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International Children's Games

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Title: International Children's Games  
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Subject: Olympic Games, Major sports event hosting in Britain during the 2010s, Alabama Sports Festival, Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games, Indian Empire Games
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International Children's Games

The International Children's Games (ICG) is an International Olympic Committee-sanctioned event[1] held every year where children from cities around the world and between the ages of 12 and 15 participate in a variety of sports and cultural activities.


The Daegu, South Korea, followed by Windsor-Essex, Canada in 2013.[2] It will be held in Lake Macquarie, Australia in 2014.[3] Alkmaar, Netherlands is preparing to host the International Children's Games in 2015.

Locations of Games


Games Year Host City Country
1st 1968 Celje  Yugoslavia
2nd 1970 Udine  Italy
3rd 1972 Graz  Austria
4th 1974 Murska Sobota  Yugoslavia
5th 1974 Darmstadt  West Germany
6th 1976 Murska Sobota  Yugoslavia
7th 1976 Geneva   Switzerland
8th 1978 Ravne na Koroskem  Yugoslavia
9th 1980 Lausanne   Switzerland
10th 1982 Darmstadt  West Germany
11th 1983 Troyes  France
12th 1983 Murska Sobota  Yugoslavia
13th 1984 Geneva   Switzerland
14th 1985 Granollers  Spain
15th 1986 Lausanne   Switzerland
16th 1987 Graz  Austria
17th 1988 Szombathely  Hungary
18th 1989 Andorra  Andorra
19th 1990 Uzgorod  Soviet Union
20th 1991 Bratislava  Slovakia
21st 1992 Geneva   Switzerland
22nd 1993 Darmstadt  Germany
23rd 1994 Hamilton, Ontario  Canada
24th 1994 Slovenj Gradec  Slovenia
25th 1995 Celje  Slovenia
26th 1996 Sopron  Hungary
27th 1997 Sparta  Greece
28th 1998 Logrono  Spain
29th 1999 Medias  Romania
30th 1999 Velenje  Slovenia
31st 1999 Český Krumlov  Czech Republic
32nd 2000 Hamilton  Canada
33rd 2001 Szombathely  Hungary
34th 2002 Płock  Poland
35th 2002 Taipei  Chinese Taipei
36th 2003 Graz  Austria
37th 2003 Patras  Greece
38th 2004 Cleveland  United States
39th 2005 Coventry  England
40th 2006 Bangkok  Thailand
41st 2007 Reykjavík  Iceland
42nd 2008 San Francisco  United States
43rd 2009 Athens  Greece
44th 2010 Manama  Bahrain
45th 2011 Lanarkshire  Scotland
46th 2012 Daegu  South Korea
47th 2013 Windsor, Ontario  Canada
48th 2014 Lake Macquarie  Australia
49th 2015 Alkmaar  Netherlands
50th 2016


Games Year Host City Country
1st 1994 Ravne na Koroskem  Slovenia
2nd 1995 Prakovce-Helcmanovc  Slovakia
3rd 1999 Maribor  Slovenia
4th 2009 Montreux and Vevey   Switzerland
5th 2011 Kelowna  Canada
6th 2013 Ufa  Russia

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