List of Total Drama characters

This is a list of characters in the Total Drama series of shows, a Canadian animated television series shown on Teletoon in Canada and on Cartoon Network in the United States. The Total Drama series consists of the first season, Total Drama Island, the second season, Total Drama Action, the third season, Total Drama World Tour, the fourth season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, the fifth season, Total Drama All-Stars,[1] and the sixth season, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.[2] The Total Drama series parodies reality television, with the characters consisting of the eponymous fictional reality series and the contestants therein, where all of the contestants have distinct personalities that serve as main and sub plots. Characters from Total Drama may also appear as contestants on Skatoony, though their appearances on Skatoony are separate from the Total Drama competition. Tom McGillis, the creator of the series, says that his favourite contestant is Owen.[3]

The characters of the Total Drama series

Character appearance summary

Of out all the characters, 38 of them are contestants who compete in the main competition of the series (with 14 new ones to be announced in Season 6). However, not every contestant appears in every episode or season, and in every season a contestant is on a different team. The tables below show how many episodes and seasons a specific contestant was in, how they ranked, and in which team they were in. This is a basic, brief summary of each contestant's participation in the series so far, with their status in each season included.

Alejandro Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN
Amy[4] Green tickY[2]
Anne Maria Green tickY Red XN Red XN
B Green tickY Red XN Red XN
Beardo[4] Green tickY
Beth Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Blaineley Red XN Red XN Red XN
Brick Green tickY Red XN Red XN
Bridgette Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Cameron Green tickY Green tickY Red XN
Cody Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Courtney Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN
Dakota Green tickY Red XN Red XN
Dave[4] Green tickY
Dawn Green tickY Red XN Red XN
DJ Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Duncan Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN
Ella[4] Green tickY
Eva Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Ezekiel Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Geoff Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Gwen Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN
Harold Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Heather Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN
Izzy Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Jasmine[4] Green tickY
Jo Green tickY Green tickY Red XN
Justin Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Katie Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Leonardo[4] Green tickY
Leshawna Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Lightning Green tickY Green tickY Red XN
Lindsay Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN
Max[4] Green tickY
Mike Green tickY Green tickY Red XN
Noah Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Owen Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Rodney[4] Green tickY
Sadie Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Sam Green tickY Green tickY Red XN
Samey[4] Green tickY
Scarlett[4] Green tickY
Scott Green tickY Green tickY Red XN
Shaun[4] Green tickY
Sierra Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN
Sky[4] Green tickY
Staci Green tickY Red XN Red XN
Sugar[4] Green tickY
Topher[4] Green tickY
Trent Green tickY Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Tyler Green tickY Red XN Green tickY Red XN Red XN Red XN
Zoey Green tickY Green tickY Red XN


Participation Green tickY This contestant competes in a specific season from the start.
Red XN This contestant does not compete in that specific season at all.
Debuting This contestant made their debut later on as a contestant.
This contestant was not yet introduced to the series during that time.


All of the contestants have distinct personalities that serve as main and sub plots. Unless otherwise stated, all of the original contestants were sixteen years old, as stated in the first episode of the series. By the time of the third season, those original contestants have all turned at least seventeen, and by the time of the fifth season (since one year has passed between the third and fifth seasons, as stated by Alejandro), all of the original contestants are now eighteen and legal adults at this time. However, the new contestants in the fourth season are all sixteen again, one year younger than the original contestants. Since one year has also passed between the fourth and fifth seasons (as stated by Chris in jail), they are all seventeen by the fifth season.

Winner # Canada This contestant was the original winner for a season.
Genders This character's gender is male.
This character's gender is female.
Ranks 1st
This contestant was the original winner for that season.
In some countries, this character is the runner-up in the alternate ending.
This contestant was the original runner-up for that season.
In some countries, this character is the winner in the alternate ending.
3rd This contestant was the third-place recipient for that season.

Introduced in Total Drama Island

The original cast with twenty-two characters was introduced in the beginning of the series.

# Name Voice Actor Rank
1 ♀ "Beth" Sarah Gadon 16th 2nd Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive
Beth, labeled The Wannabe, is a friendly girl who aspires to be popular and have a serious relationship. On Total Drama Island, she was placed on the Screaming Gophers, where she and Lindsay were quickly drawn into an alliance with Heather. Beth quit the alliance when she realized that Heather was simply using them both. Throughout Total Drama Island, she was often regarded as "useless" but ultimately proved her teammates wrong. Beth returned for Total Drama Action, where she was much more confident and became close friends with Lindsay. Throughout Total Drama Action, she frequently talked about her boyfriend Brady, who nobody believed was real. Despite this, she also developed a crush on Justin, who, like Heather, tried to manipulate Beth and Lindsay with his good looks. Beth soon made it to the final two with Duncan, where the two teamed up, resulting in a tie. As a tie-breaker, the eliminated contestants voted, with Beth getting three votes and Duncan getting four votes, meaning that Duncan has won. Beth did not return for Total Drama World Tour, but she appeared in the Aftermath segments. Beth's worst fear is being covered by bugs.
2 ♀ "Bridgette" Kristin Fairlie 10th 15th / 14th 16th Inactive Inactive Inactive
Bridgette, labeled The Surfer Girl, is a calm, beautiful and friendly teenager, known for her talent at surfing, love of nature, and a strict vegetarian. She was put on the Killer Bass team and develops a budding romance with Geoff, though the relationship between the two was often a rocky one, as Geoff would say or do something to try to impress her, but would end up repelling or even offending her instead, but it wasn't until "Up The Creep" that she realized his crush on her. She becomes good friends with Courtney, Gwen and Leshawna, even though Gwen and Leshawna are on the opposite team. She is also one of the most liked competitors in Total Drama Island because of her kindness and sweetness to all the competitors. She was eliminated due to her being a threat because of her being too likable an athletic. Near the end of Bridgette's time at Total Drama Island Geoff and Bridgette become good friends and start dating, though their romance would not blossom until after her elimination. She and Geoff both qualified for Total Drama Action, but were the first two voted off due to the other contestants being annoyed at their constant make-out sessions. The elimination, however, allowed the two of them to host the TDA Aftermath, the post-game show-within-a-show. Bridgette's relationship with Geoff would endure through many trials and tribulations, due to Geoff's new attitude and fame obsession. But with the help of Owen, Leshawna and Heather she returns him back to normal. Or having to be separated from Geoff as she returned for Total Drama World Tour but he did not. On Total Drama World Tour, she was put on Team Victory, but was voted off due to not being present by kissing a pole when falling for Alejandro, making her team lose. She then appeared on the Aftermath show with an important role. In the first episode, she sang a song revealing her sorriness about kissing Alejandro. In the second, she was co-host with Geoff in the telethon. In the third episode, she was captured by Blaineley and sent to Siberia to meet with a superfan, where she took care of a bear with a hurt paw, refusing to go due to her love of animals and nature. She returned during the TDWT finale. On Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, she cameos in the episode "Backstabbers Ahoy!" to help Dakota complete a job on the lake.
3 ♂ "Cody" Peter Oldring 17th Inactive 3rd Inactive Inactive Inactive
Cody Anderson, labeled The Geek, is a suburbanite who is self-proclaimed "ladies' man". In Total Drama Island, he promptly began to court the interests of teammate Gwen. Seeing that Gwen was more interested in Trent, he instead offered to help the two become closer together, earning her friendship in the process. Cody was soon voted off due to being mauled by a bear, rendering him unable to compete further despite his claims that he is a fast healer. Cody failed to qualify for Total Drama Action, though on the TDA Aftermath he was shown rooting for Gwen. Cody returned for Total Drama World Tour, and was one of the main protagonists for the season. He was placed on Team Amazon (the same team as Gwen), making him the only male in the team, but eventually also the same team as new contestant Sierra who stalks him a lot. Cody is initially repulsed by Sierra, but thanks to Sierra's unwavering support, Cody manages to make it to the final three in Total Drama World Tour, along with Heather and Alejandro. As stated by Sierra, Cody's full name is Cody Emmett Jameson Anderson and his birthday is on April 1, revealing that he turns 18 at the end of Total Drama World Tour (April 2011), making him one of the oldest contestants, despite his childish look. He is one of the 15 campers who does not cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but he is shown with Sierra in the first episode, confirming he doesn't mind her anymore. In Total Drama All-Stars, Cody doesn't return to compete again, but he still gets mentioned and referenced a lot by Sierra in the season.
4 ♀ "Courtney" Emilie-Claire Barlow 14th 4th 7th / 6th Inactive 5th Inactive
Courtney, labeled The Type A, is a Hispanic Canadian and is a stubborn, ill-tempered, ambitious, aggressive, smart and highly competitive teen. As such, she tends to underestimate the abilities of her fellow competitors. She is put on the Killer Bass in Total Drama Island, where she developed a love/hate relationship with teammate Duncan. Though initially reluctant, she eventually shows that she likes him, despite his rebellious nature. She was eventually voted off after Harold (the victim of Duncan's many pranks) tampered with the votes to get revenge on Duncan. Believing to have been wrongly eliminated, she proceeded to sue the show and its producers. She also mentioned that the eliminated campers were witnesses to this event, although all of them denied this despite it being true. She won the lawsuit after the second TDA Aftermath episode, and was allowed to compete in Total Drama Action (which she did not originally qualify for), where she served as the primary antagonist for the second half of the season, especially after Justin's elimination in "The Princess Pride". When she entered the competition, she was unwillingly placed on the opposite team, the Killer Grips, where she was unpopular because of her selfish, critical, and feisty attitude. Courtney proved to be a very strong competitor though, nearly single-handedly winning challenges for the Grips, and later for herself when the teams were merged. She still has feelings for Duncan in Total Drama Action, although she also harbours a grudge against him due to mistakenly believing that Duncan cheated on her with Gwen earlier in the season. In the final four, Courtney was eliminated by Beth (as a threat) and Duncan (for bossing him around). Upon hearing that Duncan voted her off, Courtney breaks up with him but eventually gets over her anger and supports him in the final competition to declare the winner. They eventually make up after Duncan wins, (or in the alternative ending, Courtney takes Duncan out for a date to cheer him up after having lost). Courtney returned for Total Drama World Tour and was placed on Team Amazon with Gwen and Heather, both of whom she had problems with in the past. Despite the shock that had come when Duncan had quit the show early in the season – largely over her and Gwen's shared affection for Duncan, the two seem to be making up and beginning to form a friendship, though it quickly unravels when Gwen and Duncan get caught in the moment and make out shortly after he returns to the competition but due to everything Courtney and Duncan went through, he probably would have dumped her anyway. Following the incident, she serves as one of the two secondary antagonists of the season along with Alejandro. Following Gwen's elimination, Courtney becomes the prime target of being sent home for purposely trying to lose to vote off Gwen and flirting around with Alejandro. She was eliminated at the same time as Blaineley due to a tie in votes (on previous tied occasions a tiebreaker was employed); before she leaves, Courtney plans on suing Duncan and the show. It is not yet known if she succeeded in suing them. She appeared in the finale as Alejandro's helper and trying to prevent Heather to win but fails. She is one of the 15 original campers who does not cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but she is seen in the first episode alongside the other 23 original campers. Courtney comes back in Total Drama All-Stars, although she started off on the Heroic Hampsters team she was switched to the Villainous Vultures at the end of episode 3. She still holds a grudge against Duncan and Gwen but as of episode 5 she became attracted to Scott.
5 ♂ "DJ" Clé Bennett 8th 11th 12th Inactive Inactive Inactive
Devon Joseph (D.J.), labeled The Brickhouse With Heart, is a Jamaican Canadian who is very muscular, incredibly kind and gentle, and rarely has any mean thoughts crossing his mind, Although he did have a mean thought when he threw Owen off a cliff in Paintball Deer Hunter. But mostly, he is one of the most well-liked contestants. However, he is easily frightened by the most innocuous of things, despite his size. He was originally put on the Killer Bass in Total Drama Island, where he is shown to be very mindful of the wildlife and the other competitors, though a generally strong competitor in the challenges. He was eventually voted off in a horror movie-themed challenge, when he was the only contestant to be eliminated from the challenge without having actually encountered the psycho killer. He qualified for Total Drama Action, where he was placed on the Screaming Gaffers. D.J. was forced into an "illegal alliance" with Chef, where Chef would "toughen him up" in exchange for splitting the prize money with him should he win the competition (which amounted to Chef cheating in D.J.'s favor). Despite doing well as a result, his conscience gets the better of him, and he voluntarily eliminates himself from the competition. D.J. returned for Total Drama World Tour and was one of the three founding members of Team Victory. Due to an encounter with a mummified animal in the very first challenge in Egypt, he began to believe that he was cursed. The curse would cause him to hurt animals, and so he had attempted to vote himself out and lose challenges to prevent any more suffering to every animal he accidentally encounters. Ironically, he would be the last remaining member of Team Victory due to Alejandro capitalizing on this "cursed" behaviour and causing the eliminations of most of his teammates. Being a strong competitor, if only being forced to work alone and deliberately trying to lose, both of the remaining teams would try to court him into being an unofficial member of their team. D.J. would eventually align with Alejandro and Team Chris, though Chris would decline D.J.'s attempt to formalize this. Being of no use to him, Alejandro eventually engineers his elimination. On Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, he cameos in "Eat Puke and Be Wary".
6 ♂ "Duncan" Drew Nelson 4th 1st 5th Inactive 8th Inactive
Duncan, labeled The Delinquent, is a punk rebel and was put in juvenile hall for his rebellious actions. He is one of the strongest contestants (along with Owen and Heather) in Total Drama history, as he placed 4th, 1st, & 5th. He was originally put on Total Drama Island on the Killer Bass as an alternative to further detention in juvie. Despite his hostile personality and fondness for criminal activities, he has shown that he is actually a good person at heart (although he insists otherwise at every opportunity). But this proves to make up only a small part of him as Duncan is shown as a prominent bully to the series who is generally disliked by most of his fellow competitors. This mostly caused by his tendency to prank and antagonize his fellow competitors throughout the series, especially Harold. Duncan became particularly close with Courtney, despite having a personality that often clashes with his own. He proved to be a very strong competitor in the challenges, using the "skills" learned from juvie to his advantage. He is considered to be one of the strongest contestants by many fans as he is the only character to make it to at least the final five in every season. However, he had to return to achieve that. He made it to the final four on Total Drama Island along with Gwen, Heather, and Owen, where he was voted off after his challenge partner, Owen, gave up victory for a plate of sticky buns. Duncan qualified for Total Drama Action, where he was chosen for the Screaming Gaffers by Gwen, causing Trent to grow hatred for Duncan. Also (along with Beth) served as one of the primary characters, while still playing the role of anti-hero. His rivalry with Harold escalated and he began bullying him more than ever after finding out he was responsible for Courtney's elimination in the first season. However, Duncan and Harold eventually began to respect each other, especially when they become the only two male contestants left in the competition (prior to Owen returning as Chris' ringer). Duncan's toughness and surprisingly good acting skills won him many challenges in the first half of Total Drama Action, but his concentration began to slip after Courtney entered the competition, due to him still having a strong attraction to her. This also meant that every remaining contestant (with the obvious exception of Courtney) tried to get Duncan eliminated, to irritate Courtney. As Duncan received a vote in every post-merge episode (except "2008: A Space Owen"). He was able to survive every one of these episodes. As some contestants tried to get Duncan eliminated just to irritate Courtney, Duncan (along with Beth) eliminated Courtney from the competition when the terms of their relationship became far too overbearing for him. Duncan made it to the final two with Beth on Total Drama Action. In the final challenge, Duncan had a massive lead, but Beth caught up because she was able to earn extra time. In the end, it was a tie. In the next episode, Duncan was declared the winner of the competition in the season finale following a vote conducted by his fellow contestants, winning the prize money and making up with Courtney in the process. This is also the first time a contestant has acutely received their prize money. In the alternate ending where Beth wins, Courtney takes Duncan out on a date to cheer him up. Duncan returned for Total Drama World Tour, but quits in the first episode due to refusing to sing on Chris' cue and having to listen to Courtney and Gwen bicker throughout the first challenge. He eventually takes his Drop of Shame after Ezekiel's elimination, even though he wanted a ride home. It is later revealed that he has gone missing since he was last seen. He is eventually found in London by both Gwen and Courtney (having reconciled their differences in the meantime), and is "kidnapped" and taken back to the show. Due to his contract he is forced to return to the game as part of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. However, as he re-enters, he inadvertently causes friction between Gwen and Courtney, due to kissing and starting a new romance with Gwen, causing Courtney to break up with him. He also makes enemies with Tyler, who witnessed Duncan kiss Gwen and tried to get him eliminated later on due to Duncan's threats. Duncan has to sing more than the other contestants for all the singing time he missed. Later in the game, he instructed Owen in to not trusting Alejandro due to Noah's last words before departing. Alejandro later convinces Duncan into voting off Owen, saying that he can chose the next one (Courtney) to go. He makes it to the final five on Total Drama World Tour along with Alejandro, Cody, Heather, and Sierra, where he was voted off in "African Lying Safari" by Heather and Alejandro in a 2-1-1-1 vote. On Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, he cameos in the episode "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!" where he appears to have continued his romance with Gwen as he is seen making out with her. He has another cameo in "Grand Chef Auto" where he was meant to do a demonstration for the new campers, but instead ran off and didn't appear until the end of the episode when he blew up Mount Chrismore. Duncan returns to compete again in Total Drama All-Stars, but the only reason he is still competing is since he wants to be with Gwen, especially since both of them are put on the same team. However, Duncan and Gwen are not very happy together in this new season and 2 episodes after Duncan switches teams Gwen dumps him due to him still being attracted to Courtney. It was revealed in episode six that Duncan knew Mal, Mike's alter ego, from juvie where he was the toughest inmate.
7 ♀ "Eva" Julia Chantry 12th Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive
Eva, labeled The Female Bully, is a contestant of European descent who is constantly training to become stronger. However, she cannot control her emotions as a result, often breaking out into fits of rage over minor things. It is this that causes her downfall on Total Drama Island, after a scheming Heather causes her to lash out at her Killer Bass teammates after Heather had taken her MP3 player. She was voted off in retaliation by her teammates. She would return later in the competition "by popular demand", where she targeted her rage at Bridgette (the sole remaining female Killer Bass member), blaming her for her first elimination. Her anger causes her to be eliminated soon after, and it is only after her second elimination that she discovers that it was Heather who had caused her to be eliminated. Eva did not qualify for Total Drama Action, nor did she return for Total Drama World Tour, but appears in the Aftermath shows for both, where she is as nasty and violent as before.
8 ♂ "Ezekiel" Peter Oldring 22nd Inactive 18th Inactive Inactive Inactive
Ezekiel, sometimes called Zeke, labeled The Homeschooled Guy, is a contestant from the rural prairies who has never seen the world outside of his own home. The only reason he signed up was because of his Vitamin D deficiency. On Total Drama Island, he was put on the Killer Bass, though he was the first contestant to be eliminated after inadvertently sexist comments that offended nearly every female contestant, particularly Bridgette and Eva (who then later started to strangle him). Despite being the first voted off, Ezekiel had developed a "poseur" attitude, which did not help him qualify for Total Drama Action. He does eventually qualify for Total Drama World Tour, where his attitude annoys Chris to the point that he is thrown off the plane, "eliminated" even before the first challenge begins. He manages to stow away on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, where he eventually convinces Chris to let him back into the competition. He is officially put on Team Victory following Duncan's quitting of the game, but he is eventually the first of Team Victory to be eliminated after accidentally feeding their divining rod in the next challenge to a Nile crocodile. Refusing to take his loss, he hangs onto the plane as he makes his Drop of Shame, silently managing to stow away in the jet's cargo. In the meantime, he, like Duncan, who took the Drop of Shame after him, has been reported missing, and also a ghost due to the shocking video. He becomes quite malnourished, slightly disfigured, and feral in various appearances later on in the season, though he always manages to stay close to the competition. Vowing to win the money if not the competition, he would eventually steal the winnings from season winner Alejandro (by fighting battle for it with Chris, waiting for Alejandro to claim his reward), only to fall into a volcano, destroying the money (in a manner similar to Gollum in Lord of the Rings). In the alternate ending, he steals the briefcase from alternate winner Heather. As soon as everyone is in the water, Ezekiel explodes from the volcano, and crashes into Chris's boat, sinking it. He is still currently feral as seen in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island when he takes off with the original campers in the yacht. However, in his 3 individual cameo appearances later on, he is shown to be recovering, as part of his hair and his soul patch has regrown, he now walks on two legs, his teeth are no longer jagged and his human voice has been restored. One year later in Total Drama All-Stars, Ezekiel appears again when he jumps off a plane and lands on the water, but then is catapulted off the island by Chris' robot.
9 ♂ "Geoff" Dan Petronijevic 6th 15th / 14th Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive
Geoff, labeled The Funniest Guy Around, is a cool "go with the flow" dude and an easygoing and fun-loving individual who is generally liked by his fellow male campers. On Total Drama Island, he is put on the Killer Bass, where he develops a budding romance with Bridgette, though initially Geoff would often become unglued when speaking to her. He is eventually eliminated because his happy-go-lucky attitude was deemed as a threat to the remaining competitors. He qualifies for Total Drama Action, but is eliminated with Bridgette before the teams are chosen due to their constant making out began to annoy the other contestants. However, their elimination also presented the opportunity for them to host the TDA Aftermath, where the lure of being a celebrity has gone to Geoff's head, and his relationship with co-host Bridgette (who calls his changed persona "Captain Hollywood") and his fellow competitors suffer as a result. It was not until an intervention set up by Bridgette, Owen, Leshawna, and Heather that Geoff admits that "Captain Hollywood" was merely a persona, and that deep down he still has feelings for Bridgette. After leading a group to get help after the contestants had been travelling, desperate to get a spot on Chris' supposed third season of Total Drama, titled Total Drama Dirtbags, he misses out on the true third season, Total Drama World Tour, and is devastated to find out that he and Bridgette are separated because of this; though he does manage to continue in his role as the co-host of the TDWT Aftermath along with new co-host Blainely. Geoff has a rocky road with Bridgette after her liking of Alejandro on the show, but after her song, he forgives her. Geoff soon has a dislike of Blainely, after she sent Bridgette on what was originally a trip to see Blainely superfans, and he retaliated by singing a song about Blainely's flaws and real name, Mildred, and also showing clips of Blainely being very gross. He is relieved, however, when Blainely inadvertently wins a contest that made her a contestant on Total Drama World Tour, getting her out of his hair and allowing Bridgette to become the new co-host with him. He appears in the finale, along with Bridgette. He is one of the 15 original campers who does not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but in the first episode, it is shown that he and Bridgette are still together.
10 ♀ "Gwen" Megan Fahlenbock 2nd 12th 9th Inactive 4th Inactive
Gwen, labeled The Loner, is a beautiful goth girl who chooses to be alone for the most part, though she cares for her family deeply, auditioning for Total Drama Island on a dare from her brother. Because of her lonely attitude, she has been derisively called the "weird goth girl" by Heather, but unlike her, is generally well liked by the other contestants. She joined Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers and (along with Owen) was one of the season's primary protagonists. She was one of the strongest competitors by winning many challenges for her team. There, she developed a distaste for Heather, while building a strong friendship with Leshawna and Bridgette and a budding romance with Trent. Her relationship with Trent began to unravel after Heather plotted to kiss Trent in front of her, causing Leshawna to round up everyone else and vote Heather off in retaliation, only to vote Trent off after Heather won invincibility. Gwen would get her revenge on Heather after conspiring with Owen to help eliminate Heather in the semi-final sudden-death challenge, earning herself and Owen a spot in the final two. Gwen, however, would lose out on the final challenge when a determined Owen rushed to finish the line in order to grab snacks that were planted there by his supporters (In an alternate ending, Gwen won the competition, when the snacks planted there by his supporters were still well short of the finish line). Gwen qualified for Total Drama Action, where she, along with Trent, had won a challenge that earned the two of them the title of captain of the two teams, meaning that the two would be on opposite teams. Gwen's team was christened the Screaming Gaffers. Trent, wanting to see Gwen do well, began throwing challenges to let her win, which Gwen does not take lightly. In order to get Trent to stop, she breaks up with him, but not before Justin discovers Trent's motives. He blackmails Gwen, forcing her to throw the challenges in exchange for ousting Trent. Though she had trouble sabotaging her team, she eventually does so, leading to her voting herself off. She eventually makes up with Trent following her appearance on the TDA Aftermath, but they have yet to restart their short-lived romance. During both seasons, she also develops an attraction to Duncan, but still claims to see him as a friend. Her attraction earns the ire of Courtney, and in Total Drama World Tour, both were placed on Team Amazon. Like Courtney, she was devastated when Duncan withdrew from the game, though over time Gwen and Courtney settled their differences. This, however, would unravel entirely when Duncan returns to the competition and builds a budding romance with her, which continues after the game. She would eventually be eliminated in a tiebreaker challenge due to her allergies preventing her from competing. The original character designs show Gwen as a redhead, wearing a brown t-shirt and blue jeans. Gwen's usual outfit is based on an outfit of Tibby's from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. On Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, she cameos in the episode "The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean", where she and Duncan are still together. Gwen is now a villain in Total Drama All-Stars since Courtney still thinks of her as the new Heather. However, Gwen spends the entire season trying to get Courtney to forgive her and in Episode 5 she dumps Duncan due to him still being attracted to Courtney.
11 ♂ "Harold" Brian Froud 13th 5th 17th Inactive Inactive Inactive
Harold McGrady, labeled The Dweeb, is a very geeky kid who is modeled after Napoleon Dynamite and is an eternal underdog. He is a nerd and proud of it. He's amassed a broad and diverse set of skills learned at several different thematic summer camps throughout his life. Most such skills are extremely dorky and, coupled with his odd personality and appearance, earn him ridicule from some of his peers, especially the bullies on his team. They are, however, surprisingly useful and have won Harold multiple challenges throughout the series, often shocking an incredulous audience and, along with generally decent personality, putting him on friendly terms with many of his fellow competitors. On Total Drama Island, Harold was joined with the Killer Bass team, where he clashed with teammate Duncan, who constantly pranked and teased him for his own joy (sometimes with the help of Geoff and D.J.). He would eventually get his revenge on Duncan by tampering with the votes so that Courtney, Duncan's love interest, was voted off. His own elimination came soon after, when a plot by Heather to cut the tow rope in a "waterskiing on mud" challenge accidentally caused her top to be snagged by a tree branch, distracting him enough to lose the challenge for their team. During his elimination, it was revealed he had developed a crush on teammate Leshawna. In the Total Drama Island reunion special, he paired up with Heather, who quickly betrayed him. After forgiving her, he analyzed her cruelty as an attempt to cover her own insecurity. This was the only moment in the series Heather admitted vulnerability and bonded with anyone (despite denying it), and Harold remains the only character in the series who is sympathetic to her. He qualified for Total Drama Action and was put on the Screaming Gaffers, becoming Duncan's teammate yet again. During this season, he reveals that his full name is Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V, which Duncan finds out about and takes advantage of, occasionally calling Harold "Doris" to tease him. While Duncan continues to bully Harold (this time, as revenge for Courtney's elimination in the first season), Harold has taken a bolder stand against Duncan and their rivalry seems to alternate between fraternal bickering and actual hostility. His relationship with Leshawna remains on hold as she admits to reciprocating his feelings but insists they remain friends. Like Cody, he thinks of himself as a ladies' man, though he is actually more successful than Cody, having won the heart of Leshawna. He admits that he is attracted to Heather (and to a lesser extent, Gwen). Harold manages to make the final five in Total Drama Action. When Owen returns as a competitor, Harold is the first to figure out that Owen was, in reality, a ringer hired by Chris to sabotage the other contestants, though he is eliminated before he could tell anyone. Harold returned for Total Drama World Tour, where he, Leshawna, and DJ win the first challenge and form Team Victory together. After a few challenges, he quits the show in place of DJ (who was set to be eliminated), after Alejandro convinces him that he was the reason his team lost the commercial challenge. Harold sacrificed himself right as Chris was revealing Harold safe. Chris does say "Har-" but Harold interrupts him, so technically DJ would have been eliminated. He is one of the 15 original campers who does not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
12 ♀ "Heather" Rachel Wilson 3rd 9th 2nd Inactive 10th Inactive
Heather, labeled The Queen Bee, is the main antagonist in the first season. She is one of the strongest contestants (along with Duncan and Owen) in Total Drama history, as she placed 3rd, 9th, & 2nd. She is described by series producer, Mark Thornton as "an evil, scheming, sinister character". She is a cruel, ruthless, snobbish and manipulative Asian Canadian player, often butting heads with her teammates on the Screaming Gophers, particularly Gwen and Leshawna. However, she also formed an alliance with Lindsay and Beth, although she essentially just used the two of them as pawns for her needs and constantly abused them. She conspired with the two to eliminate many of the contestants, but once her true colours started to show, they both turned against her. Heather has a strong sense of leadership. Towards the end of the season, Heather had become overconfident and was eventually eliminated in the semifinal challenge when Gwen and Owen teamed up against her in a sudden-death "triple-dog dare" showdown – which she lost for refusing to shave her head (a dare ironically written by Lindsay after Heather had threatened to do exactly the same thing to her in order to keep her in line) which ended up happening anyway in an accident. During the Total Drama Island reunion special she paired up with Harold and then betrayed him. He subsequently forgave her and analyzed her cruelty as an attempt to cover her own insecurities in the only moment in the series she admitted vulnerability and bonded with anyone (despite denying it). Although she qualified for Total Drama Action (where she wore a wig for portions of the competition to hide her baldness), her actions in Total Drama Island left her being nearly universally disliked, with Harold being the only one displaying some sympathy towards her. Aware of her status as a pariah amongst her fellow competitors, she was shocked when she was picked for the Screaming Gaffers by her rival Gwen (on Leshawna's suggestion to "keep their enemies closer"). Her insufferable attitude improved somewhat during Total Drama Action, as she generally became less antagonistic and more cooperative in the challenges. True to her nature though, she still berated people around her at every opportunity, and her useful contributions were often kept to a minimum. She is later eliminated, but not before burying the hatchet with longtime enemy Leshawna; Heather was the only one who defended Leshawna's actions after Leshawna's series of lies had lost the trust of her fellow competitors. In the Total Drama Action reunion special she goes to Waypines high. Heather returned for Total Drama World Tour (her hair grew back, although it is still shorter than it was in the first season) and was placed on Team Amazon along with her two rivals, Gwen and Courtney. In addition to Gwen and Courtney, Heather's temporary friendship with her old rival Leshawna abruptly ended, as seen in "Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special" and "Slap Slap Revolution". She becomes the central anti-hero of the season as her antagonism quickly takes a backseat to newcomer Alejandro, and she becomes aware of Alejandro's manipulations on the other contestants (oftentimes trying to foil his plans). Though attracted to each other, Heather maintains a female tsundere attitude towards him. The two would eventually be the last two contestants remaining. However, in the end, she loses TDWT to Alejandro when she accidentally threw his tribute into the volcano, giving him the win. Heather is dismayed at this by Alejandro being the one who wins the money. However, Ezekiel then steals the money, which ended up being destroyed. After fleeing to the river with the other contestants during a volcanic eruption, many volcanic rocks began to rain down. Heather is last seen swimming away with all the other contestants (except Alejandro, Blaineley, and Ezekiel). However, in the Cartoon Network ending, Heather defeats Alejandro, and wins the season, making her the alternate winner. Her prize money is still stolen by Ezekiel. Heather was extremely manipulative when she competed, so she was able to stay in all three seasons for a very long period of time. She caused the eliminations of several contestants, which were Eva (first time), Justin, Beth, Harold, Trent, Lindsay, DJ, Izzy (second time), Geoff, and Duncan. In Total Drama Action, she rallied for Gwen's elimination, after noticing that she was trying to throw the Gaffers' challenge for Justin (who spotted Trent cheating). In Total Drama World Tour, she played a role in Owen and Duncan's eliminations, both of which were caused by Alejandro. She rallied for Courtney and Blaineley's eliminations in "Chinese Fake-Out", after noticing that they were cheating, as Blaineley had better food than anybody else, and Alejandro kept bending down to give his food to Courtney. In the TDWT finale, she intentionally gets Cody eliminated, after telling him that Sierra, Cody's one-sided crush, was stuck in quicksand. This gave Alejandro enough time to knock Cody out. However, in the Cartoon Network release of Total Drama, she also caused Alejandro's elimination in the same episode when she manipulated him, and knocked him off the volcano. The only problem, in the original ending, was that she threw Alejandro's tribute in the volcano, which costed her the win of the million dollars. She was also notably smart, as she was immediately suspicious of Alejandro, therefore figuring out he was bad even before Bridgette did, who was his first victim. However, she had a little crush on Alejandro, which was later revealed near the end of Total Drama World Tour before Alejandro became a robot, although it seems that Heather is still with Alejandro even though he is a robot. She was also the first contestant, from the original 2007 cast, to face off against a newcomer (Alejandro) in the finale of a season. She is the only female contestant to make it to the Final Three more than once. In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Heather tries to steal the million dollar case from Chris and attempts to flee on a blimp, although she fails. Heather competes again in Total Drama All-Stars in 2013 where she first sees that the robot is following her a lot and doesn't know why. Later on, it is revealed that the robot is Alejandro all along so Heather is now scared that Alejandro is back to take her love again.
13 ♀ "Izzy" Katie Crown 7th 10th 13th Inactive Inactive Inactive
Izzy, labeled The Psycho Hose Beast, is a mysterious competitor who is known for her crazy and unpredictable nature and habit of lying and appears to be mentally unstable but she is generally friendly. However, one of the things about her that is known to be the truth is that she is a criminal. She is 8th on the RCMP's most wanted list for destroying a kitchen. On Total Drama Island, she was originally put on the Killer Bass, but agreed to switch teams with Katie, a Screaming Gopher, in the first challenge so that she would be reunited with Sadie. She develops a short-lived relationship with Owen, who he claimed "understood" her, but was eliminated when the RCMP arrived to arrest her, though she eluded them and returned to the competition. She would be eliminated a second time in a deer hunting challenge after shooting everything but a deer (including Chef and Heather) with her tranquilizer gun and failing the challenge. Izzy would qualify for Total Drama Action and be put on the Killer Grips, where she kept demanding that she be referred to by the name of E-Scope, which she had concocted during the Total Drama Island reunion special. However, she was eliminated in the first challenge after the teams were formed due to losing the acting portion of the challenge to Duncan, though an effort by Chef to fix the acting challenge in favor of the Killer Grips was also a factor; but due to a voting irregularity/loophole, where "E-Scope" and not "Izzy" was eliminated, she eventually returned to the competition, where she developed another alter ego, Explosivo. Izzy would rekindle her romance with Owen, but not before making an off-comment in which she regarded Justin as being unattractive, forcing Justin to manipulate Beth and Lindsay to help him vote Izzy off. Izzy returned for Total Drama World Tour, where she was originally put on Team Amazon, but she switched with Team Chris' Sierra so Sierra would be closer to her love interest, Cody. She would be evacuated from the competition due to her "newfound intelligence" in her new persona Brainzilla being useful to the military, though like before this may have been another facade. Izzy is withdrawn from the competition by the Military after an injury to her head unclogged a clot and revealed her to actually have a genius mind. She is the first contestant to be eliminated in such a manner, however she has also had interesting exits and come-backs in each season of Total Drama. She also reverts to her crazy self in the following TDWT Aftermath show after another blow to the head. On Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, she cameos in the episode "Finders Creepers", as the giant mutant spider.
14 ♂ "Justin" Adam Reid 20th 7th Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive
Justin, labeled The Eye Candy, is the sole American contestant from Hawaii, is an attractive tanned male model who attracts the attention of his fellow contestants and even the animals. On Total Drama Island, he was put on the Screaming Gophers, and was ousted due to a voting bloc consisting of Heather, her alliance (Lindsay and Beth), Izzy, and Owen (who she had bribed) despite a strong showing in the talent contest challenge. On Total Drama Island Reid only voiced him on the first episode. He qualified for Total Drama Action, where he becomes the primary antagonist for the first half of the season, resolving to use his looks to his advantage. Selected to join the Killer Grips by Trent due to "looks being everything" in acting, he is able to manipulate teammates Beth and Lindsay to his advantage, and arrange for Trent's elimination after discovering that Trent had been throwing challenges. Although manipulative, Justin himself is a poor challenge performer because he prefers to protect his image above all else. Over the later half of the season, he gradually loses his manipulative influence over his teammates, simply because they have grown tired of his poor challenge performance and lack of work ethic, leading everyone to simply ignore him. Justin is ultimately forced to rely on his brains after being repeatedly "disfigured" through many physical mishaps, and was eventually eliminated by Courtney (who toward the end of his run on the show he possible had an attraction to), as his self-proclaimed "master strategist" skills were no match for Courtney's skills. Though believing himself to be no longer beautiful, he is consoled by Beth in the finale when she tells him that he is still beautiful. (In the alternate ending, he reveals that he voted for Beth, most likely for consoling him.) He did not return for Total Drama World Tour, and instead sat on the sidelines and watched. He is one of the original 15 campers who does not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
15 ♀ "Katie" Stephanie Anne Mills 19th Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive
Katie, labeled The Sweet Girl, was a camper on Total Drama Island and a member of the Killer Bass. She did not compete in either Total Drama Action or Total Drama World Tour, but appears in the Total Drama Aftermath as a commentator. Katie came to Total Drama Island with her "BFFFL" (Best Female Friend For Life), Sadie. Katie first met Sadie when they became neighbors and they quickly became inseparable when they were younger and have been ever since. They joined Total Drama Island to become even closer friends than before. Though she and Sadie are very similar in personality and interests, Katie seems to be the more athletic one of the two friends. She is shown to have a bad sense of direction, which ends up being her downfall later in the competition. Katie did not qualify for Total Drama Action, nor will she be returning for Total Drama World Tour, but still appears in the Aftermath shows for both, where as always, she is seen with her best friend. She and Sadie are two of the 15 original campers who do not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
16 ♀ "Leshawna" Novie Edwards 5th 8th 15th Inactive Inactive Inactive
Leshawna, labeled The Sister With 'Tude, is an African Canadian who is known for her spunkiness and despises obnoxious people, such as Heather and Alejandro. She is mildly obese with a rather large behind. On Total Drama Island, she was put on the Screaming Gophers, where she quickly develops a rivalry with Heather over her snobbish and manipulative nature, though on a few occasions she herself was a victim of Heather's manipulation, most notably in Trent's ouster. With few exceptions, though, she is generally well liked by most of her fellow contestants. She was eliminated when, on a tour of Playa Des Losers, the luxury resort hotel in which eliminated contestants are sequestered, Chris informs the eliminated contestants that they were to vote for the next contestant to be eliminated; the contestants inadvertently mentioned Leshawna repeatedly in their discussion (made worse when a parrot repeatedly squawks her name), which counted as votes for her elimination even though that's not what any of the voters wanted. She qualified for Total Drama Action, where she was picked for the Screaming Gaffers. There, after Gwen was eliminated, Leshawna tries to enter into an alliance with Duncan and Harold to keep Heather off her back, but was quickly rebuffed due to Duncan and Harold steadfastly refusing to work with one another. She lost some of her own popularity when it was revealed that she lied to win the individual reward following a team challenge (she burst into tears to get the prize, and yet later stated "Leshawna never cries!"). She lost even more faith when Beth revealed all the nasty things Leshawna told her cousin while on a spa day she had won in an earlier challenge. Though she tries to make amends, her efforts were seen as bribery even by teammate Harold, who still had a crush on her. The Gaffers would win a bank heist challenge without her, locking her in a safe for the entire episode. She was eventually forgiven for her actions after Heather, ironically enough, defended her actions. This simple action buried the hatchet with Heather shortly before Heather was eliminated. Leshawna's own elimination followed when the teams were merged and Duncan and Courtney manipulated Harold, the swing vote, to vote for Leshawna. She forgives Harold for unintentionally arranging her ouster. However, despite their mutual attraction, Leshawna and Harold still remain "just friends". Leshawna returned for Total Drama World Tour, and was a founding member of Team Victory, but she was eliminated in "Slap Slap Revolution" for throwing away the challenge to beat up Heather and falling for Alejandro's charm. As seen in this episode, as well as "Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special", her temporary friendship with her old rival Heather abruptly ended. Her personality is based on Queen Latifah. She is one of the 15 original campers to not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
17 ♀ "Lindsay" Stephanie Anne Mills 9th 6th 14th Inactive 14th Inactive
Lindsay, labeled The Dumb Princess, is an attractive blonde female with a large chest but a naive individual, claiming to be "bi-language-al" due to speaking English and "American". She has a relationship with Tyler but keeps on confusing him with other males and even animals and sometimes forgets his name. She is called Big Foot in the episode "Princess Pride" because of the size of her feet. Originally put on the Screaming Gophers in Total Drama Island, Lindsay immediately entered into an alliance with Heather (which results in her becoming the secondary antagonist of the season), only to express some doubt when her manipulative nature became known. Heather would turn on her in a sudden-death bike-racing challenge, when a rule technicality lead to Lindsay being eliminated despite finishing second (as everyone else had wiped out and failed to finish or qualify). In response, Lindsay would lash out at Heather in an expletive-laden rant with a rude gesture (for release outside Canada and the UK, the rant and gesture, which contained a long bleep, was replaced by dialogue which lacked expletives), earning the attention and respect of the remaining contestants. She would get her revenge in the semifinal challenge, when a dare she had concocted forced Heather's elimination. Lindsay qualified for Total Drama Action, where she quickly became best friends with Beth (who had also been part of Heather's alliance in Total Drama Island) as both were picked for the Killer Grips. Following Trent's elimination, Lindsay took on an unlikely leadership role, calling herself Admiral Lindsay, Her Hotness in one challenge while letting Beth be the actual team leader (and not doing any actual work herself), though under her leadership they did not win. When Courtney returns to the competition, Lindsay is further distanced from the leadership role, as Courtney would lead the team to challenge victories. When the teams merged, Lindsay remained a strong competitor, often finishing second behind Courtney – her rare victory coming in a mystery-themed challenge (where she called herself Detective Lindsay, Her Hotness) when she is able to identify Courtney as the culprit. Her own elimination came when she unintentionally votes herself off after being distracted by Beth. However, Lindsay, in a rare show of maturity, shakes her elimination off and tells Beth that being friends with her is worth way more than the prize money. Lindsay would go on to back Beth in the finale, though Beth would ultimately lose the competition. Lindsay returned for Total Drama World Tour and was placed on Team Victory. Her habit of not remembering the names of her fellow contestants returns, mistaking nearly every other male contestant for Tyler. Due to the other competiting contestants opinion of her not having good fashion sense for dressing Tyler in the walk off competition, she was eliminated regardless of D.J. trying to lose. Both Lindsay and Tyler tried to share a farewell kiss, but was interrupted by Chris, and thus sending Lindsay on her way. On Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, she cameos in the episode "Runaway Model", where she is kidnapped by Sasquatchanakwa. Lindsay returns again for Total Drama All-Stars, but unfortunately she is the first one to be voted off.
18 ♂ "Noah" Carter Hayden 21st Inactive 11th Inactive Inactive Inactive
Noah, labeled The High IQ, is extremely intelligent, but cynical and considerably lazy. On Total Drama Island, where he was on the Screaming Gophers, this led to his downfall when he refused to participate in the dodgeball challenge altogether, not paying attention to the competition even though everyone else had been playing. When the Gophers lose the challenge, he berates everyone for a "weak effort", which earns the ire of his teammates. He was called a Know-It-All. Because he had not participated in the game, he was eliminated. During his stay in Playa Des Losers, Noah develops a close friendship with Izzy and Eva, and they eventually participate as a team in "Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island" but ultimately he and Eva do not qualify for Total Drama Action while Izzy does. Not sharing his fellow contestants' lust for fame, he is hired by Chris as an assistant, but is fired before the start of Chris' fake reality show, Total Drama Dirtbags, though it was revealed to be a plot to get Noah as a contestant for the true third season, Total Drama World Tour. There, he is placed on Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot. He, along with his team, is initially impressed with Alejandro but he eventually grows skeptical and begins to suspect Alejandro's true intentions after he discovered that Alejandro tricked Leshawna. During the season, Noah develops a strong friendship with Owen (to the point that both consider each other as best friends). He eventually warns Owen of Alejandro's trickery, unaware that Alejandro had been listening in, leading to his elimination that episode. He is one of the 15 original campers who does not cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
19 ♂ "Owen" Scott McCord 1st 3rd 8th Inactive Inactive Inactive
Owen, labeled The Party Guy, is an obese, bumbling contestant who loves food. A running gag throughout the series is Owen's farting problem. He is generally liked by most of his fellow competitors, despite his lack of hygiene, due to being optimistic and very friendly. He is one of the strongest contestants (along with Duncan and Heather) in Total Drama history, as he placed 1st, 3rd, & 8th. Even though Owen returned to the show in "Rock n' Rule", he still made it to the top 10 in every season, without having to return, because he was eliminated in the Final Nine, hence the episode title "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine". On Total Drama Island, where he was a member of the Screaming Gophers and served as the secondary protagonist, he proved to be an unusually strong competitor, as he was up to any challenge thrown at him, and was the only contestant who did not complain about Chef Hatchet's otherwise inedible food. Owen, despite not caring about the prize money (admitting on numerous occasions that it was unlikely he would win), would eventually win Total Drama Island and the C$100,000 prize. However, he gives up the money for a chance to win C$1,000,000 in the challenge that was open to all 22 contestants in the Total Drama Island reunion special. In the end, however, the briefcase was eaten by a shark, and so Owen and 13 other contestants competed in Total Drama Action for the money. During Total Drama Action he was chosen (with some reluctance) by Trent for the Killer Grips. His obsession with food returns, having eaten an entire buffet of prop food on one occasion, though it would lead to his downfall due to eating irregularities that began to emerge, as well as a jaw injury during a challenge that reduced his ability to eat. He was ultimately eliminated when Courtney entered the competition after not originally qualifying for Total Drama Action; Courtney's invincibility and the wasted votes of the other Grips meant that only Courtney's vote counted in the elimination, and she eliminated Owen for his poor performance in that day's challenge. However, because he won the first season and is the contestant most well liked by the campers (including Chris and Chef), he was given the honor of giving a farewell speech. He harboured no ill feelings about his first elimination, but on the next TDA Aftermath show, it was revealed that Owen's family had spent half of his purported winnings (not knowing that he had given up the money) to furnish their home with a cheese cellar. Owen would return to Total Drama Action when Chris hires him as a ringer to pay off his family's debt (though Chris claims to the remaining contestants that Owen had sued the show); Owen's responsibility was to sabotage everyone else's efforts in the various challenges. Though reluctant to sabotage challenges due to his friendly demeanor, he begins to do so, and is nearly discovered by Harold in the process, but Harold is eliminated before he could disclose it to everyone else. He eventually starts to get used to his undercover role and briefly adopts a sneaky, jerky personality similar to other contestants who played underhandedly. However, Harold's accusation would eventually make it to Courtney and Beth, and through a timely message sent to Courtney's PDA by her lawyers, they confirm that Owen is a spy. Owen was relieved that his secret was out, thinking he could act like his normal self again for the rest of the game, but he was subsequently fired by Chris (right after Courtney was eliminated) due to being discovered. Later, he returns to competition as part of Total Drama World Tour, but unfortunately, due to his fear of flying, has had constant panic attacks in the plane, prompting Chris to hit him over the head with a frying pan a few times. He was placed on Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot. He originally suspects his teammate Alejandro (who he nicknames "Al", who detests the name) was using him after he left him to die when the giant caterpillars in the Amazon took him, only for Alejandro to save him when he was needed for the next part of the challenge, and his suspicions would be proven correct when his "good buddy" Noah was eliminated. Owen eventually gets eliminated after Alejandro convinced Duncan, Heather and Sierra to vote him off. Owen's fear of flying (revealed in Total Drama Island) plays in the earlier episodes, however Owen has gotten over his fear of flying. He cameos in the episode, "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!" of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, asking Chris and Chef why his boat didn't stop, only to be shot out of the island by Chris. Owen's behavior and appearance is a parody of Chris Farley, John Belushi and John Candy.
20 ♀ "Sadie" Lauren Lipson 15th Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive
Sadie, labeled The Sweet Girl's Friend, was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass. She did not compete in either Total Drama Action or Total Drama World Tour, but appears in the aftermaths as a commentator. Sadie and Katie are Best Female Friends For Life (BFFFLs), dressing alike and spending all their time together since they were young children. They became best friends when they first met as next-door neighbors. Sadie loves Katie like a sister and becomes devastated when separated from her, to the point of tears. While the dynamic duo are very similar in interests and personality, Sadie appears to be more logical than Katie and most likely has a better sense of direction, though unlike Katie, she does not have her driver's license. Sadie also seems less athletic than Katie, shown especially in the episode Dodgebrawl. Sadie seems to be overshadowed by Katie for a portion of the series. Sadie did not qualify for Total Drama Action, nor did she be returning for Total Drama World Tour, but still appears in the Aftermath shows for both, where as always, she is seen with her best friend Katie. She and Katie are two of the 15 original campers who do not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
21 ♂ "Trent" Scott McCord 11th 13th Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive
Trent, labeled The Cool Musician, is an aspiring musician, but is better known as one of the more frequently injured contestants. Joining Total Drama Island as it "sounded fun", he is put on the Screaming Gophers, where he develops a budding relationship with teammate Gwen, much to the annoyance of Heather. Heather would then engineer Trent's elimination by arranging to kiss him in front of Gwen, which succeeded since Trent had no experience with Heather's antagonistic side. Gwen, in reaction, would attract the attention of Leshawna, who would round everyone else to vote off Heather (who both Gwen and Leshawna had a grudge against), but Heather won invincibility in that day's challenge, forcing Leshawna and her hastily-assembled voting bloc to vote Trent off instead. After realizing that he had been manipulated, Trent focused his efforts into cheering for Gwen win the competition, only for Gwen to ultimately lose to Owen. However, Trent and Gwen had repaired their relationship in the process, and the two began dating. This was not meant to last, however, as both had qualified for Total Drama Action, and both were winners in the challenge meant to pick the captains of the two teams, meaning that they would be competing against each other; Trent's team would be christened the Killer Grips. Trent became jealous when he noticed that Gwen and Duncan were becoming close friends, and resolved to grab her attention again. Out of love for Gwen, Trent would start throwing challenges for his team due to Owen telling Trent that "the girl likes winning". At the same time, he starts to exhibit a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder when his superstition with the number 9 becomes known. Though this was unrelated to Gwen (as explained on the TDA Aftermath after he was eliminated), his erratic behavior led to Gwen breaking up with him, if only to get him to not throw any more challenges for the Grips. However, this attracts the attention of Justin, who blackmails Gwen to owe the Grips in exchange for Trent's elimination. After Trent was eliminated, he, however, became more popular than ever, earning him many female fans (including some which are stalker-like), as shown on the TDA Aftermath. He did not return for Total Drama World Tour but will as a singer along with Justin for TDWT Aftermath. He is one of the 15 original campers who does not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
22 ♂ "Tyler" Peter Oldring 18th Inactive 10th Inactive Inactive Inactive
Tyler, labeled The Sporto Who Sucks At Sports, is a jock who often promotes his supposed athletic abilities, but in reality, is clumsy and bad at sports. In Total Drama Island, he was put on the Killer Bass, where his lack of skills became apparent in both the dodgeball challenge (where the balls he threw hit everything but the other team), and the talent show (where he tried to impress his team with yo-yo tricks, but ended up tying himself up with it instead). Though he develops a budding romance with Screaming Gopher Lindsay (which was opposed by Heather), he was eventually eliminated due to his fear of chickens costing the team the phobia challenge. However, he made a lasting impression on Lindsay, who occasionally pines for him even in Total Drama Action, which Tyler himself did not qualify for. But he did return for Total Drama World Tour and was placed on Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot. Lindsay has forgotten who he was in the first few episodes, but she remembered him later on. He also becomes friends with Alejandro, and forms an alliance with him later on to vote off Duncan after he witnessed both Duncan and Gwen kiss in the confessional and told Courtney about the occurrence the following episode. During this season, Tyler is far more competent in the competition than he was during the first season and serves as one of the two secondary antagonists of the season along with Courtney. He is even solely responsible for his team's first victory when he saved their lives by pulling the team's sled from a cliff which caused it to cross the finish line. A running gag is that Tyler seems to get badly hurt in every episode he appears, and this is what causes his elimination in "The Ex-Files" after he stepped on a mine and blew up both himself, and his team's alien. Because of this, Alejandro convinces Duncan to vote him out. He is seen at the Total Drama World Tour finale with Lindsay. He is one of the 15 original campers who does not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but in the first episode, it is shown he and Lindsay are still together.

Introduced in Total Drama Action

# Name Voice Actor Rank Role
1 ♀ "Blaineley" Carla Collins 7th / 6th (TDWT) Celebrity Manhunt co-host
Mildred "Blaineley" Stacey Andrews O'Halloran was first introduced as the co-host of an entertainment news show, Celebrity Manhunt along with Josh. She was originally put in as the co-host of the TDWT Aftermath, the series' post-game show-within-a-show, where she serves as the main antagonist of the spin-off. She is shown to, like Chris, care very little about the welfare of the competitors. In "Aftermath Aftermayhem", Geoff stated that Blaineley went on a trip to hang out with fans around the world, but she actually kidnapped Bridgette and sent her on the plane she was supposed to go on. Geoff, in anger, got Trent, Harold, Justin, Sasquatchanakwa, and Blaineley's entourage and sang what was demanded by the Siberian superfan to be a song praising Blaineley which really insulted Blaineley and revealed that "Blaineley" is just a pseudonym to conceal her real name, which is "Mildred". Also in anger, Geoff made a bunch of clips that made Blaineley look disgusting. She entered the Total Drama World Tour game proper when she accidentally won a contest that was originally intended for an eliminated contestant to return by giving the right answer to Beth's question she was asked. Though a contestant, she was never assigned to a team in Total Drama World Tour due to the teams being abolished when she arrived. Her stay as a contestant was a short one, after being caught cheating by Heather. She did not take this lightly, so when she left, she explained that Ezekiel was still on the plane, Cody voted for Sierra to be eliminated in every episode, Heather and Alejandro love each other and should just kiss, and she was originally approached for being the host of Total Drama. The last fact angered Chris, so he shoved her, along with Courtney, off the plane. She ended up landing on a bamboo house and was put in a full body cast. She also put onto a roller. She was last seen in "Hawaiian Punch", rolling down the volcano, still on her roller, running over Alejandro in the process, after the volcano explodes. Blaineley was not shown in the water or in the yacht with the other contestants, nor does she cameo on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island or compete on Total Drama All-Stars. She is not scheduled to return any time soon.
2 ♂ "Brady" Dan Petronijevic Inactive Beth's boyfriend
Brady is Beth's boyfriend. He was supposedly a made-up person by Beth to make her seem cool, but at the end of the final episode, he is seen in both endings followed by Heather saying "Not only is he real. He's really handsome" and Justin saying "Is it not bad enough that this show made me into a goblin? Now I got his 'gorgeousity' making me come off as even more hideous, great." in the original version and "Now I wish I didn't vote for her [Beth]." in the alternate ending. He only had one line on the original ending which was "Oh, was I supposed to bring a prize?"
3 ♂ "Josh" Dwayne Hill Inactive Celebrity Manhunt host
Josh is the host of the entertainment news show, Celebrity Manhunt. He has only appeared in the season 2 special where he and co-host, Blaineley, talked all about news, updates, and gossip from the Total Drama cast after Total Drama Action had ended.

Introduced in Total Drama World Tour

  • Note: Although these characters were first seen in the special episode of Total Drama Action, their main role did not begin until Total Drama World Tour.
# Name Voice Actor Rank
1 ♂ "Alejandro" Marco Grazzini (TDWT)
Alex House (TDAS)
Inactive Inactive 1st Inactive 6th Inactive
Alejandro Burromuerto, labeled The Arch Villain, is a Spanish immigrant and one of two new contestants in Total Drama World Tour, where he's the main antagonist as well as the official winner. He is ruthless in the competition, and describes the other contestants as expendable. He spends the majority of the season manipulating various other contestants and getting them eliminated. He hates being called "Al" because his older brother, Jose, called him that when he used to lose to him. He is shown to have a crush on Heather, to which she uses to take advantage of him in the finals and ultimately defeats him, even though he still wins. He causes the eliminations of several contestants, which are Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Blaineley, Courtney, Duncan, and Cody. This means that he won in Total Drama World Tour despite Heather's actions to stop him by pushing him off the volcano. However, in the original Teletoon ending, Alejandro won the season when Heather accidentally threw his sacrifice into the volcano, giving him the win. Unfortunately, the pineapples thrown into the volcano cause the volcano to explode, and the magma covers Alejandro but doesn't kill him. He is shown being put in a robot because of his physical deformities and he screams in agony after he heard the horrible news about his money having burned up, thanks to Ezekiel jumping into the volcano with the briefcase. The scene where he is being put into a robot is an homage to Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith. He is one of the 15 original campers who does not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, although he is seen in Episode 1 still wearing the robot suit. Alejandro returns to compete again in Total Drama: All Stars, where he is still wearing the robot suit in the first episode, and placed onto the Villainous Vultures. The robot is there to help Chris, but then the robot later explodes, releasing Alejandro to be free. However, since Alejandro has been trapped inside that robot for one year, he can no longer walk. It is later revealed that Alejandro can walk, but he is just faking it so Heather can still have feelings for him.
2 ♀ "Sierra" Annick Obonsawin Inactive Inactive 4th Inactive 9th Inactive
Sierra, labeled The Obsessive Uber-Fan, is a brand new contestant appearing on Total Drama World Tour. She is Total Drama's self-proclaimed biggest fan, proudly owning 16 Total Drama fan sites – one each for each of the Total Drama Action contestants, and one for her favourite contestant of all, Cody. She has an encyclopedic knowledge about every other contestants' mannerisms as well as those of Chris and Chef (to the point that some see her as a stalker, though it is revealed that she gets her knowledge directly from the contestants, Izzy in particular, herself), and brings it with her when she is among the people who qualify for Total Drama World Tour, the third season of the show.

She finishes the first challenge as the final member of what she would later name as Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot, leaving her challenge companions Cody and Heather to form what would be later known as Team Amazon. Desperate to be with her new crush, Cody, she switches places with Izzy, taking her place in Team Amazon. However, Cody's rejections (even resulting in an attempt to vote her off) due to Cody's attraction for teammate Gwen causes her to become unglued, and Cody is forced to calm her down on many occasions. Her obsession with Cody would go on many adventures, though Cody eventually warms up to her on a more platonic level. The two would make the final four together, but while winning the challenge ensuring her place in the final three, Sierra accidentally places firecrackers instead of candles in a cake to celebrate Cody's birthday; the ensuing explosion would destroy the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. A furious Chris decides to eliminate her out of spite. Even though she was eliminated, she still appeared in the next episode, because as she blew up the plane, the remaining contestants had to find their way to Hawaii on their own. Sierra still showed her love for Cody by letting him use her wheelchair (she offered to stay at the wreckage, but Cody refused that) as the chair for Cody's makeshift hot-air balloon. And, when Cody lost the tie-breaker, he fell into the water and attacked by sharks, which Sierra couldn't bear to see, so she rode into the water and attacked the sharks until they let Cody go.

She is one of the 15 original campers to not have a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, although in Episode 1, she is seen with Cody, and it is shown that her hair is slowly growing back.

Sierra returns to compete again in Total Drama All-Stars and her hair is now longer. However, due to Cody not competing in this season, Sierra is very sad and lonely in this new season. This does not stop her, however from competing well in the challenges, since it is Cody who inspires her to do well in the season. She always screams "For Cody!" while doing something extreme and even has a picture of Cody in her phone. Later on however, Sierra stats to have an attraction with Cameron and thinks that Cameron is the new Cody. That attraction later on leads to Sierra becoming insane, causing the other team to vote her off in Episode 7.

Introduced in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

An entire new cast was introduced in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island who later joined with the original cast in Total Drama All-Stars.

# Name Voice Actor Rank
1 ♀ "Anne Maria" Athena Karkanis[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 8th Inactive Inactive
Anne Maria, labeled The Jersey Shore Reject, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She is loud and showy, and appears to be a parody of Snooki from the MTV series, Jersey Shore. She is obsessed with her appearance, constantly tending her hair and refusing to compete when her nails are in danger. She is placed on the Radioactive Rats and in the first few episodes she just goes along with the challenges and helps out her teammates. However, when Mike introduces his new Vito personality, that is when Anne Maria starts to get in a conflict. Both Anne Maria and Vito then start a fake relationship with each other which causes Zoey to get mad with them. This conflict goes on for a few more episodes until Vito is controlled and attempts to get back with Zoey. Later on, Anne Maria goes into a cave and finds Ezekiel who falls in love with Anne Maria. This causes Ezekiel to give her many presents, including a huge diamond which causes Anne Maria to get very happy. Anne Maria then quits the show since she is rich now, before she then realizes that the diamond was fake and that she has been fooled by Ezekiel. Anne Maria returns again for the season finale, but nothing notable is done from her again.
2 ♂ "B" N/A Inactive Inactive Inactive 12th Inactive Inactive
Beverly ("Silent" B), labeled The Strong, Silent Genius, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He is very strong and smart, but is the first contestant ever on Total Drama that does not speak at all, therefore lacking the need for his voice actor. B is introduced into the season and is placed onto the Radioactive Rats. In the first challenge, he is very helpful since it's his smart way of thinking that helps out his team. This causes Scott to think B as a threat so Scott sets up a plan so B can be eliminated early. Later on, B continues to help out his team during the challenges in the next two episodes, but then Scott sabotages him and makes B's helpful plans useless so his team can lose. Scott then convinces the other teammates to vote B off, mostly by spreading lies and that B not being able to speak for himself. This ultimately leads to B's elimination. B attempts to speak before leaving the island, but is catapulted off before he can start, although his screams can be heard.
3 ♂ "Brick" Jon Cor[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 9th Inactive Inactive
Brick McArthur, labeled The Cadet, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He is one the five main protagonists of the season and he is a respectful military cadet and comes from the Armed Forces. Once Brick is introduced, he quickly shows his cadet background and salutes as he is introduced by Chris. Brick is placed onto the Mutated Maggots team and starts to perform in the challenges like if it was training. However, even though Brick sees himself as very patriotic, he is rather very clumsy and fails to do anything right. Brick is mostly smashing and crashing onto obstacles in the challenge and at some point he accidentally break his arm. Brick then sets up a rivalry with Jo since they both think that they are better than each other so they always race against each other to see who is the strongest and fastest. Later on, Brick and Jo are placed onto the same team since they always like to compete with each other. Meanwhile, Brick's clumsiness continues on for several more episodes until Brick causes his team to lose the challenge. This leads to Brick's elimination, but he salutes before he is thrown of the island by Chris. Brick is a parody of Sarge from Toy Story and Skipper from Madagascar.
4 ♂ "Cameron" Kevin Duhaney[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 1st 7th Inactive
Cameron Wilkins, labeled The Wide-Eyed Bubble Boy, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He is the main "geek" of the show just how Harold was before, and the one of the five main protagonists in the season. His general appearance and voice resembles that of Steve Urkel from Family Matters and Steve Smith from American Dad!. Cameron is placed onto the Mutated Maggots, but since he is smaller than the rest of the contestants he is very weak and slow. Despite this, Cameron always finds out a way to perform well during the challenges, which keeps him under the radar from Scott's evil manipulations. Since Scott never finds Cameron as a threat to the season, Cameron easily makes it past the merge and even continues to get better and more athletic over time. Later on, Scott and all the other people are eliminated and only Cameron, Zoey and Lightning remain. Lightning then chooses who gets to be eliminated next but since Cameron is not very strong, he is not considered as a threat to Lightning, so they both make it into the finals. Lightning and Cameron then fight against each other in an all-out arena battle and Lightning easily thinks that he can win since he is the strongest. However, Cameron is very smart so he builds himself a mechanical Iron Man suit and uses it for him to get very strong, even stronger than Lighting. They both then fight each other while the rest of the contestants cheer them off. Cameron's suit then runs out of power, but he then uses the suit's magnetic field to pull Lightning into a pile of radioactive waste, making Lightning lose. Cameron then wins the challenge and the whole season and is given the million dollars by Chris. He then says that he is going to share the money with everyone, making everyone happy.

Cameron returns again for Total Drama All-Stars and is placed into the Heroic Hamsters. However, Cameron is being confused by teammate, Sierra as being "the new Cody". He then later gets really annoyed by this, so he volunteers to be exiled to Boney Island so he can stay away from Sierra. However, this plan does not work so Cameron then volunteers to be eliminated, but then Chris rejects his resignation, so Cameron is instead placed into the Villainous Vultures.

5 ♀ "Dakota" Carleigh Beverly[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 7th Inactive Inactive
Dakota Milton, labeled The Famemonger, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She is a girl who is hungry for fame and appears to be a parody of Paris Hilton. She does anything she can to get famous, but normally fails since Chris always stops her from any attempt to do so. Dakota is placed onto the Radioactive Rats and then competes for two episodes, but all she does it text on her phone and call the paparazzi to take pictures of her. Later on, she starts a relationship with Sam since the both like technology and always use it at the island. However, Dakota is then eliminated by Chris and is forced to leave the island, but Dakota then rejects Chris' command and bribes Chris so Dakota can stay in the show as an intern. Chris accepts Dakota's deal so for the next few episodes Dakota works for Chris as an intern, but in return still gets screentime in the show and can still be with Sam. Later on, Chris says that Dakota can return to compete so she is placed onto the Mutated Maggots and starts a friendship with Zoey. Suddenly Chris forces Dakota to go inside into a radioactive mine which causes Dakota to be mutated into an giant orange monster! Everyone is then haunted by the monster which then call her Dakotazoid. Despite Dakota's awful appearance, Sam still continues to like her and their relationship continues on until Dakota's second elimination. Although Dakota doesn't compete in Total Drama All-Stars, she is still mentioned by her boyfriend, Sam many times, who also pulls out a picture of the two of them together.
6 ♀ "Dawn" Caitlynne Medrek[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 11th Inactive Inactive
Dawn, labeled The Moonchild (which producer Todd Kauffman describes as "a nice way of saying 'weirdo'"), is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She is a vegan, hippie, and environmentalist, often seen meditating. Dawn also has supernatural powers, being able to read people's auras and minds, as well as communicate with animals, which she seems to have a special bond with. Despite her weak appearance and soft voice, Dawn is still a very great competitor during the challenges. After Dawn figures out Scott sabotaged a challenge, she declares him a traitor and vows to expose him. However, Scott overheard her in the confessional, and orchestrates her elimination by accusing her of stealing items from the campers.
7 ♀ "Jo" Laurie Elliott[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 5th 12th Inactive
Jo, labeled The Take-No-Prisoners Jock-ette, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She is an athletic female who is very tough and similar to Eva and is a parody of Sue Sylvester from Glee. Jo is placed onto the Mutated Maggots where she instantly starts a rival with Lightning. Both Jo an Lightning compete against each other personally several times throughout the challenges, where Jo is seen to be the strongest in her team. This causes Lightning to think that Jo is "a dude", since her actions are always very masculine. Later on, Jo and Brick switch teams so Jo and Lightning are now on the same team. After the merge, Jo continues to be a strong member which causes her to be on the Final 5. However, Jo then eliminated, since Jo is seen as a threat.

Jo returns again for Total Drama All-Stars and is placed onto the Villainous Vultures, but this time she starts to become friends with Heather and Duncan. Lighting still has the same feelings for Jo, but his early elimination stops their relationship from evolving any fuhrer. Jo then fights on for another episode, but her failing in the challenge causes her team to eliminate her in the third episode.

8 ♂ "Lightning" Tyrone Savage[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 2nd 13th Inactive
Lightning, labeled The Athletic Overachiever, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Like B and Cameron, he is African-Canadian and is a minor antagonist (the main one after Scott's elimination). He is an athletic over-achiever, which means he always does more than what is asked. He also tends to speak in third person, as in saying "Lightning never gives up!", and has a habit of using "Sha-" in most words. Lightning is placed onto the Radioactive Rats and starts the season by saying that he never loses and that he will do anything to win. Lightning's endurance makes his team win the first challenge, but his annoyance and his's team failures makes him team have a losing streak over the new few episodes. This causes Lightning to call his team "Team Losers" and begs so he can switch teams. Lightning also begins to have a rival with Jo, since Jo is the only female member that is too hard for Lighting to beat. This causes Lightning to think that Jo is a guy. Later on the teams merge and Lightning continues to only play for himself. This method seems to work since Lightning then makes it to the Final 3 and even gets to choose who gets to compete with him in the finale. That means that Lightning and Cameron makes it to the season finale, but they both have to battle each other in an arena, to see who will get the million dollars. The fighting then starts and Lighting thinks that it will be an easy challenge since Cameron is weaker than him and that Lightning has never lost before. However, this is proven to be false since Cameron is very smart and finds a way to defeat Lightning with his advanced armour suit. Lightning then gets defeated by Cameron and loses for the first time ever (note that Lightning wins in the USA meaning that he has never lost yet).

Lightning returns again for Total Drama All-Stars with white hair and is placed on the Villainous Vultures. However, even though he lost in the last season, he continues to state that he is a winner. This proves to be right since his team wins the first challenge. Lightning then continues his friendship with Jo, and also is obsessed with his muscles, stating that he is more attractive than Alejandro. Since, Lightning's team won, he is sent fore exile of Boney island to look for an invincibility statue. He fails to find the statue and when he comes back to the island on the next episode, he fails to do things right so he is eliminated by his team. This marks the first time ever that Lightning loses in the United States.

9 ♂ "Mike" Cory Doran[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 6th TBA Inactive
Mike, labeled The Multiple Personality, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and the one of the five main protagonists and one of the most popular characters of the new cast. Mike first appears in the episode "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!". His most prominent characteristic is his multiple personality disorder, where he has four different personalities, which are a tough guy named Vito with a thick Brooklyn accent (triggered when he loses his shirt), a Russian gymnast named Svetlana (triggered when he needs to be athletic), an Australian explorer named Manitoba Smith (triggered when he wears a fedora hat), and an old man named Chester (triggered when he is frustrated), each of them using a different voice (although by the same voice actor). Each time he hears Zoey's cries for help, he snaps out of his other personalities. Early in the series, he writes his personalities off as characters when he is method acting. He is desperate to keep his condition a secret, even from Zoey, who he has a crush on. His personalities become a problem when one of them (Vito) develops a relationship with Anne Maria, which obviously hurts Zoey's feelings. He spends the next few episodes trying to win Zoey back. In Episode 9, Scott blackmailed him with the knowledge of his condition so that he had to help Scott win the challenge and look dumb in front of Zoey. When he is knocked unconscious by Scott, he encounters his separate personalities in his mind. Then he hears Zoey trying to wake him up, and realized he was going to lose her because of his condition. He "lost it" and finally defeated his personalities. As soon as he was temporarily cured from his personality disorder and finally reconciled with Zoey, he was then voted off by Scott. This caused Zoey to get revenge on Scott in the next couple of episodes, and as soon as Mike returns in the finale, Zoey and Mike finally get back together.

Mike competed on the Heroic Hampsters team in Total Drama All Stars. During episode 2 thanks to Scott's clumsiness another of his personalities, Mal(AKA The Malevolent One), which dominates him and begins to cause havok. Prior to the series, he was incarcated to the same juvenile detention center that Duncan was and was one of the most dangerous inmates at the time. At some point after juvie, Mike was able to take control of Mal, and he was sealed within his subconscious. He serves as the main antagonist of Total Drama All-Stars. In the episode No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Mal breaks Duncan's knife and admits he wants Zoey gone. After the challenge, Mike tries to seal away Mal by dropping a rock on his head. This, in turn, has the opposite effect, sealing away Mike in his mind, where he finds himself chained to a boulder and leaving Mal to be able to roam freely while masquerading as Mike. He spends the next few episodes getting himself free, and then traveling through his head to free Chester, Svetlana, Vito, and Manitoba. He and his alternate personalities then head for a mystical watchtower that can take them out of Mike's head.

10 ♂ "Sam" Brian Froud[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 10th 11th Inactive
Sam, labeled The Nice-Guy Gamer, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He is a gamer addict since he always loves to play video games. Shown on a promotional image, he is seen playing on what appears to be a Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP. Sam is introduced and is placed onto the Mutated Maggots. He is voiced by the same voice actor as Harold, meaning that Sam is the only character in the show to have a cross-generation voice actor. In the first few episodes, Sam is always seen playing in his Game Boy even during the challenges. Meanwhile, Dakota is another character who is always seen with an electronic device, and when both Sam and Dakota meet, they start a small relationship with each other. This relationship goes on until Dakota's elimination, where Dakota is then forced out of Sam's view for most of the time. Later on, Sam's video gaming becomes less apparent as Sam is now more active in the challenges. Despite Dakota not being in the game, Sam always tries to continue being with her as much as possible. However, Dakota finally is allowed to return into the game, so the couple is now official again. Then Dakota is mutated into a giant orange monster, but Sam still doesn't seem to mind, so they are both seen together as the weirdest couple in the series. In the final episode before Sam's elimination, Sam uses his video gaming skills to help out in the challenge, despite Sam's team losing and causing his elimination.

Sam returns again for Total Drama All-Stars and is placed into the Heroic Hamster. In this season, Sam is not very active since his body fluids are drained out by a giant mosquito in the first episode, making him very weak. Later on, he is exiled to Boney Island and is mauled by a pack of bears, making him weaker. So far, Sam is still happy even though Dakota is not there with him and he continues to play with his Game Boy device, until it is destroyed by Manitoba Smith. He originally won the fourth challenge for his team, but it turns out that Sam cheated by stuffing the remaining pieces of pancakes into his pocket, causing his team to forfeit, and he was later voted off as a result.

11 ♂ "Scott" James Wallis[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 4th 3rd Inactive
Scott, labeled The Devious, is a camper and is one of the three main antagonists in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He is part of the Toxic Rats, but he only cares for himself, since all he wants to do is make his team lose so he can manipulate his teammates so they can eliminate each other long before Scott. This plan works properly, as B, Dawn, and Mike are all eliminated unfairly due to Scott's evil plans. However, only Mike and Sam seem to notice that Scott is the evil guy, even though Dawn tries to tell everyone before her elimination. Scott also becomes enemies with a giant mutated shark named Fang. This is caused when he accidentally steals Fang's tooth, and their rivalry goes on for the rest of the season. Scott goes on well into the merge, where his team doesn't matter anymore. He then gets the Chris Head of Invincibility and uses it to eliminate Dakota out of the game for her second time. He later uses Mike to win a challenge and, after earning the sole power to eliminate a fellow contestant, chooses to eliminate him. This cause Zoey to get really mad at Scott for eliminating Mike, so she then uses the next few episodes to get her revenge on Scott. This plan succeeds, as Scott is finally eliminated and is thrown away with Fang. Fang then gets his revenge on Scott for stealing his tooth, and severely injures Scott. Scott is then placed into a robot suit for the rest of the season, where he can neither speak nor move.

Scott returns again for Total Drama All-Stars where he is placed in the Villainous Vultures. Scott is now fully recovered after being taken out of the robot suit. However, since Scott has learned his lesson, he no longer is mean (even though he still tries, but fails), but instead rather funny in this season. When Courtney joined his team, he instantly became attracted to her, and as of episode five, the feeling is mutual. The two continued to grow closer throughout the season until they finally kissed (though by accident) in episode nine. However, this relationship was destroyed in episode eleven when he found out that Courtney didn't really feel that way about him and was only manipulating him, as Mike (as his evil personality, Mal) exposed her pecking order chart, which depicted Scott as a rat, as which Courtney truly saw him. While Scott was still a little hopeful that something could happen between himself and Courtney down the road, he had little reaction to her eventual elimination in that same episode. Scott fought on for one more episode, but after getting beaten up by Fang while trying to get a diamond from him, he was chosen by Zoey for elimination in episode twelve, right before the finals.

12 ♀ "Staci" Ashley Peters[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 13th Inactive Inactive
Staci, labeled The Compulsive Liar, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, where she was assigned to the Toxic Rats. In "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!", Staci is introduced on a yacht with all the other contestants, talking to Anne Maria about how her ancestors created spray tan. However, Anne Maria gets annoyed by her chatter and sprays Staci in the face with her spray tan, causing Staci to fall to the deck, coughing. Later on, the boat is blown up and the contestants all land in the water. Staci has trouble swimming and Mike attempts to save her, but almost drowns due to her weight pulling him down. Zoey manages to save both of them. She talks about one of her ancestors creating swimming and mimics what the people before that used to do in the water. However, once the cast reaches the beach, her ramblings were ignored by Mike and Zoey. Staci is later placed on the Toxic Rats team. When her team loses the first challenge, she brags about more of her ancestors, thoroughly annoying her entire team. At the Campfire Ceremony, Staci is voted off, presumably in a unanimous vote, and is the first to receive the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom. Upon the marshmallow landing in her hand, she loses all of her hair in an instant. Consequently, she is the first person placed in the Hurl of Shame, and she starts rambling about how one of her ancestors invented catapults, only for her to be launched as she was talking. Staci did not appear throughout the season until the finale, Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown. She is seen with the rest of the eliminated contestants, sitting next to the original Toxic Rats members. When the mutant animals attack the cast, she is seen in the mouth of Larry, talking about one of her relatives. Cameron manages to save her by attacking Larry's weak spot. Later, Staci and the other contestants left the island after Cameron won. She is last seen laughing at Chris after he fell into the lake and was arrested by the RCMP.
13 ♀ "Zoey" Barbara Mamabolo[5] Inactive Inactive Inactive 3rd TBA Inactive
Zoey, labeled The Indie Chick, is a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and one of the five main protagonists. She is a fun-loving red-head who wears a flower in her hair. Her design is similar to ex-contestant Heather; however, unlike Heather, Zoey gets along with everyone. Her favourite music is The Bertles, her favourite colours are red and blue, her favourite movie is Total Warriors 2 and her favourite food is fruit, especially oranges. She used to tutor kids at her school and love the fact that they could understand everything. She wants to be a teacher or a researcher when she grows up. She seems to like Mike, as seen on the trailer as both her and Mike are frequently together. In "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!", Zoey quickly begins bonding with Mike on the yacht as they are arriving on the island. Zoey saves Mike and Staci as they are swimming to the island after Chris caused an explosion that blew up their ship. Dawn reads her aura, and reveals she is an only child who had a lonely childhood. She is seen in the confessional stating that she is worried that she will not make any friends since she has none. After running through the woods, she is placed on the Mutant Maggots. During the challenge, Zoey seems to be a bit worried about Mike when he shifts into his "old man" personality, not knowing about his disorder. She merely takes it for a bad comedy routine. She runs away from the lightning squirrel along with the rest of her team. She nearly falls off the totem pole while it is sliding down the hill, but she calls out to Mike and he saves her. Although she and her team reach the cabins last they win immunity since the Toxic Rats' cabin was destroyed by their totem pole. She is last seen carrying Mike to their team's cabin. In Truth or Laser Shark, Zoey is first seen talking with Anne Maria, wondering where she puts her hair dryer. Zoey is amazed when she notices that Anne Maria puts it in her hair. At the challenge, Zoey thanks Brick for taking one for the team by revealing a secret of his. After the two teams tie, Zoey talks about action movies with Mike. She also owns a pet hamster named Miss Puffycheeks. She is also depicted sometimes to be overly angry, exaggerating, and aggressive to other contestants and animals, especially Scott, especially after Mike's elimination, or when she, her teammates, or anyone else is in danger, or not doing so will cause her to lose the challenge, either for herself or her own teammates. When Zoey was in the final 4, she went though a mental breakdown after bein pushed by Chef and turned into a tough and evil survivor, far stronger than Jo, called "Commando Zoey". She soon came back to her old self afterwards and soon got hurled by Lightning in the end. Zoey is on the Heroic Hampsters in Total Drama All Stars. Her relationship with Mike is still going strong however she soon notices his other personality The Manevolent One and becomes suspicious.

Introduced in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

The sixth season of the Total Drama franchise will consist of an entire new cast of fourteen contestants.[2][6] This will be the second time in the series where an entire new cast will replace any previous existing casts.

# Name Voice Actor Rank
1 ♀ "Amy" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Amy, along with Samie, are twin sisters.
2 ♂ "Beardo" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
He is a large dude with a huge beard that covers up most of his face. He is a shy guy that makes sound affects whenever he is with people.
3 ♂ "Dave" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Dave is a hypocritical pessimist who complains a lot.
4 ♀ "Ella" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Ella is a wanna-be girl who likes to sing and is sometimes seen with animals.
5 ♀ "Jasmine" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Jasmine, or "Jade" (as called by herself) is the new seasons "Izzy", and she is in a relationship with Topher.
6 ♂ "Leonardo" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Leonardo is the teen with the fake beard who thinks he's a wizard.
7 ♂ "Max" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Max is an evil genius who acts like a child.
8 ♂ "Rodney" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
He is a boy that looks like Noah and Ezekiel.
9 ♀ "Samey" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Samey, along with Amy, are twin sisters.
10 ♀ "Scarlet" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Scarlet's prototype name was originally Agnes, but it was changed due to her being leaked.
11 ♂ "Shawn" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Shawn's prototype name was Avanah, but it was changed due to being leaked. He is this seasons "nerd", and he has a crush on Scarlet.
12 ♀ "Sky" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Sky is seen to be Dave's new girlfriend, as seen in Episode 1.
13 ♀ "Sugar" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
She is a girl with a lot of hair and looks like Leshawna.
14 ♂ "Topher" TBA Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive TBA
Topher is Chris's huge fan. His prototype name was Smith, but was changed due to being leaked. He was also supposed to be in a relationship with Scarlet, till he cheated on her with Jasmine, starting a relationship with her.

Source for list:[4]

Crew members

  • Note: Even though both of these characters were introduced in the first episode of Total Drama Island, both of their roles serve as the main hosts of the entire series, making them appear in every episode.

Chris McLean

Chris McLean (Christian Potenza) is the narcissistic host of the Total Drama series and a parody of Survivor host Jeff Probst, originally hailing from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. According to the contestants, he has had a career in hosting reality television and nearly all of the budget allotted to Total Drama Island and its successors are allocated to his pay, though he states that he takes on many other crew responsibilities (including writer and executive producer); as a result, the show employs many unpaid interns (most of which he claims are seriously injured or killed during production). Sadistic at heart, he cares very little for the contestants' safety or well-being, except when his own livelihood is at stake; in return, the contestants continue to dislike Chris, staying on with the competition only for the prize money. Appearing cheerful and assertive throughout the show, Chris's personality is often ruthless, narcissistic and self-centered. Since he is mostly protective of his high-society lifestyle, most (or maybe all) of the competitors on the show end up hating him. However, in the ending of the last episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, he has been placed under arrest by the RCMP for hosting a show in a toxic nuclear waste dump and sentenced to decontamination.

Chef Hatchet

Chef Hatchet (Clé Bennett) is the show's only other major crew member. He is a tall, loud, tough, and intimidating African Canadian, who was previously employed in prisons and the military (although some contestants doubt he actually ever fought in a war). Despite the name, he appears to be inept at cooking by serving horrible food to the contestants while they remain in the game, though as revealed later on, this is done intentionally to torture the contestants, as it has been shown that he is actually a good cook. He also assists Chris in organizing the challenges (and torturing the contestants in general), including donning various costumes as the main obstacle to the challenges and the contestants abilities. Some of these challenges include; dumping the final 4 contestants into the woods and forcing them to complete military style tasks. Chef Hatchet has shown to be sneaky and greedy; for example, the early part of Total Drama Action had Chef illegally assisting DJ in order to convince him to split the winnings with him should he win the competition. Another example was in Total Drama World Tour when he gave Blaineley tasty meals while the other contestants had to eat worms and insects. In these instances, Chris usually finds out and forces Chef Hatchet to undergo severe punishments.

Other characters

Other characters have appeared briefly to interact with the main cast. These include Chris's unnamed interns, who test challenges before use and serve as Chris's personal assistants; contestants' family members appearing in video messages and calls; special guests from the aftermath episodes of Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour; and a variety of animals, from pets to challenge obstacles.

Character type Name Role
Interns Across the entire series, the interns help out Chris with the competition by testing out the challenges before the main competitors use them, and they are also used as Chris' personal assistants and servants who do the maintenance work that Chris doesn't want to do.
Family members Various other friends and family members are often mentioned in passing by the contestants. The final five in Total Drama Island received video messages from home sent by their family members (and a friend in Leshawna's case), who appeared in the tapes.
In the finale of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, both Cameron and Lightning talked to their parents via video chat.
Cameron's mother She was mentioned in Cameron's audition tape that she is very protective of him. She is later seen in a video call from home in "Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown", where she tells him he has to win to fuel the air for his bubble. She calls her son "Cammy Bear". In terms of appearance, she greatly resembles her son.
DJ's mother
Clé Bennett
She appeared to be DJ's conscience in the episode "The Sand Witch Project", and she appeared to be mad at him in DJ's hallucination. She revealed that DJ's real name is Devon-Joseph. DJ's Mother also appears in "The Aftermath II", where she throws vegetables at Geoff for not showing DJ's other video (which shows that Chef was the one who told him to say that he did not feel guilty at all making an illegal alliance with Chef). She also appears to be afraid because of the "Truth or Anvil" segment (which involves an anvil falling on DJ if he told a lie). She briefly had a cooking show with her son, and a tour bus used by the contestants in the events that lead up to Total Drama World Tour.
Jerd McLean He is Chris' cousin and has a thick Newfoundland accent that is very difficult to understand, with Chris being the only character to fully comprehend him. Alejandro is also able to partially understand him, but had difficulty figuring out what Jerd was saying. He appears in "Newf Kids on the Rock" and plays a role in the challenge when the contestants have to translate a sentence he dictated. Jerd apparently dislikes Noah stating that he is "as smart as a bag of rocks." Each time Jerd speaks, music from Sea Shanty Mix is played.
José Alejandro mentions him in "Hawaiian Punch", saying it would be an embarrassment to lose to Cody. He states "My brother José will be compiling his insults already." Alejandro strongly dislikes his brother and is always teased or bullied by him. He says that "José always wins" and that José calls Alejandro "Al" because he knows that he hates it, revealing why he is angered every time someone calls him "Al." José also may be the reason why Alejandro is cold-hearted and antagonistic, due to José winning more than Alejandro and ridicules him for it.
Novie Edwards
She is Leshawna's favourite cousin who accompanied her in the second season and she only appears in two episodes of Total Drama Action. It was first seen in episode eight, with Leshawna who accompanies on his trip to the spa as a reward challenge, Leshawna asked why she was crying, saying she pretended everything to win the reward. Leshaniqua made a confessional aprición in being the first of a family member of the contestants to use the confessional, she was also seen in episode fifteen in a video on Courtney's PDA, Beth was using Courtney's PDA looking for through it and see a video telling Leshaniqua that Leshawna defects on all your friends and Heather while in the limo.
Lightning's father Seen in a video call from home in "Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown", though his face is not shown. He does not appear to be very affectionate, never even turning to look at his son in the video call.
Owen's mother
Lauren Lipson
Owen's mother tells Owen that she spent fifty thousand dollars on a giant cheese cellar, which excites Owen and makes him want to come home, even though their family is broke from this expense. She eventually tells Owen to come home because his family misses him. She resembles Sadie despite her blond hair, and is even voiced by the same voice actor.
Special guests There are also special guests who appeared in the aftermath episodes of Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour. Ginger
Sarah Gadon
Ginger is Trent's obsessed fan from Sudbury, Ontario. She told Trent that she would've loved it if he "went psycho-crazy" over her, referring to Gwen’s dislike of his strange behavior. He looked a bit uncomfortable, whether it was about the subject of him going crazy, or because of Ginger's overly strong crush on him. She resembles Beth to an extent, and is even voiced by Sarah Gadon.
Adam Reid
Gordon is a furious young man from London, Ontario, who wants to be a chef. He has anger management issues, and frequently swears. He attempts to figure out what the secret ingredient is in DJ's food. He seems to be a parody of the world-renowned British chef, Gordon Ramsay, who is famous for his constant swearing at contestants on shows such as Hell's Kitchen, and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon is voiced by Adam Reid.
Kesley Kelsey from Kamloops, British Columbia, is another Trent fan, a bit more obsessed than the last one, Ginger, and possibly proves herself to be somewhat unsound. Her voice actor is unknown as of yet. She has a stuffed doll of Trent that she kissed in the video nine times. Trent is terrified of her, due to her obsessiveness.
Harvey Harvey, from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, asks Leshawna if she is in a relationship with Harold, to which she replies that they are just friends. Throughout the interview, Harvey hints that he has a crush on Leshawna, too. Harvey is somewhat similar to Harold in terms of personality, but has many physical differences like braces, a different pair of glasses, and a different hair color.
Willy Willy, from Wiarton, Ontario, apparently Bridgette’s "biggest" fan, goes on the webcam, at Bridgette’s request. Willy, resembling Harvey from a previous aftermath, tells Bridgette that he doesn’t want to be too obvious and ask Bridgette about footwear or catching waves. Willy then states that there’s something he really wants to know about Bridgette, takes out a pole, and asks her if she would kiss it. This upsets Bridgette and causes her to snap.
Non-human There are also many notable non-human characters in the series that serve as obstacles in the challenges while other characters serve as pets owned by some contestants. Bears There are many bears that have appeared in the series, but the most notable one is the brown bear that has appeared many times throughout the season, mostly scaring the contestants. Izzy has also dressed up as a brown bear as part of a prank. There is also a polar bear that appears in the Yukon and a black bear called Bruno, who is Bridgette's best friend.
Cody Jr. Cody Jr. is a baby condor that hatches out of one of Sierra's condor eggs that she is carrying for the challenge. Sierra then considers Cody Jr. as her and Cody's child because they are "married". However, due to Heather being the first thing Cody Jr. ever saw, it considers Heather to be its mother, much to both Heather and Sierra's annoyance.
Fang / Sharks Throughout the series, sharks have appeared in the water based challenges to scare away the contestants, but on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island one of the sharks was mutated so it can walk on land. That shark is named Fang, and he mostly tried to get revenge on Scott after he stole Fang's tooth. Later on in Total Drama All-Stars, Fang is back and this time he is scaring all of the original contestants too.
Irene Irene was DJ's pet fish that he owned during "Newf Kids on the Rock" and "Jamaica Me Sweat", but then found out that Alejandro was using her to trick him.
Leshawna Jr. Leshawna Jr. was Harold's pet snail in Total Drama Action. Harold first found her upon waking up in after Duncan puts the snail in Harold's blanket as a prank. Harold then feels an attachment to the snail, due to the fact he believes that she looks like Leshawna, and then stores her in a match box for safekeeping. Later on, Leshawna Jr. is eliminated by Chris so it heads out packing. While Leshawna Jr. travels out into nature, Chris says that if Leshawna Jr. will ever make it out of the film lot before the year 2020. That date is only 7 years away, so Leshawna Jr. is almost halfway there.
Mr. Coconut Owen's best friend in Total Drama Island, he was created in "Camp Castaways" by Owen after he has a mental breakdown from being isolated from the other campers. The coconut has a face and fake hair, shaped to look like a human head. However, due to the coconut destroying Owen's sanity, Chris ends up "eliminating" the coconut and chops it in half. The coconut doesn't appear again for a very long time, but in Total Drama All-Stars, Mr. Coconut appears in the season intro inside a submerged treasure chest. It also appears again in the season finale. Christian Potenza says that Mr. Coconut is one of his favorite characters in the show.
Sasquatchanakwa A purple version of Bigfoot who talks and roams many areas of the woods. His name is a play on words of Sasquatch and Wawanakwa. He is known to be one of the most highly feared animals in Camp Wawanakwa. However, Sasquatchanakwa has also appeared in other areas too like on Boney Island, the Aftermath studio, and even inside an airplane.
Scruffy Scruffy was Duncan's pet spider. He is sent to Duncan from home in "2008: A Space Owen", along with the other cast members' packages from home. However, Scruffy is accidentally killed in the same episode by Harold, when he was smashed while Harold was riding The Vomit Comet.
Other All other notable characters who are not family members nor contestants. Emily She was first seen in the episode, "Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special" when Chris and Chef are at the airport in the ending. In Total Drama World Tour, she is the main flight attendant who serves the contestants that are in first-class.
Jasmine Jasmine is Leshawna's friend who "auditioned" for Total Drama Action, but never actually competed in the season. She explains that she has attended McGillis Talent Agency, a drama class, and lives in a rough neighborhood on a peninsula, in which she calls it a "Total Drama Peninsula". She is unique because the other videos show family members, but this shows a best friend, which implies Jasmine is like family to Leshawna. Jasmine is the first family-like figure in Leshawna's life to make an appearance.


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