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Tax Revolt Party

Tax Revolt Party
Chairman Ed Mangano (chair)
Founded 2009
Headquarters Bethpage, NY
Ideology Classical Conservatism
Political position Fiscal: Right
International affiliation None
Colors Purple and Green
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The Tax Revolt Party (TR) is a minor political party in the United States founded in Nassau County, New York in 2009. It was unrelated to the similarly named Taxpayers Party of New York founded by Carl Paladino in 2010.


Nassau County's Tax Revolt Party began as an attempt by candidate Ed Mangano and the Nassau County Republican Party to provide their candidate with more than just one ballot line. Mangano had only the Republican line while the Democratic, Independence, and Working Families lines went to County Executive Thomas Suozzi and the Conservative Party line went to Robert Bruno.[1]

Ed Mangano, 2009 candidate for Nassau County Executive, is the leader and current chair of the Tax Revolt Party. The Tax Revolt Party is challenging the fiscal policies of incumbent Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi in the 2009 elections.


The Tax Revolt Party benefits from New York's electoral fusion laws that permit a single candidate to receive endorsements from multiple parties. The Tax Revolt Party only endorses Republican Party candidates. In statewide races, the TRP only endorses people from Nassau County.

2009 candidates

In Nassau County, New York, the Tax Revolt Party cross-endorsed Republican Party County Executive candidate Ed Mangano. The Tax Revolt Party is only supporting other Republican Party candidates for county legislator, including Christian Browne, Howard Kopel, Rose Walker, and Joe Belisi. All of the Tax Revolt Party's petitions, other than Mangano's, were invalidated or withdrawn.[2]

2010 candidates

The party made another round of endorsements in 2010. It did not endorse a gubernatorial candidate, which barred the party from becoming one of the qualified New York parties. Bruce Blakeman was the party's nominee for the U.S. Senate seat held by Kirsten Gillibrand. It also made endorsements in three congressional races: Peter T. King in the 3rd district, Francis Becker in the 4th, and Elizabeth Berney in the 5th.

For the New York State Senate, the party endorsed Carl Marcellino in the 5th state senate district, Kemp Hannon in the 6th, Charles Fuschillo in the 8th, and Dean Skelos in the 9th. For races in the New York State Assembly, the party endorsed a slate composed almost entirely of incumbents: Joseph Saladino in the 12th district, Brian F. Curran in the 14th, Michael Montesano in the 15th, David McDonough in the 19th, and Edward Ra in the 21st (the Republican running to replace retiring Republican Thomas Alfano).

2012 candidates

For the 2012 elections, the TRP again endorsed congressional candidates King, Stephen LaBate, and Becker; Marcellino, Hannon, Jack Martins, Fuschillo, and Skelos for the state senate; and McDonough, Montesano, Thomas McKevitt, Ra, David Sussman, Curran, and Sean Wright for the state assembly.

2014 candidates

For the 2014 elections, the TRP again endorsed Marcellino, Hannon, Martins, Skelos and Michael Venditto for state senate and Saladino, McDonough, Montesano, McKevitt, Ra, Curran, Cornelius Todd Smith and Avi Fertig for state assembly. King was the only congressional candidate to run on the TRP line.


The Tax Revolt Party’s primary agenda is to reduce what many residents see as out-of-control taxes in Nassau County. The Tax Revolt Party intends to restore disciplined fiscal management to Nassau County following what they argued was eight years of fiscal mismanagement under former County Executive Thomas Suozzi.[3]

The Tax Revolt Party’s platform includes cutting wasteful spending, freezing and fixing Nassau’s broken tax assessment system, ending the Home Energy Tax, and creating local jobs and opportunities.[4]


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