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Charles Friedel

Charles Friedel
Charles Friedel
Born 12 March 1832
Strasbourg, France
Died 20 April 1899(1899-04-20) (aged 67)
Montauban, France
Residence France
Nationality French
Fields Mineralogy
Institutions Sorbonne
Alma mater University of Strasbourg
Notable students André-Louis Debierne[1]
Known for Friedel–Crafts reaction
Notable awards Davy Medal (1880)

Charles Friedel (French: ; 12 March 1832 – 20 April 1899) was a French chemist and mineralogist. A native of Strasbourg, France, he was a student of Louis Pasteur at the Sorbonne. In 1876, he became a professor of chemistry and mineralogy at the Sorbonne.

Friedel developed the Friedel-Crafts alkylation and acylation reactions with James Crafts in 1877,[2][3] and attempted to make synthetic diamonds.

His son Georges Friedel (1865–1933) also became a renowned mineralogist.


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  • Friedel's wife's father was the engineer, Charles Combes.[4] The Friedel family, is a rich lineage of French scientists:
    • Georges Friedel (1865–1933), French crystallographer and mineralogist; son of Charles
    • Edmond Friedel (1895–1972), French Polytechnician and mining engineer, founder of BRGM, the French geological survey; son of Georges
    • Jacques Friedel (1921–2014), French physicist; son of Edmond (fr)


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