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Aosta Valley (political coalition)

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Title: Aosta Valley (political coalition)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: European Parliament election, 2009 (Italy), Italy
Collection: Political Party Alliances in Italy
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Aosta Valley (political coalition)

Aosta Valley
Vallée d'Aoste
Leader Ennio Pastoret (UV),
Maurizio Martin (SA),
Leonardo La Torre (FA)
Founded 1983
Ideology Regionalism, Centrism, Christian democracy
Political position Centre
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 630
1 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 73
Regional Council of Aosta Valley
18 / 35
Politics of Aosta Valley
Political parties

Aosta Valley (Vallée d'Aoste, VdA) is a regionalist coalition of parties active in Aosta Valley, Italy.

Vallée d'Aoste or Pour la Vallée d'Aoste are the banners under which the Valdostan Union (UV), the main regionalist party in the region, takes part to Italian general elections, along with its minor allies. Since 1983 the list has won most of the races for both houses of the Italian Parliament (see Parliamentary delegations from Aosta Valley). Typical allies of UV within VdA had been the Popular Democrats (PD) and the Autonomists Democrats Progressives (ADP). Since 2006 the list, which at times took the name Autonomy Progress Federalism Aosta Valley (Vallée d'Aoste Autonomie Progrès Fédéralisme, VdA–APF), has become a stable coalition in regional politics and is composed also by Edelweiss (SA) and the Autonomist Federation (FA).[1]


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Recent history

In the 2006 general election an alternative, centre-left coalition called Autonomy Liberty Democracy (ALD) was formed as Valdostan Renewal (RV), a split from UV, joined forces with the Democrats with the Left (DS) and other minor parties. For the first time in twenty years, VdA–APF was soundly defeated in both races for the Italian Parliament. In the election for the Chamber of Deputies Marco Viérin (SA, VdA–APF) lost 43.4% to 30.7% to Roberto Nicco (DS, ALD),[2] while in the Senate race incumbent senator Augusto Rollandin (UV, VdA–APF) was defeated 44.2% to 32.0% by Carlo Perrin (RV, ALD).[3]

UV, SA and FA presented again the list, simply named Vallée d'Aoste, in the 2008 general election. Antonio Fosson (UV, VdA–APF) defeated incumbent senator Carlo Perrin 41.4% to 37.4%,[4] while Ego Perron (UV, VdA–APF) was narrowly defeated by incumbent deputy Roberto Nicco 39.1% to 37.8%.[5]

Under a new electoral law, the coalition ran together also in the 2008 regional election, gaining 62% of the vote and a stable majority in the Regional Council.[6]

In the 2013 general election APF elected both MPs from Aosta Valley: Albert Lanièce (UV, VdA–APF) defeated Patrizia Morelli (ALPE, ALD) 37.0% to 30.8% for the Senate,[7] while Rudi Marguerettaz (SA, VdA–APF) defeated both Jean Pierre Guichardaz (PD, ALD) and Laurent Viérin (UVP).[8]

In the 2013 regional election the coalition won 47.9% of the vote and narrowly retained its absolute majority in the Regional Council.[9]

Members parties


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