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Virginia's 19th congressional district

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Title: Virginia's 19th congressional district  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Walter Jones (Virginia politician), John Heath (politician), Virginia's 10th congressional district, Virginia's 4th congressional district, William McCoy (congressman)
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Virginia's 19th congressional district

"VA-19" redirects here. VA-19 may also refer to Virginia State Route 19.

Virginia Congressional District 19 is an obsolete congressional district in Virginia. It was created in 1793 after the 1790 U.S. Census and was eliminated in 1843 after the 1840 U.S. Census. Its last Congressman was George W. Summers.


The Congressional District existed for fifty years. During that time it moved around the Commonwealth, from the east of Virginia to the west (since 1863 in the state of West Virginia). Although all the counties in the district after particular boundary changes have not been confirmed, it is possible to give a general indication of the part of the state involved. This is based on notes in Dubin's book about incomplete returns.

1793-1803: The district included Westmoreland and Northumberland counties in the Northern Neck peninsula of eastern Virginia.

1803-1813: The district number was re-allocated to the south-east of the state, bordering on North Carolina, including Isle of Wight, Southampton, Surry and Sussex counties.

1813-1823: The district moved north-west of its previous incarnation to include Dinwiddie and Nottoway counties.

1823-1833: The district moved west to overlap the post 1863-boundary between Virginia and West Virginia, in what at the time was the middle of the Commonwealth. The territory in the district included Bath County, Virginia and what subsequently became Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

1833-1843: The district extended to the western edge of the pre-1863 Virginia. It included the now West Virginia counties of Cabell, Fayette, Logan and Nicholas.

List of representatives

Representative Lived Party Term Note
District created: March 4, 1793
John Heath (1758–1810) style="background:" | Anti-Administration March 4, 1793 - March 3, 1795
Democratic-Republican March 4, 1795 - March 3, 1797 Declined to run
Walter Jones (1745–1815) Democratic-Republican March 4, 1797 - March 3, 1799 Declined to run
Henry Lee (1756–1818) Federalist March 4, 1799 - March 3, 1801 Declined to run
John Taliaferro (1768–1852) Democratic-Republican March 4, 1801 - March 3, 1803 Declined to run
Edwin Gray (1743-.......) Democratic-Republican March 4, 1803 - March 3, 1813 Declined to run
Peterson Goodwyn (1745–1818) Democratic-Republican March 4, 1813 - February 21, 1818 Died
Vacant February 22, 1818 - April 20, 1818 Special election April 1818
John Pegram (1773–1831) Democratic-Republican April 21, 1818 - March 3, 1819 Declined to run
James Jones (1772–1848) Democratic-Republican March 4, 1819 - March 3, 1823 Declined to run
William McCoy (.......-1864) Crawford Republican March 4, 1823 - March 3, 1825
style="background:" | Jackson Republican March 4, 1825 - March 3, 1829
style="background:" | Jacksonian March 4, 1829 - March 3, 1833 Declined to run
William McComas (1795–1865) style="background:" | Jacksonian March 4, 1833 - March 3, 1835
Anti-Jacksonian March 4, 1835 - March 3, 1837
Andrew Beirne (1771–1845) Democratic March 4, 1837 - March 3, 1841
George W. Summers (1804–1868) Whig March 4, 1841 - March 3, 1843 Elected in VA-14
District eliminated March 4, 1843

Election results

When complete vote totals are not available, incomple vote totals are in brackets. All Virginia general Congressional elections, for Virginia, in the period covered by this article, were held after the start of the legal term of the Congress. The Congressional term started on March 4 in odd numbered years. The Virginia election was usually held in March or April. The House mostly convened for the first time during one of the last three months of the year.

U.S. House election; March 18, 1793: Virginia, District 19
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Anti-Administration John Heath (95) Elected N/A N/A
Walter Jones (137) Defeated N/A N/A
Francis Lee (2) Defeated N/A N/A
Majority N/A N/A N/A
Turnout N/A N/A N/A
  • Note (1793): Returns from Westmoreland County only. Party label for Heath taken from the World Heritage Encyclopedia article on the 3rd Congress, as Dubin gives no party labels for this election.
U.S. House election; March 16, 1795: Virginia, District 19
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic-Republican John Heath Elected unopposed N/A N/A
Majority N/A N/A N/A
Turnout N/A N/A N/A
  • Note (1795): Incomplete data.
U.S. House election; March 20, 1797: Virginia, District 19
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic-Republican Walter Jones (127) Elected N/A N/A
-. Ball (70) Defeated N/A N/A
Majority N/A N/A N/A
Turnout N/A N/A N/A
  • Note (1797): Returns from Westmoreland County only.


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  • Congressional Biographical Directory of the United States 1774–present

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