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Bishop of Bradford

The Bishop of Bradford is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Leeds, in the Province of York, England. The title takes its name after Bradford, a city in West Yorkshire.

Until 20 April 2014, the Bishop of Bradford was the Nick Baines, from 21 May 2011[1] until 20 April 2014. Baines was on sabbatical from February 2014 until the dissolution of the diocese on Easter Day 2014, during which time retired bishop Tom Butler was acting diocesan Bishop of Bradford.[2]

Upon the creation of the Diocese of Leeds[3] on 20 April 2014, the diocesan see was dissolved and its diocese's territory added to the new diocese, within which there is a newly created suffragan see for the Area Bishop of Bradford.[4] On 26 August 2014, it was announced that Toby Howarth was to become the first area bishop of Bradford; he was consecrated on 17 October.[5]

List of bishops

Bishops diocesan of Bradford
From Until Incumbent Notes
1920 1931 Arthur Perowne Nominated on 8 January and consecrated on 2 February 1920. Translated to Worcester on 11 March 1931.
1931 1955 Alfred Blunt Nominated on 15 July and consecrated on 25 July 1931, Resigned on 31 October 1955 and died on 2 June 1957.
1956 1961 Donald Coggan Nominated on 6 December 1955 and consecrated on 25 January 1956. Translated to York on 6 July 1961, then to Canterbury on 5 December 1974.
1961 1971 Michael Parker Translated from Aston. Nominated on 19 September and confirmed on 29 September 1961. Resigned on 30 November 1971 and died on 5 March 1980.
1972 1980 Ross Hook Translated from Grantham. Nominated on 28 April and confirmed on 25 May 1972. Resigned on 30 September 1980 and died on 26 June 1996.[6]
1981 1983 Geoffrey Paul Translated from Hull. Nominated on 9 February and confirmed on 20 March 1981. Died in office on 10 July 1983.
1984 1991 Robert Williamson Nominated on 9 February and consecrated on 20 March 1984. Translated to Southwark in 1991.
1992 2002 David Smith Previously Bishop of Maidstone and to the Forces. Nominated and confirmed in 1992. Resigned on 31 July 2002.
2002 2010 David James Translated from Pontefract. Nominated on 9 July 2002,[7] and confirmed at York Minster in November 2002.[8] Retired on 14 July 2010.[9]
2011 20 April 2014[10] Nick Baines Translated from Croydon. Installed on 21 May 2011.[1]
February 2014 20 April 2014[2] Tom Butler (Acting) Acting bishop during Baines' sabbatical.
Area Bishops of Bradford
April 2014 1 December 2014 Tom Butler (Acting) Acting bishop between diocese's erection and Howarth taking up the post.[11]
17 October 2014 present Toby Howarth [5]


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