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Bulgarian Constitutional Assembly election, 1990

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Title: Bulgarian Constitutional Assembly election, 1990  
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Subject: Democratic Party (Bulgaria), Bulgarian parliamentary election, 2001, 1990
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Bulgarian Constitutional Assembly election, 1990

Bulgarian Constitutional Assembly elections, 1990

10 June 1990

400 seats to the Grand National Assembly
Turnout 90.3%
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Alexander Lilov Zhelyu Zhelev Ahmed Dogan
Seats won 211 144 24
Popular vote 2,887,766 2,217,798 491,596
Percentage 47.2% 36.2% 8.0%

  Fourth party
Leader Victor Valkov
Party BZNS
Seats won 16
Popular vote 368,929
Percentage 6.0%

PM before election

Andrey Lukanov

Elected PM

Dimitar Popov

Constitutional Assembly elections were held in Bulgaria on 10 June 1990, with a second round for eighteen seats on 17 June.[1][2] They were the first elections held since the fall of Communism the previous winter, and the first free national elections since 1931. The elections were held to elect the 7th Grand National Assembly, tasked with adopting a new (democratic) constitution. The new electoral system was changed from 400 single-member constituencies used during the Communist-era to a split system whereby half were elected in single member constituencies and half by proportional representation.[3] The result was a victory for the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the freshly renamed Communist Party, which won 211 of the 400 seats. Voter turnout was 90.3%, the highest on record.[4]


Party Constituency PR Total
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
Bulgarian Socialist Party 114 2,887,766 47.15 97 211
Union of Democratic Forces 69 2,217,798 36.21 75 144
Movement for Rights and Freedoms 11 491,596 8.03 12 23
Bulgarian Agrarian National Union 0 368,929 6.02 16 16
Patriotic Party of Labour 1 36,668 0.60 0 1
Alternative Socialist Party 0 22,064 0.36 0 0
Alternative Socialist Union 0 16,061 0.26 0 0
Liberal Party - Pernik 0 15,034 0.25 0 0
Union of Disabled 0 0 0
Union of Non-Party Members 0 0 0
Fatherland Front 2 2
Social Democratic Party 1 1
29 other parties 0 68,584 1.12 0 0
Independents 2 2
Invalid/blank votes 244,296 208,833
Total 6,334,415 100 200 6,333,334 100 200 400
Registered voters/turnout 6,976,620 90.79 6,976,620 90.78
Source: University of Essex


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