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2006 Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships

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Title: 2006 Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships  
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Subject: Marcela Lopez, Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships, Ivan Parejo, Cristina Simona Nedelcu
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2006 Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships

9th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships were held in Nanjing, China from June 1 to June 3, 2006.


Women's Individual

Rank Gymnast Country Point
Marcela Lopez  Brazil 21.600
Huang Jinxuan  China 20.350
Elmira Dassaeva  Spain 20.250
4 Arianna Ciucci  Italy 20.000
5 Angela McMillian  New Zealand 19.850
6 Ekaterina Cherepanova  Russia 19.800
7 Cristina Simona Nedelcu  Romania 19.650
8 Tania Mihaela Pohoata  Romania 19.300

Men's Individual

Rank Gymnast Country Point
Ao Jinping  China 21.700
Ivan Parejo  Spain 21.200
Mircea Zamfir  Romania 21.050
4 Vito Iaia  Italy 20.850
5 Popa Bogdan  Romania 20.700
6 Grégory Alcan  France 20.700
7 Jonatan Canada  Spain 19.900
8 Song Bo  China 19.750

Mixed Pair

Rank Gymnasts Country Point
Tudorel-Valentin Mavrodineanu, Tania Mihaela Pohoata  Romania 20.450
Wilkie Satti Sanchez, Giovanna Lecis  Italy 20.250
Aurélie Joly, Julien Chaninet  France 20.200
4 Cristina Antonescu, Mircea Brinzea  Romania 20.150
5 Huang Jinxuan, He Shijian  China 19.550
6 Israel Carrasco, Saray Martin  Spain 19.400
7 Margarita Stoyanova, Radoslov Zhivkov  Bulgaria 19.400
8 Fan Jie, Ni Zhen Hua  China 19.250


Rank Gymnasts Country Point
Mircea Brinzea, Tudorel-Valentin Mavrodineanu, Mircea Zamfir  Romania 21.500
Zhang Peng, Qin Yong, Yu Wei  China 21.350
Raluca Elena Babaligea, Constantina Madalina Cioveie, Cristina Simona Nedelcu  Romania 20.600
4 Cosimo D, Vito Iaia, Emanuele Pagliuca  Italy 20.350
5 Margarita Stoyanova, Assia Ramizova, Galina Lazarova  Bulgaria 20.300
6 Liu Pengcheng, Zhang Xiaolong, Tian Kun  China 20.150
7 Jonatan Canada, Israel Carrasco, Ivan Parejo  Spain 19.800
8 Eugenia Anisimova, Irina Klopova, Julia Amosova  Russia 19.750

Group All-Around

Rank Gymnast Country Point
Yan Song, Qin Yong, Xiong De Liang, He Shijian, Ao Jinping, Yu Wei  China 21.600
Gaylord Oubrier, Xavier Julien, Morgan Jacquemin, Adrien Galo, Vivien Peralta, Nicolas Garavel  France 20.850
Tang Peng, Wu Yongjun, Zhang Zhuo, Zhang Xue, Guo Xiaoping, Li Jia  China 20.350
4 Raluca Elena Babaligea, Cristina Antonescu, Constantina Madalina Cioveie, Cristina Marin, Cristina Simona Nedelcu, Izabela Lăcătuș  Romania 20.300
5 Denis Karepov, Konstantin Nekrasov, Vladimir Vorobyev, Roman Tymko, Sergei Konstantinov, Danila Shohin  Russia 19.750
6 Lora Bertone, Arianna Ciucci, Daniela Tosci, Cinzia Galletti, Lisa Milani, Alice Capitani  Italy 19.400
7 Jonatan Canada, Israel Carrasco, Saray Martin, Alexandra Torres, Ivan Parejo, Toni Leyva  Spain 19.300
8 Elena Kurochkina, Eugenia Anisimova, Ekaterina Cherepanova, Anastasia Akhmadieva, Irina Klopova, Julia Amosova  Russia 19.250

Medals table

Rank Nation Total
1  China 2 2 1 5
2  Romania 2 0 2 4
3  Spain 0 1 1 2
3  France 0 1 1 2
4  Brazil 1 0 0 1
5  Italy 0 1 0 1


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  • UEG European Union of Gymnastics Statistics
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