Postage stamps and postal history of the Solomon Islands

A 1939 two shilling stamp of the British Solomon Islands showing Tinakula Volcano.
A 1956 half penny stamp of the British Solomon Islands.

This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands is a sovereign nation state since 1978, formerly a British protectorate known as the British Solomon Islands. They comprise nearly 1,000 islands and lie to the south-east of Papua New Guinea.

Pre-stamp era

The first mails from the islands are believed to be those sent by the British Resident Commissioner, Charles Woodford, who was appointed in 1896 and established an administrative centre at Tulagi. Letters were sent in a sealed bag to Sydney where New South Wales stamps were affixed. Later, a stock of New South Wales was kept at Tulagi and the stamps were cancelled in Sydney. From April 1906, Woodford used a paid handstamp instead and stamps were again added in Sydney.[1]

First stamps

The first stamps of the Solomon Islands were marked British Solomon Islands Protectorate and were issued on 14 February 1907.[1]

From 1913, stamps were inscribed just British Solomon Islands.[1]


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External links

  • Stamps of the Solomon Islands by Charlie B. Miller.
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