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Title: Pureit  
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Pureit is a range of water purifiers made by Hindustan Unilever currently sold in India, Mexico, Brazil, Sri lanka, Nigeria, Indonesia and Bangladesh, consisting of eight models: Pureit Classic, Pureit Advanced, Pureit Compact, Pureit Classic Autofill, Pureit Intella, Pureit Marvella, Pureit Marvella UV and Pureit Marvella RO.[1] Pureit was first launched in Chennai in 2005.[2] Pureit claims to meet the E.P.A. germ-kill criteria. Pureit Classic removes germs without needing electricity or pressurised tap water. Pureit Classic costs Rs. 2350.


Pureit consists of four parts that purify the water in four stages: a 'microfibre mesh', a 'compact carbon trap', a 'germkill processor' and a 'polisher', as branded by Hindustan Unilever. For the Pureit Marvella model, the microfibre mesh has been rebranded as a 'pleated filter', while the compact carbon trap has been rebranded as an 'activated carbon filter', along with a prefix of 'unique'. The microfibre mesh functions as a sieve, filtering out visible dirt. The carbon trap removes parasites and pesticides. The processor is a tablet consisting of chlorine. This stage removes bacteria and viruses. The polisher improves taste and clarity of water and removes the residual form of chlorine from the water. These four parts are collectively branded the germkill kit or the battery.

This battery needs continual replacing, as indicated by a germkill battery indicator visible on the front of the device. Pureit also features an 'auto switch off' mechanism whereby the filter prevents the flow of water following the consumption of the germkill kit. This kit itself comes in various models. The model of the germkill kit determines how much water it can purify before the kit needs replacing. There are currently four germkill kits available, ranging from 2250 litres for Rs. 550 to a 1500 litre kit available for Rs. 450.[3]

The germkill kit is designed to work at 25° C in moderately humid conditions. The volume specified by the germkill battery assumes these conditions. The germkill kit has an expiry date of three years from the date of packaging.


Pureit is available in seven models: Classic, Advanced, Compact, Autofill, Intella, Marvella and Marvella RO.

Pureit Classic is the base model, and the first model introduced. It is available for INR2350. It has a capacity of 9 litres in the top chamber, and another 9 litres in the bottom, transparent chamber.Total volume of this purifier is 18 litres.

Pureit Advanced is almost the same as the Classic model with 23 litre capacity. However, the difference in this model is that it purifies water not once but twice to remove the impurities in the water and is a way sleeker looking model. It retails at INR2800 but some online sites like Flipkart sell it for INR2750.

Pureit Autofill is identical to Pureit Classic, but has the ability to refill itself automatically if connected to a water supply using what is branded as a 'hydrosensor'. Pureit Autofill is available for INR3500.

Pureit Compact is available for INR1400. It has a capacity of 10 litres: 5 in the top chamber, and a further 5 litres in the bottom. These three models are available in a choice of two colours, branded by Hindustan Unilever as burgundy and royal blue.

Pureit Marvella has been branded as 'India's first fully automatic water purifier'.[4] Pureit Marvella is capable of automatically filling itself. Marvella also has an 'Insta-serve' jug: a jug that can be plugged into the purifier, and automatically filled. Pureit Marvella also has a capacity of 4.5 litres. It is available for INR7900.

Pureit Marvella RO - ???

All six Pureit models claim to provide water that meets the germ-kill criteria of E.P.A in regards to bacteria, viruses and pesticides without the use of electricity.


HUL claims Pureit does the following:

  • Meets E.P.A. germ kill criteria.
  • Provides complete protection from waterborne diseases caused by germs.
  • Is 'As Safe As Boiled Water'. This is also Pureit's tag line.

It has been tested by the following institutions:

  • SRL Ranbaxy Clinical Reference Laboratories, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Sundaram Medical Foundation, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • King Institute of Preventive Medicine, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • Indian Public Health Association, Kolkata.
  • Institute of Public Health Engineers, Kolkata.
  • National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Kolkata.
  • Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, Karnataka.
  • National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.
  • Scottish Parasite Diagnostic Laboratory, Glasgow, UK.


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  • Official website of Hindustan Unilever Pureit
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