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Title: Baisla  
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Subject: Hala clan, Kakkar, Bhullar, Assoun, Bagga
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Baisla is a Gurjar clan. They are also known as Bainsle, Baisla, Besle, Bansla, Bainsla and Baisle.


During 8th century, a Gurjara-Pratihara ruler named Vishal Dev Chauhan became better known by the nickname "Bisal dev". His descendants were called Baisle or Bainsla.[1]

According to another theory, Kushan King Kanishka was given the title "Baisilo" by Greeks. Baisilo means "Royal" in Greek language. Baisilo changed to Baisla gradually. Baislas belong to the Suryavanshi Clan of Kshatriyas and are ferocious fighters. As a matter of fact, it's in their blood to join the defence forces.

Baislas are descendant of Vishal Dev Chauhan.Vishal Dev Chauhan, also known as Bissal Dev or Bisaldev were ruling in Ajmer during 8th century.Bisal Dev was brother of Mandal ji, who founded the Mandal lake near Bhilwara.God Devnarayan was born in the family of Mandal Ji. In the 8th century AD Bisal Dev Chauhan, is said to have successfully resisted an Arab intrusion.[2] He was also credited to help Gurjar tomars to gain control of Delhi.


Baisla is the most populas clan of gurjar. Mainly baisla villages are located in North-western Provinces of India.[4] e.g. :

230 Villages in Swai Madhopur, Rajasthan

84 Villages in Palwal, Haryana

42 Villages in Faridabad, Haryana

26 villages in Merrut, Uttar Pardesh

38 Villages in Bagpat, Uttar Pardesh

54 Villages in Gaziabad

74 in Bulansahar Uttar Pardesh

32 Villages in Loni, Uttar Pardesh

1 Village in Delhi Kotla Mubarakpur

And Many mores : 600+ village all over India

Notable peoples

1.Rajkumar Baisla Pehlwan (he got major dhanchand award on 8th sep in 2011 at president house and he got 1 gold medal in Asian games, 2 silver in olympic and 1 gold, 2 bronze in cw games for lifetime achievement . he belongs from mewla bhatti village, loni,ghaziabad.

2.Kirori Singh Bainsla,[7] leader of an Indian Gurjar caste protest movement, Rajasthan.

3.mahendra foji baisla (major gangwars in delhi ncr at 1980s and 1990s) him character made a movie (zilla ghaziabad)he belong from mewla bhatti, loni, ghaziabad.

4.satbir gurjar (major gangwars in delhi ncr at 1980s and 1990s) him character made a movie (zilla ghaziabad) and against of mahendra foji in gangwar he belong from mewla bhatti, loni ghaziabad.


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