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Ministry of Power (United Kingdom)

Ministry of Power
Department overview
Formed 11 June 1942
Preceding agencies
Dissolved 6 October 1969
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction United Kingdom

The Ministry of Power was a United Kingdom government ministry dealing with issues concerning energy.

The Ministry of Power (then named Ministry of Fuel and Power) was created on 11 June 1942 from functions separated from the Board of Trade. It took charge of coal production, allocation of fuel supplies, control of energy prices and petrol rationing. These had previously been dealt with by the Secretary for Mines and in the case of petroleum since 1940 by the Secretary for Petroleum. It also took over responsibility for electricity from the Ministry of War Transport.

The Ministry of Fuel and Power was renamed the Ministry of Power in January 1957. The Ministry of Power later became part of the Ministry of Technology on 6 October 1969, which merged into the Department of Trade and Industry on 20 October 1970. The DTI later became the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory reform.

Those who worked at the Ministry include:


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Ministers of Fuel and Power

Name Portrait Party Took office Left office notes
Gwilym Lloyd-George Liberal 3 June 1942 26 July 1945
Emanuel Shinwell Labour 3 August 1945 7 October 1947
Hugh Gaitskell Labour 7 October 1947 28 February 1950 Office no longer in Cabinet
Philip Noel-Baker Labour 28 February 1950 31 October 1951
Geoffrey Lloyd Conservative 31 October 1951 20 December 1955
Aubrey Jones Conservative 20 December 1955 13 January 1957

Ministers of Power

Name Portrait Party Took office Left office notes
The Lord Mills Conservative 13 January 1957 14 October 1959
Richard Wood Conservative 14 October 1959 20 October 1963 Office not in Cabinet
Frederick Erroll Conservative 20 October 1963 Office back in Cabinet
Fred Lee Labour 18 October 1964 6 April 1966
Richard Marsh Labour 6 April 1966 6 April 1968
Ray Gunter Labour 6 April 1968 1 July 1969
Roy Mason Labour 1 July 1968 6 October 1969 Office abolished: Amalgamated with Ministry of Technology

Parliamentary Secretaries

Name Portrait Party Took office Left office Notes
Geoffrey Lloyd Conservative 3 June 1942 23 May 1945 Jointly
Tom Smith Labour 3 June 1942 23 May 1945 Jointly
Sir Austin Hudson, Bt Conservative 26 May 1945 26 July 1945
William Foster Labour 4 August 1945 10 May 1946
Hugh Gaitskell Labour 10 May 1946 7 October 1947
Alfred Robens Labour 7 October 1947 26 April 1951
Harold Neal Labour 26 April 1951 31 October 1951
Lancelot Joynson-Hicks Conservative 5 November 1951 20 December 1955
David Lockhart-Mure Renton Conservative 20 December 1955
David Renton Conservative 18 January 1957 17 January 1958 To Ministry of Power
Sir Ian Horobin Conservative 17 January 1958 22 October 1959
John George Conservative 22 October 1959 25 June 1962
John Peyton Conservative 25 June 1962 18 October 1964
John Morris Labour 21 October 1964 10 January 1966
Lord Lindgren Labour 10 January 1966 6 April 1966
Jeremy Bray Labour 6 April 1966 7 January 1967
Reginald Freeson Labour 7 January 1967 6 October 1969 Office abolished

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