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Beer in the Caribbean

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Title: Beer in the Caribbean  
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Beer in the Caribbean

The beers of the Caribbean are unique to each island in the region, although many are variances of the same style. Each island generally brews its own unique pale lager, the occasional stout, and often a non-alcoholic malta beverage.[1] Contract-brewing of international beers is also common, with Heineken Pilsener and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout being the most popular.[1] The beers vary between the islands to suit the taste and the brewing method used.


Antigua and Barbuda

The national beer of Antigua is Wadadli beer, an alternative name for the island itself.[2] It is brewed by Antigua Brewery, who also brews international beer and soft drinks under license.[3]


Balashi beer, a 5%ABV all-malt pilsner, is the national beer of Aruba. It won the Gold Medal from the Monde Selection in Brussels in 2001,[4] as well as the Grand Gold from the same committee in 2004.[5]


Kalik beer, a golden lager, is the national beer of The Bahamas, controlling over 50% of the beer market in the country.[6] Winner of three consecutive Gold Medals from Monde Selection,[6] it is also stronger than most Caribbean lagers, at 7%ABV.[4] Its brewer, Commonwealth Brewing Ltd, also brews Kalik Light and Kalik Regular, two lagers lighter than the original.[4]


Barbados is home to the Banks Barbados Brewery, which brews Banks Beer, a pale lager, as well as Banks Amber Ale.[7] Banks also brews Tiger Malt, a non-alcoholic malted beverage.

There is a separate Banks beer company in Guyana, Banks DIH, and the two breweries merged in 2005 with the intention to market their beer internationally.[8]

10 Saints beer is brewed in Speightstown, St. Peter in Barbados and aged for 90 days in Mount Gay 'Special Reserve' Rum casks. It was first brewed in 2009 and is available in certain Caricom nations.[9]


The national beer of Belize is Belikin, it is a light continental European style lager. The Belize Brewing Company holds a monopoly in the market and also brews a few other lagers and a stout.[10]


The national beer of Dominica is Kubuli, an amber-colored lager which won the Monde Selection Gold Medal in 2002.[4]

Dominican Republic

Brands represented in the Dominican Republic include Presidente and Presidente Light,[11] Bohemia Especial, The One and Quisqueya.


Prestige is the name for a brand of American-style lager produced by Brasserie Nationale d'Haïti in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is the best-selling beer in Haiti, claiming a 98% market share.[12] Prestige beer is also available in some parts of the United States.

Prestige beer was launched in 1976, less than 2 years after BRANA's creation. In 2000 and again in 2012, it won the gold medal at the World Beer Cup for American-style lager.[13][14]


Red Stripe is an internationally popular Jamaican beer produced by Desnoes & Geddes. It is a pale lager. The company also produces Red Stripe Light, Dragon Stout and Malta, a non-alcoholic beverage.

Kingston 62, alternately Kingston Beer is a pale lager also sold on the island.[15]

Puerto Rico

Medalla Light is a Puerto Rican beer. Silver Key is produced in the same brewery. The beer won first prize in 2005 for light beer in Brussels awarded by Monde Selection.[16] Currently, it is the top selling beer in Puerto Rico. In addition, they launched Magna on August 1, 2011.[17] Micro- and nano-breweries are gaining popularity in the island. Current small-scale breweries include Old Harbor Brewery in Old San Juan, Boquerón Brewing Company in Cabo Rojo, FOK Brewing in Caguas, Rincón Beer Company in Rincón, Dacay Microbrewery in Guaynabo, and Ingeniero Microbrewery and Barlovento Brewing, both in Manati. Several more microbreweries are in the process of attaining permits.

Saint Lucia

Piton is a Pilsner beer brand from the island of Saint Lucia, brewed by Windward & Leeward Brewing Limited, which is owned by Heineken.

Trinidad and Tobago

Carib Brewery manufactures Carib Beer and Stag Lager, along with Malta Carib, and Shandy Carib.

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