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List of wealthiest people in Uganda

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Title: List of wealthiest people in Uganda  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Amos Nzeyi, John Mugyenyi, Sudhir Ruparelia, Charles Mbire, List of Belgians by net worth
Collection: Lists of People by Wealth, Ugandan People
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List of wealthiest people in Uganda

The per capita income in Uganda in 2012 was approximately US$490 annually.[1] In 2009, an estimated 25 percent of the 35 million Ugandans lived on less than US $1.00 per day.[2][3]

Compiled here is a list of individuals in Uganda whose accumulated assets are known to be markedly above the rest of the individuals in the country. The list is not exhaustive and net worth values are hard to determine.[4]

The list is divided into six classes of wealthy individuals:

  1. The New Money Class - Acquired their wealth within the last twenty years.
  2. The Young Entrepreneurs - Less than fifty years old.
  3. The Executive Class - CEO's and Managing Directors of government departments and private firms.
  4. The Expatriates - Non-Ugandans (Some in this class may have dual citizenship).
  5. The Old Money Class - These individuals inherited their wealth that has run in their families for generations.
  6. The Super Rich - Many individuals in this class would be classified as wealthy even in wealthy countries.

The names are arranged alphabetically in each class, using the first name to select rank.


  • The New Money Class 1
  • The Young Entrepreneurs 2
  • The Executive Class 3
  • The Expatriates 4
  • The Old Money Class 5
  • The Super Rich 6
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The New Money Class

Name Net worth (USD) Residence Sources of wealth
Ashish Thakkar 260+ (2013)[5] Kampala, Dubai & London Real estate, Hotels, Banks, Investments
Andrew Rugasira[6] 10 million (2012) Kampala Good African Coffee, Rwenzori Coffee, Investments
Amina Moghe Hersi[7] Kampala Real Estate, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Hardware Stores
Bosco Ogwang Edola[8] Lira Hotels, Petrol stations, Timber
John Mugyenyi[9] Kampala Construction, Real Estate, Finance
Dr. Christopher Nakabale[10] Mahalapye, Botswana Manufacturing, Farming, Lupor Propriety Limited
Drake Lubega[11] Kampala Real estate
Joseph Magandaazi Yiga[12] 10 million (2012) Kampala Jomayi Property Consultants,[13] Real Estate, Construction
Miraj Barot[14] 15 million (2012) Kampala Real Estate, Construction, Agribusiness, Steel
Ponsiano Ngabirano[15] 20 million (2012) Kampala Capital Shoppers Supermarkets
Sarah Nabukalu Kiyimba[16] Masaka Hotels, Real Estate
Sebastian Munulo[17] Iganga Hotels, Schools, Real Estate
Sam Otada[18] Kiryandongo Transportation, Construction, Telecommunications, Real Estate

The Young Entrepreneurs

Name Net worth (USD) Residence Sources of wealth
Andrew Rugasira[19] Kampala Entertainment, Coffee Processing
Arthur Busingye[20] Kampala Entertainment, Real estate, Merchandising
Ali-shah Jivraj[21] Kampala Trade, Real estate, Electronics
Charlie Lubega[22] Kampala Entertainment, Discotheques, Real estate
Crescent Baguma[23] Fort Portal Construction, Real Estate
Elvis Sekyanzi[24] 8 million (2012)[25] Kampala Entertainment, Broadcasting, Nightclubs, Mineral Water
Ivan Mbabazi Batuma[26] Kabale Hotels, Broadcasting, Real estate
James Nyakuni[27] Arua Transportation, Real estate
Robina Bwita[28] Fort Portal Hotels
Sylvia Owori[29] Kampala Fashion Design, Real Estate, Publishing

The Executive Class

Name Net worth (USD) Residence Sources of wealth
Anatoli Kamugisha[30] 15 million (2012) Kakungulu Akright Projects Limited, Real Estat
Charles Hamya[31] Kampala Multichoice Uganda Limited, Real Estate
Martin Drito[32] Kampala Mining, Timber, Logging
Richard Byarugaba[33] Kampala NSSF, Business Consulting

The Expatriates

Name Net worth (USD) Residence Sources of wealth
Dr. Ian Clarke[34] Kampala International Medical Group, International Hospital Kampala, International Health Sciences University, Insurance
Mazen Mroué[35] Kampala MTN Uganda

The Old Money Class

Name Net worth (USD) Residence Sources of wealth
Boney Katatumba[36] Kampala Real Estate
John Ssenseko Kulubya[37][38] Kampala Real Estate
Hajj Isaac Mulindwa[39] Kololo & Mbarara Automobile Sales, Commercial Farming, Ranching, Construction, Rice Processing

The Super Rich

Name Net worth (USD) Residence Sources of wealth
Alykhan Karmali[40] 700 million (2012) Kampala Mukwano Group, Agibusiness, Food processing, Manufacturing, Banking, Real Estate[41]
Amos Nzeyi[42] Kampala Real estate, Banking, Bottling, Bakery, Hotels
Alam Family[43] 100 million (2012) Kampala Construction, Real estate, Footwear, Floriculure, Sugar manufacture, Electricity generation, Safari lodges, Farm implements
Aya Brothers[44] 400+ million Kampala Hotels, Flour milling, Transportation, International Trade
Bob Kabonero[45] 50 million (2012) Kampala Casinos, Broadcasting, Investments, Real Estate
Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige[46] Kampala Hotel Africana, Real estate, Motorcycles, Construction Equipment, Foreign Exchange Bureaus
Charles Mbire[47] 200+ million (2012) Kololo Telecommunications, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Fish farming, Investments, Power generation, Railways.
Godfrey Kirumira[48] 30 million (2012) Kampala Real Estate, Hotels, Schools, Transportation, International Trade, Security Guards
Gordon Wavamunno[49] 100+ million (2012) Munyonyo Automobile dealerships, Broadcasting, Real estate, Insurance, Dairy Farming, Mineral Water
Hassan Basajjabalaba[50] Kampala Universities, Schools, Real estate, Skins & Hides, Hotels
James Mulwana Family[51] 30 million (2013) Kampala Dairy farming, Plastics, Manufacturing, Real Estate
Martin Aliker[52] Kampala Dental Surgery, Investments
Mohammed Alibhai[53] Kampala Bodyguards, Security Guards, Investments
Mukesh Shukla (Shumuk)[54] 100+ million (2012) Kampala Real estate, Hotels
Patrick Bitature[55] 100+ million (2012) Kampala Telecommunications, Electricity Generation, Banking, Insurance, Hotels, Resorts, Ranching
Isabirye Mugoya[56][57] Kampala Real estate, Construction, Investments
Sudhir Ruparelia 1.1 billion[58] (2013) Kampala Ruparelia Group

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