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1992 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

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Title: 1992 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Maria Petrova (rhythmic gymnast), Olena Vitrychenko, Kateryna Serebrianska, Larissa Loukianenko, Irina Deleanu, Diana Popova, Oxana Kostina, Carmen Acedo
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

1992 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

The XVI World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships were held in Brussels, Begium, on November 20–22 1992.

Individual All-Around

Rank Gymnast Country Point
Oxana Kostina  Russia 38.975
Maria Petrova  Bulgaria 38.400
Larissa Lukianenko  Belarus 38.300
4 Carmen Acedo  Spain 38.125
5 Ekaterina Serebrianskaya  Ukraine 38.075
6 Diana Popova  Bulgaria 38.000
7 Irina Deleanu  Romania 37.950
8 Christiane Klumpp  Germany 37.525

Individual Rope

Rank Gymnast Country Point
Larissa Lukianenko  Belarus 9.800
Oxana Kostina  Russia 9.800
Irina Deleanu  Romania 9.650
4 Carmen Acedo  Spain 9.575
5 Diana Popova  Bulgaria 9.450
6 Ekaterina Serebrianskaya  Ukraine 9.425
7 Maria Petrova  Bulgaria 9.400
7 Lenka Oulehlová  Czechoslovakia 37.700

Individual Ball

Rank Gymnast Country Point
Oxana Kostina  Russia 9.950
Maria Petrova  Bulgaria 9.800
Carmen Acedo  Spain 9.800
4 Diana Popova  Bulgaria 9.675
5 Larissa Lukianenko  Belarus 9.650
6 Irina Deleanu  Romania 9.625
7 Ekaterina Serebrianskaya  Ukraine 9.575
8 Eliza Bialkowska  Poland 9.550

Individual Hoop

Rank Gymnast Country Point
Larissa Lukianenko  Belarus 9.800
Oxana Kostina  Russia 9.800
Maria Petrova  Bulgaria 9.675
4 Carmen Acedo  Spain 9.600
5 Ekaterina Serebrianskaya  Ukraine 9.575
6 Diana Popova  Bulgaria 9.550
7 Irina Deleanu  Romania 9.525
8 Lenka Oulehlová  Czechoslovakia 9.400

Individual Ribbon

Individual Clubs

Rank Gymnast Country Point
Oxana Kostina  Russia 9.775
Maria Petrova  Bulgaria 9.700
Diana Popova  Bulgaria 71.600
Carmen Acedo  Spain 9.625
5 Irina Deleanu  Romania 9.550
6 Ekaterina Serebrianskaya  Ukraine 9.525
7 Victoria Yani  Ukraine 9.475
8 M Sansaridou  Greece 9.425

Group All-Around

Place Nation Total
 Russia 38.650
 Spain 38.550
 North Korea 38.550
4  Italy 38.450
5  Ukraine 38.400
6  China 37.900
6  Germany 37.900
6  Greece 37.900


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