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United States House of Representatives elections in New York, 2002


United States House of Representatives elections in New York, 2002

New York held elections with the rest of the country on November 5, 2002

Because it didn't grow as fast as other states, New York lost 2 Congressional seats because of Congressional apportionment following the Census. In the redistricting process, the parties agreed to eliminate one seat from each party, and do a pro-incumbent gerrymander.

This didn't work out as planned in the 1st district, where incumbent Republican Felix Grucci ran an ad claiming that his opponent, Democrat Timothy Bishop, was soft on rapists. This backfired, and Bishop won in an upset. After the 2006 elections, only 6 of the 11 districts that had been gerrymandered to be Republican were still in Republican control.

Delegation Composition

2002 pre-election Seats
  Democratic-Held 19
  Republican-Held 12

New York lost 2 seats following congressional apportionment.

2002 post-election Seats
  Democratic-Held 19
  Republican-Held 10


New York congressional districts
District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Felix Grucci Republican 2000 Running Timothy Bishop (D) 50.23%
Felix Grucci (R) 48.59%
Lorna Salzman (G) 1.19%
2 Steve Israel Democrat 2000 Running Steve Israel (D) 58.48%
Joseph Finley (R) 40.46%
John Keenan (G) 1.07%
3 Peter King Republican 1992 Running Peter King (R) 71.88%
Stuart Finz (D) 27.22%
Janeen DePrima (Lib) 0.89%
4 Carolyn McCarthy Democrat 1996 Running Carolyn McCarthy (D) 56.25%
Marilyn O'Grady (R) 43.24%
Tim Derham (G) 0.51%
5 Gary Ackerman Democrat 1983 Running Gary Ackerman (D) 68%
Perry Reich (Con) 7.68%
6 Gregory W. Meeks Democrat 1998 Running Gregory W. Meeks (D) 96.51%
Rey Clarke (Ind) 3.49%
7 Joseph Crowley Democrat 1998 Running Joseph Crowley (D) 73.29%
Kevin Brawley (R) 26.71%
8 Jerrold Nadler Democrat 1992 Running Jerrold Nadler (D) 76.07%
Jim Farrin (R) 18.48%
Alan Jay Gerber (Con) 3.16%
Dan Wentzel (G) 1.80%
Joseph Dobrian (L) 0.49%
9 Anthony Weiner Democrat 1998 Running Anthony Weiner (D) 65.71%
Alfred Donohue (R) 34.29%
10 Ed Towns Democrat 1982 Running Ed Towns (D) 97.83%
Herbert Ryan (R) 2.17%
11 Major Owens Democrat 1982 Running Major Owens (D) 86.56%
Susan Cleary (R) 12.55%
Alice Gaffney (Con) 0.90%
12 Nydia Velazquez Democrat 1992 Running Nydia Velazquez (D) 95.81%
Cesar Estevez (R) 4.19%
13 Vito Fossella Republican 1997 Running Vito Fossella (R) 69.63%
Arne Mattsson (D) 28.32%
Anita Lerman (Ind) 1.38%
Henry Bardel (G) 0.67%
14 Carolyn Maloney Democrat 1992 Running Carolyn Maloney (D) 75.25%
Anton Srdanovic (R) 24.75%
15 Charles B. Rangel Democrat 1970 Running Charles B. Rangel (D) 88.46%
Jessie Fields (R) 11.54%
16 Jose Serrano Democrat 1990 Running Jose Serrano (D) 92.07%
Frank Dellavalle (R) 7.93%
17 Eliot Engel Democrat 1988 Running Eliot Engel (D) 62.61%
Scott Vanderhoef (R) 34.43%
Arthur Gallagher (RTL) 1%
Elizabeth Shanklin (G) 1.41%
18 Nita Lowey Democrat 1988 Running Nita Lowey (D) 92.04%
Michael J. Reynolds (R) 7.96%
19 Sue Kelly Republican 1994 Running Sue Kelly (R) 69.97%
Janine Selendy (D) 25.98%
Christine Tighe (RTL) 2.53%
Jonathan Wright (G) 1.53%
20 John Sweeney Republican 1998 Running John Sweeney (R) 73.32%
Frank Stoppenbach (D) 23.98%
Margaret Lewis (G) 2.70%
21 Mike McNulty Democrat 1988 Running Mike McNulty (D) 75.09%
Charles Rosenstein (R) 24.91%
22 Maurice Hinchey Democrat 1992 Running Maurice Hinchey (D) 64.19%
Eric Hall (R) 32.87%
Steven Greenfield (G) 1.54%
Paul Laux (RTL) 1.40%
23 John McHugh Republican 1992 Running John McHugh (R) unopposed
24 Sherwood Boehlert Republican 1982 Running Sherwood Boehlert (R) 70.70%
David Walrath (Con) 21.59%
Mark Dunau (G) 4.36%
Kathleen Peters (RTL) 3.34%
25 Jim Walsh Republican 1988 Running Jim Walsh (R) 72.29%
Stephanie Aldersley (D) 26.64%
Francis Gavin (G) 1.07%
26 Tom Reynolds Republican 1998 Running Tom Reynolds (R) 73.63%
Ayesha Nariman (D) 22.42%
Shawn Harris (RTL) 2.23%
Paul Fallon (G) 1.71%
27 Jack Quinn Republican 1992 Running Jack Quinn (R) 69.06%
Peter Crotty (D) 27.49%
Thomas Casey (RTL) 2.06%
Albert LaBruna (G) 1.38%
28 Louise Slaughter Democrat 1986 Running Louise Slaughter (D) 62.46%
Henry Wojtaszek (R) 37.54%
29 Amo Houghton Republican 1986 Retiring Amo Houghton (R) 73.10%
Kisun Peters (D) 21.26%
Wendy Johnson (RTL) 3.34%
Rachel Treichler (G) 2.30%

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