II
Transport and Energy Delors III[81]
Manuel Marín Social Affairs, Employment and Education (Vice President) Delors I[82] PSOE
Cooperation, Development and Fisheries (Vice President) Delors II
Cooperation, Development and Humanitarian Aid (Vice President) Delors III
Mediterranean, Latin American and Middle Eastern Relations (Vice President) Santer / Marín
Marcelino Oreja Transport and Energy Delors III[84] PP
Parliamentary Relations, Culture and Audiovisual Policy Santer / Marín
Loyola de Palacio Parliamentary Relations, Transport and Energy (Vice President) Prodi PP
Pedro Solbes Economic and Monetary Affairs Prodi[85] PSOE
Joaquín Almunia Economic and Monetary Affairs Prodi[86] PSOE
Economic and Financial Affairs Barroso I
Competition (Vice President) Barroso II
Miguel Arias Cañete Climate Action and Energy Juncker PP


Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Anita Gradin Immigration, Justice and Home Affairs Santer / Marín SAP
Margot Wallström Environment Prodi SAP
Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy (First Vice President) Barroso I
Cecilia Malmström Home Affairs Barroso II FP
Trade Juncker

United Kingdom

Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Christopher Soames External Relations (Vice President) Ortoli Conservative
George Thomson Regional Policy Ortoli Labour
Roy Jenkins President Jenkins Labour
Christopher Tugendhat Budget, Financial Control and Financial Institutions Jenkins Conservative
Budget, Financial Control, Financial Institutions and Taxation (Vice President) Thorn
Ivor Richard Employment and Social Affairs Thorn Labour
Arthur Cockfield Internal Market, Tax Law and Customs (Vice President) Delors I Conservative
Stanley Clinton-Davis Environment, Consumer Protection and Transport Delors I Labour
Bruce Millan Regional Policy Delors II Labour
Regional Policy Delors III
Leon Brittan Competition and Financial Institutions Delors II Conservative
External Economic Affairs and Trade Policy (Vice President) Delors III
External Commercial Policy and External Relations (Vice President) Santer / Marín
Neil Kinnock Transport Santer / Marín Labour
Administrative Reform (Vice President) Prodi
Chris Patten External Relations Prodi Conservative
Peter Mandelson Trade Barroso I[87] Labour
Catherine Ashton Trade Barroso I[88] Labour
Foreign Affairs and Security Policy[89]
Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (First Vice President) Barroso II
Jonathan Hill Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union Juncker Conservative


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