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Ananda Puraskar

The Ananda Puraskar (Bengali: আনন্দ পুরস্কার Anondo Puroshkar) (literally Ananda Award) is an award for Bengali literature awarded annually by the ABP Group to writers using Bengali, usually from West Bengal, India.


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The award can be traced to a comment by Annada Shankar Ray ruing the absence of literary awards in Bengal. It was started on April 20, 1958 and has been given in the same month since. Initially, there were two awards, in memory of Prafulla Kumar Sarkar and Suresh Chandra Majumdar, the founders of Anandabazar Patrika. Another award was started in 1984 in memory of Ashok Kumar Sarkar to commemorate the golden jubilee of Desh. All three awards were merged in 2000.[1]


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