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Lego Atlantis

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Title: Lego Atlantis  
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Lego Atlantis

Lego Atlantis
Subject Underwater exploration
Availability 2010–2011
Total sets 19
Characters Captain Ace Speedman
Dr Jeff Fisher
Professor Sam Rhodes
Lance Spears
Axel Storm
Bobby Buoy
Shark Warrior
Manta Warrior
Squid Warrior
Portal Emperor
Official website

Lego Atlantis is a product range of the construction toy Lego, themed around the underwater world of Atlantis. The range was announced in 2009, for launch in early 2010. Sets include models of buildable underwater vehicles, as well as 'heroic diver' and 'shark warrior' minifigures. A ride based on the range is currently operating at Legoland Windsor.


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The product range underwent extensive development, with the design team using focus groups "mostly comprising boys aged between six and 12, but also child psychologists".[1] Designer William Thorogood commented on these focus groups that "it emerged that there were certain key icons the product simply had to include: propellers, dome cockpits, big lights, helmets, harpoons, torpedo-like weapons, tridents, giant squid and, of course, evil sharks."[2] The focus groups also threw up some surprising views on particular Lego pieces, such as transparent pieces, which the boys in the focus groups determinedly asserted as being "magical". There is also a ride at Legoland Windsor, making it the 3rd ride to be based on a Lego theme, preceded by Fire Academy and Laser Raiders.[1]


The Lego Atlantis theme backstory has been described on the Lego website and in the Lego catalogue. The Atlantis Crew are described as a deep sea salvage crew who search the ocean for shipwrecks and treasure. The crew find a clue to the location of the long lost Atlantis city, and then make it their mission to search it out and uncover its mysteries.[3]

In the 2011 sets, the divers, having succeeded in finding Atlantis, are searching for golden treasures and gems.

Before the Atlantis website was fully launched, a preview page and online game was published. The game involved the user to navigate through a small part of an "ocean" trench where they would come across an abandoned submarine, "the map to atlantis" which allowed the user to download a preview map of Atlantis, and then finally an old journal that explains about an explorer clalled Artimus Rhodes (grandfather to the main character) who journeyed to Atlantis in 1919.


The sets (along with the official website), introduce two groups of good and evil characters. The first is the Atlantis salvage crew of 'heroic divers', led by Captain Ace Speedman. Also in the crew is marine biologist Dr Jeff Fisher, First Mate Lance Spears, 'Tech Expert' Axel Storm, and apprentice Bobby Buoy. Professor Sam Rhodes is also part of the team, but is described as having 'not initially been part of the crew, so she tricks them into helping look for Atlantis'.[4]

The evil characters are described as 'Atlantis Warriors', and have human-like bodies with the heads of a sea creature. The three warriors are the 'Squid Warrior' (with tentacles as well as a squid-like head), 'Manta Warrior' (with the head of a manta ray) and 'Shark Warrior' are shark attack.[4] Finally, there is the Portal Emperor, who resides over the portal to Atlanticy.


There are a total of 19 sets that were released in 2010, at a range of sizes and price points. The largest, Portal of Atlantis (8078) contains 1007 pieces, and instructions to build a portal to Atlantis, as well as six minifigures- three divers, a shark and squid warrior, and the portal emperor. Others include Seabed Scavenger (8059), Typhoon Turbo Sub (8060), Gateway of the Squid (8061), Atlantis Exploration HQ (8077), Shadow Snapper (8079), and Temple of Atlantis (7985).[5]

Other products

As well as the Lego models, a number of other products and merchandise have been created to tie-in with the theme. These include wearable items such as a water gun, 'harpoon blaster', trident and a shield, as well as a collections of minifigure magnets and keyring accessories.[6]

Lego Atlantis: The Movie is a brickfilm for the LEGO Atlantis theme. The film was first shown on the Internet on Cartoon on February 15, 2010. It was directed by Mark Baldo, the director of Bionicle: The Legend Reborn and premiered on Cartoon Network US September 18, 2010. Lego Atlantis: The Series is still an idea, but is still possible to have clips from the show for the UK and the US on August 2011.


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