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Scorcher (rapper)


Scorcher (rapper)

Birth name Tayo Jarrett
Also known as Scorcher, Skywalker
Born (1986-11-28) 28 November 1986 (age 27)
Origin Bush Hill Park, London, England
Genres Grime, British hip hop
Occupations UK Grime MC/Rap Artist
Years active 2005-present

Geffen Records

Blue Colla Music
Associated acts The Movement, Staple House, Cold Blooded, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Bashy, Kano, Mercston

Scorcher (real name Tayo Jarrett) is an English rapper, actor and producer from Enfield, North London.[1]


He began his career in Cold Blooded where he became known for his 'shank' bars, and would regularly attend pirate radio and work his way up through the North London grime circuit. It has been claimed Scorcher had to serve a prison sentence for a short period of time in 2006, for driving offences, and while in jail his mixtape Simply the Best dropped and was greeted with good reviews from the grime scene.

After an incident with fellow Cold Blooded member Cookie, Scorcher left Cold Blooded to concentrate on a new collective known as The Movement, which featured Scorcher alongside Wretch 32, Devlin, Mercston, and Ghetto. At this point he was involved in a momentous clash that saw him and fellow movement members go up against rival grime collective Boy Better Know. Scorcher did 3 dubs directed at Wiley, Jammer and Frisco.

His debut single 'It's My Time' charted on the UK R&B chart at number 38.

Scorcher's first single of 2012 was premieried on MistaJam's 1XTRA show on March 3.[2]

Music career

Concrete Jungle

"Concrete Jungle" is a 2009 debut album by Scorcher released independently. The album is seen as a critical success in electronic music, but a major disappointment to grime fans. The albums has spawned two singles, 'I Know' and 'Lipsin' Ting', neither of which charted. The albums has been widely anticipated by many in the grime scene,[1] but disappointed many in the scene. It features collaborations with the likes of Wiley, J2K, and Wretch 32. The album was inspired by a short freestyle by Scorcher.[2] The 3rd single from the album is 'Dark Knight'.

Geffen Records

He was signed to the major record label, Geffen Records in 2010 but was released from the label in 2011/2012 because his single "It's My Time" didn't sell nor chart as well as expected.


Scorcher also produces beats, and Thunder Power was a release that was made up of entirely his own production. He has produced beats such as 'Way Down The Road', 'Beef with T', 'Igloo Remix', 'Talk of the Ghetto' and others which have been big through the year of 2006. Scorcher won an Official Mixtape Award for best producer in 2009 and Scorcher is also nominated for best Grime mixtape of 2010.Vote for Scorcher at


He has played the major role of Kamale, in the 2011 Channel 4 drama, Top Boy. "Making the transition from music to acting hasn't really been that hard for me, as you get used to performing its just performance in a different setting." He described his character as sinister, and an all-out bad man and is working with other rappers such as Ashley Walters, Kano and other first time actors. He has also played a part in the upcoming movie Offender which is to be released on December 24 on DVD and Blu-ray.




  • 2006: Simply The Best
  • 2006: Tempo Specialists [w/The Movement]
  • 2007: Leader Of The New School
  • 2008: Simply The Best 2
  • 2010: Jungle Book
  • 2011: Audio Wave
  • 2012: Simply The Best 3

Scorcher Guest appearances

Year Song Artists Album
2006 Dealers (Also Featuring Wretch 32 & Ghetts) Devlin Tales Of The Crypt
2006 Used To Be (Also Featuring Ghetto & Mercston) Wretch 32 Learn From My Mixtape
2006 Why's He Tryin' It (Also Featuring Skilla B) Wretch 32 Learn From My Mixtape
2006 Young Sammie (Also Featuring Cell 22 & Heady) Wretch 32 Learn From My Mixtape
2006 Sorry Remix (Also Featuring P. Nero, Frisco, Cell 22 & Calibar) Wretch 32 Learn From My Mixtape
2006 16 Bar Rally (Also Featuring Rage, Esco, Jammer,& God's Gift) Wiley Tunnel Vision Volume 1
2006 Sometimes I... (Also Featuring Frisco) Wiley Tunnel Vision Volume 1
2007 Big Love (Also Featuring Big Narstie) Bashy Chupa Chups Mixtape
2007 The Youts (Also Featuring Bashy) Wretch 32 Teacher's Training Day
2007 They Can't Like Us (Also Featuring Calibar) Wretch 32 Teacher's Training Day
2007 Gully Flossing (Also Featuring Bigz, Danny B, Calibar, Heady, Frisco & Roman) Wretch 32 Teacher's Training Day
2007 Touching Music Wretch 32 Verses 3 And 2 Chapter
2007 Testify Wretch 32 Verses 3 And 2 Chapter
2007 Trying To Prevail Wretch 32 Verses 3 And 2 Chapter
2007 DJ Tribute Wretch 32 Verses 3 And 2 Chapter
2007 Flyboy (Also Featuring Mercston & Tinie Tempah) Wiley Playtime is Over
2007 U & Me (Also Featuring Wretch 32) Ghetto Ghetto Gospel
2007 Biker's Anthem Ghetto Ghetto Gospel
2007 Freestyle S.K.I.T.Z. Beats In The Zone
2008 Hustle Hard (Also Featuring Slix) Lightnin Young and Gifted
2008 5AM Wiley See Clear Now
2008 See Clear Now(Also Featuring Kano) Wiley See Clear Now
2008 Chinese Whispers (Also Featuring Chipmunk) Wretch 32 Wretchrospective
2008 Swaggalicious Wretch 32 Wretchrospective
2008 Be Cool (Remix) (Also Featuring Chipmunk, Sway, Bashy, Wizzy Wow & Tinie Tempah) Wretch 32 For The Fun Of It
2009 Ransom (Also Featuring Wretch 32) Bashy Catch Me If You Can
2009 She Likes To Remix (England Top 10) Wiley The Elusive
2009 Im Not Alone Revolver The Lost Tapes
2009 Dark Knight Target/Danny Weed Aim High: The Revolution
2010 Pass It Over (Remix) (Also Featuring Ghetts, G Frsh, Wretch 32 & Little Dee) Sincere
2011 Good As Gold Talay Riley Sergeant Smash
2011 The City Remix Ed Sheeran +
2013 Golddiggin John Galea Under Attack E.P
2013 Española Chica Lee Muldoon Española Chica


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