Guggu Gill

Guggu Gill
Born Punjab, India
Residence Mahni Khera, Muktsar (Punjab)
Occupation Actor
Years active 1981 - present

Kulwinder Singh Gill known as Guggu Gill (Punjabi:ਗੁੱਗੂ ਗਿੱਲ) is a Punjabi film actor. He was a leading actor in Punjabi cinema (Punjwood) in the 1990s along with Yograj Singh.[1] He has done 30-40 films so far.


He debuted with a minor role in super-hit Putt Jattan De in a Dog fight scene. He has starred in films including Jatt Jeona Morh, Truck Driver, Badla Jatti Da and Jatt Te Zameen. He is known for the villainous role he played in Gabhroo Punjab Da. His career as leading hero has paired him with top female artists from Punjabi cinema like Daljeet Kaur, Upasana Singh, Priti Sapru, Manjeet Kullar and Ravinder Mann. He has done 7-8 films with Director Ravinder Ravi, which includes hits like Anakh Jattan Di, Jatt Jeona Morh and Pratigya.

Personal life

He is a resident of Mahni Khera village near Malout city in Muktsar district, Punjab (India). He has two sons, Guramrit Singh and Gurjot Singh. He belongs to the Gill family, which made the Putt Jattan De movie.


  • Putt Jattan De (1981) .... Dog fight scene (Introducing)
  • Gabhroo Punjab Da (1986) ... Jagroop/Jaggu
  • Jatt Te Zameen (1989).... Jaggya
  • Qurbani Jatt Di (1990) .... Nara
  • Anakh Jattan Di (1991)... Jagga
  • Badla Jatti Da (1991) .... Jagga
  • Jatt Jeona Morh (1991) .... Jeona
  • Yaaran Naal Baharan (1991) .... (Jageer Singh/Gurmeet'Mithiya' J. Singh )
  • Jorr Jatt Da (1991) ... Jagga
  • Dil Da Mamla (1992) ... Jeet
  • Anakh Jattan Di (1992) .... Jagga
  • Lalkara Jatti Da (1993) ... Jagga
  • Putt Sardaran De (1992) ... Dhulla
  • Baaghi Soormey (1993) .... Jagga
  • Mera Punjab (1995) ... SSP Shamsher Singh
  • Mirza Jatt (1993) ... Mirza
  • Vairi (1994) ... Bansa[2]
  • Pratigya (1995) ... Noora
  • Zaildaar (1995) ... Zaildaar[2]
  • Smuggler (1996) [Hindi Film]
  • Sardari (1997)... Harjinder 'Jinda' Singh
  • Jung Da Maidan (1997) .... Jaswant Jasia
  • Truck Driver (1997)... Jagga
  • Purja-Purja Katt Mare (1998) ... Shivdev Singh - Chabba
  • Muqadder (1999) .... Sardar Ajit Singh
  • Sikandera (2001) ... Sikandera
  • Badla:The Revenge (2003) ... Shamsher Singh
  • Nalayak (2005) ... Tiger
  • Rustam-e-Hind (2006)
  • Mehndi Wale Hath (2006)... Ranjeet Singh
  • Vidroh (2007)... Jagga
  • Majaajan (2008)... Malang Baba
  • Kaun Kise Da Beli (2008).... Guest Appearance.
  • Mera Pind-My home (2008)... Himmat's elder brother
  • Heer Ranjha: A True Love Story (2009).... Saida
  • Akhiyaan Udeekdian (2009) .... Dilsher
  • Luv U Bobby (2009) ... Col. Sandhu
  • Siyasat (2009) ... Prof. Jarnail Singh
  • Jawani Zindabad (2010).... Joginder Singh
  • Ik Kudi Punjab Di (2010).... Professor Gill
  • Kabaddi Ikk Mohabbat (2010) ... Gurnam Randhawa
  • Simran (2010)
  • RSVP (2013)
  • Rehmataan ... Upcoming Movie.


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