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Transnistria, also known as Trans-Dniester, Transdniestria, and Pridnestrovie, officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, is a breakaway republic[1][2] within the internationally recognised borders of Moldova with the official status of an autonomous territory. Although only partially recognised, it is claimed in whole by Moldova as its de jure territory,[3] it is de facto independent[4][5][6] and functions like a state.[7] It is organised as a presidential republic, with its own government, parliament, military, police, and postal system. Its authorities have adopted a constitution, flag, a national anthem, and a coat of arms.

Transnistria is located mostly in a strip between the Dniester River and Ukraine. After the dissolution of the USSR, Transnistria declared independence leading to the war with Moldova that started in March 1992 and was concluded by the ceasefire of July 1992. As part of that agreement, a three-party (Russia, Moldova, PMR) Joint Control Commission supervises the security arrangements in the demilitarized zone, comprising 20 localities on both sides of the river. Although the ceasefire has held, the territory's political status remains unresolved, and Transnistria has been de facto independent since that time.

Transnistria is sometimes compared with other post-Soviet frozen conflict zones such as Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia.[8][9] These states all recognise Transnistrian sovereignty.

General reference

Geography of Transnistria

Environment of Transnistria

Regions of Transnistria

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Ecoregions of Transnistria

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Administrative divisions of Transnistria

  • Raions of Transnistria
    • Municipalities of Transnistria
Raions of Transnistria
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Municipalities of Transnistria
Main article: Municipalities of Transnistria
  • Bendery (Бендéры), officially a separate municipality from Transnistria
  • Tiraspol (Тирáсполь)

Demography of Transnistria

Government and politics of Transnistria

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Branches of the government of Transnistria

Executive branch of the government of Transnistria

Legislative branch of the government of Transnistria

Judicial branch of the government of Transnistria

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  • Supreme Court of Transnistria

Foreign relations of Transnistria

International organization membership

Law and order in Transnistria

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Military of Transnistria

  • Command
  • Forces
    • Army of Transnistria
    • Navy of Transnistria
    • Air Force of Transnistria
    • Special forces of Transnistria
  • Military history of Transnistria
  • Military ranks of Transnistria

Local government in Transnistria

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History of Transnistria

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Culture of Transnistria

Art in Transnistria

Economy and infrastructure of Transnistria

Education in Transnistria

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