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Title: Blitzmegaplex  
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Subject: 4DX, Jakarta International Film Festival, 21 Cineplex, Cinema of Indonesia
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Blitzmegaplex is a movie theater chain in Indonesia. In December 2013, the chain consists of seven locations that each feature a minimum of eight screens.[1]


  • History 1
  • Concept 2
  • Locations 3
    • Paris Van Java (Bandung) 3.1
    • Grand Indonesia (Jakarta) 3.2
    • Pacific Place (Jakarta) 3.3
    • Mall of Indonesia (Jakarta) 3.4
    • Teraskota Mall Serpong (Tangerang) 3.5
    • Central Park (Jakarta) 3.6
    • Bekasi Cyber Park (Bekasi) 3.7
    • Plaza Balikpapan (Balikpapan) 3.8
    • Kepri Mall (Batam) 3.9
    • Grand Galaxy Park 3.10
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Blitzmegaplex opened its first location in Paris Van Java, Bandung, Indonesia on 16 October 2006. Nine further locations have been built, including Bekasi Cyber Park, which was opened on 3 June 2011.[1]


According to its website, the Blitzmegaplex cinema chain is based on four "defining characteristics":

  1. A minimum of 8 screens per location, each equipped with high-quality cinema technology.
  2. A wide variety of movie options, whereby world cinema, festival and arthouse productions, Indonesian movies, Hindi movies, and Anime and Asian cinema movies are screened in addition to Holfeatures such as live music performances, karaoke and billiard/pool room are offered to patrons.lywood "blockbusters".
  3. Adoption of a "beyond movies" concept, meaning that additional
  4. "Innovative and creative promotions and quality services" for the retention of customers.[1]


The Blitzmegaplex locations are:

Paris Van Java (Bandung)

Opened on 16 October 2006 and houses nine screens with a total seating capacity of 2,200 seats. Located in one of Bandung's busiest malls, the complex covers an area of 7000 m2. As of December 2009, one auditorium is equipped with RealD 3D technology and a 260-seat capacity.[1] End of March 2014, Blitzmegaplex has built 3rd Site of 4DX Auditorium in Paris Van Java.

Grand Indonesia (Jakarta)

Opened March 21, 2007. 11 Screens, with a total seating capacity of 2,997 seats. Area covered: 8,900m2 in one of the most prestigious area in Jakarta's center. Features include: cinema, a party room, blitzGameSphere, blitzShoppe, 2 Satin Class auditoriums, Satin lounge, and two RealD 3D auditoriums. Also available from December 2009, blitzIcon - an exclusive photo-box/studio, as well as D-BOX MOTION: Realistic Motion Game. In 2007, blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia was entered into the MURI records (Indonesian Museum of Records) a having the largest screen in the country, the largest seating capacity, as well as the largest cinema area in the country. On August 21, 2013, Blitz launched one special auditorium called 4DX. 4DX Technology uses special equipments like Motion Chair, Light, Scent, Wind, Bubbles, Water, etc.

Pacific Place (Jakarta)

Opened November 21, 2007. 8 screens, with a total seating capacity of 1,200 seats. Covering a 6,000 m2 area at the busiest business district in Jakarta. Features include: cinema, RealD 3D auditorium, blitzGameSphere, blitzShoppe, 2 Velvet Class auditoriums with special Velvet waiting lounge.

Mall of Indonesia (Jakarta)

Opened July 24, 2008. 10 screens, with a total seating capacity of 1,768 seats. Covering a 6,400 m2 area at the most strategic mall in a developing district in Jakarta. Features include: cinema, RealD 3D auditorium, an exclusive dining cinema, café with stage, a Velvet Class auditorium with a velvet lounge, blitzShoppe, and blitzGameSphere. On December 2013, Blitzmegaplex Mall of Indonesia has built a 4DX Auditorium.

Teraskota Mall Serpong (Tangerang)

Opened July 17, 2009. 9 screens, with seating capacity of 1,800 seats. Covering a 4,750 m2 area at the most strategic mall in a fast growing area in Jakarta's outskirts, BSD City, Serpong, Tangerang. Features include: cinema, RealD 3D technology, blitzShoppe, and blitzGameSphere.

Central Park (Jakarta)

Opened April 22, 2010. 10 screens, with seating capacity of 1,906 seats. Covering a 5,808 m2 area at one of the most strategic mall in one of the busiest and highly populated area in West Jakarta. Features include: cinema, RealD 3D auditorium, a Velvet Class auditorium with a Velvet lounge, coffee corner, blitzShoppe, and blitzGameSphere. Since November 2014, blitzmegaplex Central Park became the location of the cinema chain's 4th 4DX auditorium.

Bekasi Cyber Park (Bekasi)

Opened June 3, 2011. 9 screens, with seating capacity of 1,889 seats. Located in strategic and one of the busiest area in Bekasi with an unusual street art interior design concept. Features include: cinema, basketball court, smoking lounge, seating area and blitzGameSphere.

Plaza Balikpapan (Balikpapan)

Opened 26 October, 2012. 6 screens, with a total seating capacity of 874 seats. Features 6 auditoriums, 1 Satin class auditorium, and a RealD 3D auditorium.

Kepri Mall (Batam)

Opened 31 December, 2012. 4 screens, with a total seating capacity of 661 seats. Features 4 auditoriums and a RealD 3D auditorium.

Grand Galaxy Park

Includes Real 3D .[2]


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