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Cearbhall Óg Ó Dálaigh

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Title: Cearbhall Óg Ó Dálaigh  
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Subject: Eileen, Thomas Connellan, Ó Dálaigh, Irish bardic poetry
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Cearbhall Óg Ó Dálaigh

Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh (fl. 1630) was a 17th-century Irish language poet and harpist, who composed the song "Eileanóir a Rún".

Cearbhall was a common name amongst people of the Ó Dálaigh (O'Daly, Daly) surname, and more than one poet of that surname bore the name Cearbhall. The Cearbhall Óg who composed 'Eileanóir a Rún' was from Pallas, near Gorey in County Wexford. The Eileanóir of the poem was the daughter of Sir Morgan Kavanagh of Poll an Mhóintigh in County Wexford. In folklore Cearbhall is commonly depicted as a womanizer.

Eileanóir a Rún

Irish folklore recounts how Eileanóir Chaomhánach eloped with Cearbhall the day she was about to marry another man. Cearbhall arrived at the wedding to play music at the wedding feast, and fell in love with the bride. He composed the song Eileanoir a Rún to woo the bride.

"Mo ghrá thú, den chéad fhéachaint, Eileanóir a Rún

Is ort a bhím ag smaoineadh, tráth a mbím i mo shuan

A ghrá den tsaol, is a chéad searc, is tú is deise ná ban Éireann."

"From the moment I saw you I loved you, Eileanóir my love

It is of you I think when I’m resting

O love of life and my first love, you are fairer than all the women of Ireland."

Other Songs and Poems

Another song, in the style of the crosántacht, Seachrán Chearbhaill, is ascribed to Cearbhall Óg. Both, a poem by the Franciscan priest Pádraigín Haicéad. addressed to Cearbhall, and Cearbhall's poem in response, survive in a 17th-century manuscript. The story Mac na Míchomhairle (The Son of Poor Council) has been ascribed to him in folklore, but current scholarship casts doubt on this ascription.

Cearbhall Óg Ó Dálaigh in Recordings

A version of Seachrán Chearbhaill by Joe Éinniu Seosamh Ó hÉanaí is available on a CD with the book Joe Éinniu: Nár fhágha mé Bás Choíche by Liam Mac Con Iomaire (Cló Iarchonnachta 2007); and a later version on Peadar Ó Ceannabháin's CD, Mo Chuid den tSaol (Cló-Iarchonnachta). The song is recognised as part of the traditional Irish language repertoire of unaccompanied ballads known as 'sean-nós singing'.

Cearbhall Óg Ó Dálaigh in Literature

Cearbhall Óg Ó Dálaigh appears as an historical character in Darach Ó Scolaí's Irish language novel An Cléireach, as a soldier in the Royalist army in 1650 and in the Spanish Netherlands as late as 1662.


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