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Patriots of Russia

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Title: Patriots of Russia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Russian legislative election, 2011, Russian legislative election, 2007, Political parties in Russia, Russian United Labour Front, Communist Party of Social Justice
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Patriots of Russia

Patriots of Russia
Leader Gennady Semigin
Founded April 2005
Split from Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Ideology Democratic socialism, left-wing nationalism, collectivism
Political position Left-wing
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
Colours Red, Yellow
Seats in the State Duma
0 / 450
Seats in the Regional Parliaments
33 / 3,980
Politics of Russia
Political parties
The Flag of The Party Patriots Of Russia.

Patriots of Russia (Russian: Патриоты России, Patrioty Rossii) is a left-wing nationalist and socialist political party in Russia. It was established in April 2005 by Gennady Semigin, who was expelled from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation after he failed in a power struggle with Gennady Zuganov.


In 2006 Gennadiy Semigin and his new party “Patriots of Russia” joined the Rodina faction in the Duma. Following Rodina's merger with the Russian Party of Life and the Russian Pensioners' Party under the leadership of Sergey Mironov in October 2006 to form the Just Russia party, “Patriots of Russia” declared its intention to run as a separate party in the 2007 elections.

In 2008, the Party of Russia's Rebirth and Party of Peace and Unity, Teamed up with the party of Patriots of Russia[1][2]


The official ideology's of the party are democratic socialism and collectivism.[3] The party has many of the same policy positions as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

On foreign policy issues, it opposes the influence of NATO and the United States.

Electoral results

The Federal Parliament of the Russian

Year % Place
2007 0.89 0
2011 0.97 0


Until 2011, the party had fractions in regional parliaments: the Kaliningrad region, Yaroslavl region, Republic of Dagestan, in the city of Kemerovo. 19 deputies in the regions of the referred from other parties.

13 September 2012, the party withdrew its candidate for the post of Governor of Ryazan region and supported the candidate from the ruling party United Russia[4]

14 October 2012, in the regional elections in the Republic of North Ossetia received (61039) 26,57% and is represented in the regional Parliament 14 deputies.[5]

External links

  • The official site of party (Russian)


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