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Title: Chrysocheir  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Paulicians, Byzantine Empire
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Chrysocheir (Greek: Χρυσόχειρ), also known as Chrysocheres (Χρυσόχερις) or Chrysoverges, was the last leader of the Paulician state of Tephrike from 863 to 872. He succeeded his uncle, Karbeas, after the latter's death in 863, possibly at the Battle of Lalakaon. He led an expedition to Nicomedia and Nicaea, and after taking Ephesus, turned the church of St. John into a stable. This raid impelled Basil I to march on Tephrike, but Chrysocheir counterattacked and took Ancyra. In 872, Basil sent his son-in-law and the Domestic of the Schools, Christopher, against the Paulicians. He defeated Chrysocheir at the battle of Bathys Ryax, beheaded him, and sent his head back to the emperor in Constantinople. Soon after, with the help of an earthquake, the Byzantines razed Tephrike and took several other towns including Taranda, putting an end to the Paulician state.


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