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Current members of the United States House of Representatives

This is a list of individuals currently serving in the United States House of Representatives.[1]


  • Leadership 1
    • Presiding officer 1.1
    • Majority (Republican) leadership 1.2
    • Minority (Democratic) leadership 1.3
  • Voting members by state 2
  • Delegates 3
  • References 4


Percent of members of the House of Representatives from each party current to January 2013.

Presiding officer

Office Party Officer District Since
Speaker of the House Republican Party John Boehner Ohio 8 2011

Majority (Republican) leadership

Office Officer District Since
House Majority Leader California 23 2014
House Majority Whip Louisiana 1 2014
Republican Conference Chair Washington 5 2013
Policy Committee Chair Oklahoma 5 2013
Republican Conference Vice-Chair Kansas 2 2013
Republican Conference Secretary North Carolina 5 2013
Republican Congressional Committee Chair Oregon 2 2013

Minority (Democratic) leadership

Office Officer District Since
House Minority Leader California 12 2011
House Minority Whip Maryland 5 2011
Assistant Democratic Leader South Carolina 6 2011
Democratic Caucus Chair California 34 2013
Democratic Caucus Vice-Chair New York 14 2013
Democratic Congressional Committee Chair New York 3 2011
Region Democrats Republicans Vacant Total States as defined in the US Census
New England 21 0 0 21 CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT
Mid-Atlantic 39 26 1 66 DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA
Great Lakes 26 39 65 MI, IL, IN, OH, WI
Midwest 9 20 29 IA, KS, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD
South Atlantic 24 50 1 75 GA, NC, SC, VA, WV
South Central 18 58 1 77 AL, AR, KY, LA, MS, OK, TN, TX
Mountain 13 18 31 AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, UT, WY
Pacific 50 21 71 AK, CA, HI, OR, WA
Total 201 234 435

Voting members by state

District Name Party Religion Prior Experience Education Assumed Office Born In
Alabama 1 Byrne, BradleyBradley Byrne Republican Episcopalian Alabama Senate Duke University
University of Alabama
2014 1955
Alabama 2 Roby, MarthaMartha Roby Republican Presbyterian (PCA) Montgomery City Council New York University
Cumberland School of Law
2011 1976
Alabama 3 Rogers, Mike D.Mike D. Rogers Republican Baptist - IFB Calhoun County Commissioner, Alabama House of Representatives Jacksonville State University
Birmingham School of Law
2003 1958
Alabama 4 Aderholt, RobertRobert Aderholt Republican United Methodist Haleyville Municipal Judge Birmingham–Southern College
Samford University
1997 1965
Alabama 5 Brooks, MoMo Brooks Republican Unspecified Christian Alabama House of Representatives, Madison County Commissioner Duke University
University of Alabama
2011 1954
Alabama 6 Bachus, SpencerSpencer Bachus Republican Baptist - SBC Alabama Senate, Alabama House of Representatives, Alabama Republican Party Chairman Auburn University
University of Alabama
1993 1947
Alabama 7 Sewell, TerriTerri Sewell Democratic Baptist Attorney Princeton University
Harvard School of Law
University of Oxford
2011 1965
Alaska At Large Young, DonDon Young Republican Episcopalian Alaska Senate, Ship captain, Mayor of Fort Yukon, Alaska California State University, Chico 1973* 1933
Arizona 1 Kirkpatrick, AnnAnn Kirkpatrick Democratic Roman Catholic Arizona House of Representatives, U.S. House University of Arizona
University of Arizona College of Law
2013 1950
Arizona 2 Barber, RonRon Barber Democratic Roman Catholic Congressional aide of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords University of Arizona 2012* 1945
Arizona 3 Grijalva, RaúlRaúl Grijalva Democratic Roman Catholic Pima County Board of Supervisors University of Arizona 2003 1948
Arizona 4 Gosar, PaulPaul Gosar Republican Roman Catholic President of the Northern Arizona Dental Society Creighton University
Creighton University School of Dentistry
2011 1958
Arizona 5 Salmon, MattMatt Salmon Republican Mormon Arizona Senate, U.S. House Arizona State University
Brigham Young University
2013 1958
Arizona 6 Schweikert, DavidDavid Schweikert Republican Roman Catholic Arizona House of Representatives, Arizona Board of Education, Arizona Board of Equalization, Maricopa County Treasurer Arizona State University 2011 1962
Arizona 7 Pastor, EdEd Pastor Democratic Roman Catholic Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Maricopa County Executive Arizona State University
University of Arizona
1991* 1943
Arizona 8 Franks, TrentTrent Franks Republican Baptist - SBC Arizona House of Representatives Ottawa University 2003 1957
Arizona 9 Sinema, KyrstenKyrsten Sinema Democratic Unspecified Arizona Senate Brigham Young University
Arizona State University
2013 1976
Arkansas 1 Crawford, RickRick Crawford Republican Baptist - SBC Broadcaster, Businessman Arkansas State University 2011 1966
Arkansas 2 Griffin, TimTim Griffin Republican Baptist - SBC U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas Hendrix College
Tulane University
2011 1968
Arkansas 3 Womack, SteveSteve Womack Republican Baptist - SBC Mayor of Rogers, Arkansas Arkansas Tech University 2011 1957
Arkansas 4 Cotton, TomTom Cotton Republican United Methodist U.S. Army Harvard College 2013 1977
California 1 LaMalfa, DougDoug LaMalfa Republican Evangelical Free Church California State Senate California Polytechnic State University 2013 1960
California 2 Huffman, JaredJared Huffman Democratic Roman Catholic California State Assembly University of California, Santa Barbara
Boston College Law School
2013 1964
California 3 Garamendi, JohnJohn Garamendi Democratic Roman Catholic Lieutenant Governor of California, United States Deputy Secretary of the Interior, California Insurance Commissioner, California State Senate, California State Assembly University of California, Berkeley
Harvard Business School
2009* 1945
California 4 McClintock, TomTom McClintock Republican Baptist - NAB California Senate, California State Assembly University of California, Los Angeles 2009 1956
California 5 Thompson, MikeMike Thompson Democratic Roman Catholic California State Senate California State University, Chico 1999 1951
California 6 Matsui, DorisDoris Matsui Democratic United Methodist Sacramento, California City Council University of California, Berkeley 2005* 1944
California 7 Bera, AmiAmi Bera Democratic Unitarian Universalism Chief Medical Officer of Sacramento County, California University of California, Irvine 2013 1965
California 8 Cook, PaulPaul Cook Republican Roman Catholic California State Assembly Southern Connecticut State University
California State University, San Bernardino
University of California, Riverside
2013 1943
California 9 McNerney, JerryJerry McNerney Democratic Roman Catholic Engineering executive University of New Mexico 2007 1951
California 10 Denham, JeffJeff Denham Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) California State Senate California Polytechnic State University 2011 1967
California 11 Miller, GeorgeGeorge Miller Democratic Roman Catholic Political aide San Francisco State University
University of California, Davis
1975 1945
California 12 Pelosi, NancyNancy Pelosi Democratic Roman Catholic Current House Minority Leader
Northern California Democratic Party Chairwoman
Trinity Washington University 1987* 1940
California 13 Lee, BarbaraBarbara Lee Democratic Baptist - PNBC California State Assembly Mills College
University of California, Berkeley
1998* 1946
California 14 Speier, JackieJackie Speier Democratic Roman Catholic California State Senate, California State Assembly, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors University of California, Davis
UC, Hastings Law
2008* 1950
California 15 Swalwell, EricEric Swalwell Democratic unspecified Christian Dublin City Council University of Maryland, College Park
University of Maryland School of Law
2013 1980
California 16 Costa, JimJim Costa Democratic Roman Catholic California State Senate, California State Assembly California State University, Fresno 2005 1952
California 17 Honda, MikeMike Honda Democratic unspecified Protestant California State Assembly, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors San Jose State University 2001 1941
California 18 Eshoo, AnnaAnna Eshoo Democratic Chaldean Catholic San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Cañada College
Menlo College
1993 1942
California 19 Lofgren, ZoeZoe Lofgren Democratic Lutheran - ELCA Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Stanford University
Santa Clara University
1995 1947
California 20 Farr, SamSam Farr Democratic Episcopalian California State Assembly, Monterey County Board of Supervisors Willamette University
Santa Clara University
Monterey Institute of International Studies
1993 1941
California 21 Valadao, DavidDavid Valadao Republican Roman Catholic California State Assembly College of the Sequoias 2013 1977
California 22 Nunes, DevinDevin Nunes Republican Roman Catholic California State Director for the United States Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Section College of the Sequoias
Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo
2003 1973
California 23 McCarthy, KevinKevin McCarthy Republican Baptist - SBC Current House Majority Whip
California State Assembly
California State University, Bakersfield 2007 1965
California 24 Capps, LoisLois Capps Democratic Lutheran - ELCA Nurse, Teacher Pacific Lutheran University
Yale University
University of California, Santa Barbara
1998* 1938
California 25 McKeon, HowardHoward McKeon Republican Mormon Santa Clarita, California City Council Brigham Young University 1993 1938
California 26 Brownley, JuliaJulia Brownley Democratic Episcopalian California State Assembly George Washington University
American University
2013 1952
California 27 Chu, JudyJudy Chu Democratic Baptist Mayor of Monterey Park, Monterey Park City Council, California State Assembly, California State Board of Equalization University of California, Los Angeles 2009* 1953
California 28 Schiff, AdamAdam Schiff Democratic Jewish California State Senate, Assistant Prosecutor for the United States Attorney for the Southern District of California Stanford University
Harvard University
2001 1960
California 29 Cardenas, TonyTony Cardenas Democratic Christian Los Angeles City Council University of California, Santa Barbara 2013 1963
California 30 Sherman, BradBrad Sherman Democratic Jewish California Board of Equalization University of California, Los Angeles
Harvard Law School
1997 1954
California 31 Miller, GaryGary Miller Republican Nondenominational Christian California State Assembly, Mayor of Diamond Bar, California, Diamond Bar Municipal Advisory Council Mount San Antonio College 1999 1948
California 32 Napolitano, GraceGrace Napolitano Democratic Roman Catholic California State Assembly Texas Southmost College 1999 1936
California 33 Waxman, HenryHenry Waxman Democratic Jewish California State Assembly University of California, Los Angeles 1975 1939
California 34 Becerra, XavierXavier Becerra Democratic Roman Catholic California State Assembly Stanford University 1993 1958
California 35 McLeod, Gloria NegreteGloria Negrete McLeod Democratic Roman Catholic California State Senate Chaffey College 2013 1941
California 36 Ruiz, RaulRaul Ruiz Democratic Seventh-day Adventist Emergency physician University of California, Los Angeles
Harvard University
2013 1972
California 37 Bass, KarenKaren Bass Democratic Baptist Speaker of the California State Assembly California State University, Dominguez Hills 2011 1953
California 38 Sánchez, LindaLinda Sánchez Democratic Roman Catholic Attorney University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
2003 1969
California 39 Royce, EdEd Royce Republican Roman Catholic California State Senate California State University, Fullerton 1993 1951
California 40 Roybal-Allard, LucilleLucille Roybal-Allard Democratic Roman Catholic public relations executive California State University, Los Angeles 1993 1941
California 41 Takano, MarkMark Takano Democratic United Methodist Teacher Harvard University 2013 1960
California 42 Calvert, KenKen Calvert Republican Congregationalist - UCC Real Estate Executive Chaffey College
San Diego State University
1993 1953
California 43 Waters, MaxineMaxine Waters Democratic unspecified Christian California State Assembly California State University, Los Angeles 1991 1938
California 44 Hahn, JaniceJanice Hahn Democratic Churches of Christ Los Angeles City Council, former businesswoman and teacher Abilene Christian University 2011* 1952
California 45 Campbell, JohnJohn Campbell Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) California State Senate, California State Assembly University of California, Los Angeles
University of Southern California
2005 1955
California 46 Sanchez, LorettaLoretta Sanchez Democratic Roman Catholic Financial analyst Chapman University
American University
1997 1960
California 47 Lowenthal, AlanAlan Lowenthal Democratic Jewish California State Senate, California State Assembly
Hobart College
2013 1941
California 48 Rohrabacher, DanaDana Rohrabacher Republican Baptist Special assistant to Ronald Reagan California State University, Long Beach
University of Southern California
1989 1947
California 49 Issa, DarrellDarrell Issa Republican Eastern Orthodox Electronics executive Kent State University 2001 1953
California 50 Hunter, Duncan D.Duncan D. Hunter Republican Baptist - SBC Military officer, businessman San Diego State University 2009 1976
California 51 Vargas, JuanJuan Vargas Democratic Roman Catholic California State Senate Harvard Law School
Fordham University
University of San Diego
2013 1961
California 52 Peters, ScottScott Peters Democratic Lutheran - ELCA San Diego City Council, San Diego Port Commission Duke University
New York University School of Law
2013 1958
California 53 Davis, SusanSusan Davis Democratic Jewish California State Assembly University of California, Berkeley
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2001 1944
Colorado 1 DeGette, DianaDiana DeGette Democratic Presbyterian PC(USA) Colorado House of Representatives Colorado College 1997 1957
Colorado 2 Polis, JaredJared Polis Democratic Jewish Colorado State Board of Education, Internet Executive Princeton University 2009 1975
Colorado 3 Tipton, ScottScott Tipton Republican Anglican Colorado House of Representatives Fort Lewis College 2011 1956
Colorado 4 Gardner, CoryCory Gardner Republican Lutheran - LCMS Colorado House of Representatives Colorado State University
University of Colorado at Boulder
2011 1974
Colorado 5 Lamborn, DougDoug Lamborn Republican unspecified Christian President pro tempore of the Colorado Senate, Colorado House of Representatives University of Kansas 2007 1954
Colorado 6 Coffman, MikeMike Coffman Republican United Methodist Secretary of State of Colorado, Colorado State Treasurer, Colorado Senate, Colorado House of Representatives University of Colorado 2009 1955
Colorado 7 Perlmutter, EdEd Perlmutter Democratic United Methodist Colorado Senate University of Colorado 2007 1953
Connecticut 1 Larson, John B.John B. Larson Democratic Roman Catholic Connecticut Senate, East Hartford, Connecticut City Council, East Hartford, Connecticut Board of Education Central Connecticut State University 1999 1948
Connecticut 2 Courtney, JoeJoe Courtney Democratic Roman Catholic Connecticut House of Representatives Tufts University 2007 1953
Connecticut 3 DeLauro, RosaRosa DeLauro Democratic Roman Catholic Executive Director of EMILY's List, Political aide Marymount College 1991 1943
Connecticut 4 Himes, JimJim Himes Democratic Presbyterian PC(USA) Financial executive Harvard University
University of Oxford
2009 1966
Connecticut 5 Esty, ElizabethElizabeth Esty Democratic Congregationalist - UCC Connecticut House of Representatives Harvard University
Yale University
2013 1959
Delaware At Large Carney, JohnJohn Carney Democratic Roman Catholic Lieutenant Governor of Delaware, Delaware Secretary of Finance Dartmouth College
University of Delaware
2011 1956
Florida 1 Miller, JeffJeff Miller Republican United Methodist Florida House of Representatives, Santa Rosa County, Florida Deputy Sheriff University of Florida 2001 1959
Florida 2 Southerland, SteveSteve Southerland Republican Baptist - SBC Funeral Home Director Jefferson State Community College
Troy State University
2011 1965
Florida 3 Yoho, TedTed Yoho Republican Roman Catholic Veterinarian University of Florida 2013 1955
Florida 4 Crenshaw, AnderAnder Crenshaw Republican Episcopalian Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives University of Georgia
University of Florida
2001 1944
Florida 5 Brown, CorrineCorrine Brown Democratic Baptist - FGBCF Florida House of Representatives Florida A&M University 1993 1946
Florida 6 DeSantis, RonRon DeSantis Republican Roman Catholic Prosecutor U.S. Attorney's Office, U.S. Navy Yale University
Harvard Law School
2013 1978
Florida 7 Mica, JohnJohn Mica Republican Episcopalian Florida House of Representatives University of Florida 1993 1943
Florida 8 Posey, BillBill Posey Republican United Methodist Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives, Rockledge, Florida City Council Nova Southeastern University 2009 1947
Florida 9 Grayson, AlanAlan Grayson Democratic Jewish U.S. House Harvard University 2013 1958
Florida 10 Webster, DanielDaniel Webster Republican Baptist - SBC Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives Georgia Institute of Technology 2011 1949
Florida 11 Nugent, RichRich Nugent Republican United Methodist Sheriff of Hernando County, Florida Saint Leo University
Troy University
2011 1951
Florida 12 Bilirakis, GusGus Bilirakis Republican Eastern Orthodox Florida House of Representatives University of Florida
Stetson University College of Law
2007 1963
Florida 13 Jolly, DavidDavid Jolly Republican Baptist Attorney, general counsel to former Congressman Bill Young Emory University
George Mason University School of Law
2014 1972
Florida 14 Castor, KathyKathy Castor Democratic Presbyterian PC(USA) Assistant General Counsel to the Florida Department of Community Affairs, President of the Florida Association of Women Lawyers, Hillsborough County, Florida Board of Commissioners Emory University 2007 1966
Florida 15 Ross, DennisDennis Ross Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Florida House of Representatives Auburn University
Cumberland School of Law
2011 1959
Florida 16 Buchanan, VernVern Buchanan Republican Baptist - SBC Auto Dealer Cleary University 2007 1951
Florida 17 Rooney, TomTom Rooney Republican Roman Catholic Criminal Prosecutor Florida Department of Justice, Attorney Washington & Jefferson College
University of Florida
2009 1970
Florida 18 Murphy, PatrickPatrick Murphy Democratic Roman Catholic Accountant University of Miami 2013 1983
Florida 19 Clawson, CurtCurt Clawson Republican Mormon Automotive Executive Purdue University
Harvard Business School
2014 1959
Florida 20 Hastings, AlceeAlcee Hastings Democratic African Methodist Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida Fisk University 1993 1936
Florida 21 Deutch, TedTed Deutch Democratic Jewish Florida Senate University of Michigan
University of Michigan Law School
2010* 1966
Florida 22 Frankel, LoisLois Frankel Democratic Jewish West Palm Beach mayor Boston University
Georgetown University Law Center
2013 1948
Florida 23 Wasserman Schultz, DebbieDebbie Wasserman Schultz Democratic Jewish Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives University of Florida 2005 1966
Florida 24 Wilson, FredericaFrederica Wilson Democratic Episcopalian Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives Fisk University
University of Miami
2011 1942
Florida 25 Diaz-Balart, MarioMario Diaz-Balart Republican Roman Catholic Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives University of South Florida 2003 1961
Florida 26 Garcia, JoeJoe Garcia Democratic Roman Catholic U.S. Department of Energy Director of Economic Impact Belen Jesuit Preparatory School
University of Miami
University of Miami School of Law
2013 1963
Florida 27 Ros-Lehtinen, IleanaIleana Ros-Lehtinen Republican Episcopalian Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives Florida International University
University of Miami
1989 1952
Georgia 1 Kingston, JackJack Kingston Republican Episcopalian Georgia House of Representatives University of Georgia 1993 1955
Georgia 2 Bishop, SanfordSanford Bishop Democratic Baptist - NBC Georgia House of Representatives Morehouse College 1993 1947
Georgia 3 Westmoreland, LynnLynn Westmoreland Republican Baptist - SBC Georgia House of Representatives Georgia State University 2003 1950
Georgia 4 Johnson, HankHank Johnson Democratic Soka Gakkai Buddhist DeKalb County, Georgia Commissioner, Associate Magistrate Judge Clark Atlanta University 2007 1954
Georgia 5 Lewis, JohnJohn Lewis Democratic Baptist - ABCUSA Atlanta City Council, Chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee American Baptist Theological Seminary 1987 1940
Georgia 6 Price, TomTom Price Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Physician University of Michigan 2005 1954
Georgia 7 Woodall, RobRob Woodall Republican United Methodist Political aide, Attorney Furman University
University of Georgia
2011 1970
Georgia 8 Scott, AustinAustin Scott Republican Baptist - SBC Georgia House of Representatives University of Georgia 2011 1969
Georgia 9 Collins, DougDoug Collins Republican Baptist - SBC Georgia House of Representatives North Georgia College
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
2013 1966
Georgia 10 Broun, PaulPaul Broun Republican Baptist - SBC Physician University of Georgia
Medical College of Georgia
2007* 1946
Georgia 11 Gingrey, PhilPhil Gingrey Republican Roman Catholic Marietta, Georgia School Board Georgia Institute of Technology
Medical College of Georgia
2003 1942
Georgia 12 Barrow, JohnJohn Barrow Democratic Baptist - CBF Athens, Georgia City Council University of Georgia
Harvard University
2005 1955
Georgia 13 Scott, DavidDavid Scott Democratic Baptist Georgia House of Representatives Florida A&M University 2003 1946
Georgia 14 Graves, TomTom Graves Republican Baptist - SBC Georgia House of Representatives, University of Georgia 2010* 1970
Hawaii 1 Hanabusa, ColleenColleen Hanabusa Democratic Jodo Shinshu Buddhist President of the Hawaii Senate University of Hawaii
William S. Richardson School of Law
2011 1951
Hawaii 2 Gabbard, TulsiTulsi Gabbard Democratic Hinduism Honolulu City Council,
Hawaii House of Representatives
Hawaii Pacific University
Officer Candidate School
2013 1981
Idaho 1 Labrador, RaúlRaúl Labrador Republican Mormon Idaho House of Representatives Brigham Young University
University of Washington
2011 1967
Idaho 2 Simpson, MikeMike Simpson Republican Mormon Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives, Blackfoot, Idaho City Council Utah State University 1999 1950
Illinois 1 Rush, BobbyBobby Rush Democratic Nondenominational Christian Chicago City Council Roosevelt University
University of Illinois
McCormick Theological Seminary
1993 1946
Illinois 2 Kelly, RobinRobin Kelly Democratic unknown Illinois House of Representatives Bradley University
Northern Illinois University
2013* 1956
Illinois 3 Lipinski, DanDan Lipinski Democratic Roman Catholic Member of the University of Notre Dame and University of Tennessee Faculty Northwestern University
Stanford University
Duke University
2005 1966
Illinois 4 Gutiérrez, LuisLuis Gutiérrez Democratic Roman Catholic Chicago City Council Northeastern Illinois University 1993 1953
Illinois 5 Quigley, MikeMike Quigley Democratic Roman Catholic Cook County Board of Commissioners Roosevelt University
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
University of Chicago
2009* 1959
Illinois 6 Roskam, PeterPeter Roskam Republican Anglican (AMiA) Illinois Senate, Illinois House of Representatives University of Illinois
Chicago–Kent College of Law
2007 1961
Illinois 7 Davis, Danny K.Danny K. Davis Democratic Baptist Chicago City Council, Cook County Board of Commissioners University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Chicago State University
Union Institute and University
1997 1941
Illinois 8 Duckworth, TammyTammy Duckworth Democratic Unspecified Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
George Washington University
Northern Illinois University
2013 1968
Illinois 9 Schakowsky, JanJan Schakowsky Democratic Jewish Illinois House of Representatives University of Illinois 1999 1944
Illinois 10 Schneider, BradBrad Schneider Democratic Jewish Businessman Northwestern University 2013 1961
Illinois 11 Foster, BillBill Foster Democratic Unspecified U.S. House University of Wisconsin–Madison
Harvard University
2013 1955
Illinois 12 Enyart, WilliamWilliam Enyart Democratic Congregationalist - UCC Adjutant general of Illinois Southern Illinois University Carbondale
United States Army War College
2013 1949
Illinois 13 Davis, Rodney L.Rodney L. Davis Republican Roman Catholic Congressional Staffer Millikin University 2013 1970
Illinois 14 Hultgren, RandyRandy Hultgren Republican Nondenominational Christian Illinois Senate, Illinois House of Representatives, Dupage County, Illinois Board of Commissioners Bethel University
Chicago-Kent College of Law
2011 1966
Illinois 15 Shimkus, JohnJohn Shimkus Republican Lutheran - LCMS Madison County, Illinois Treasurer United States Military Academy
Southern Illinois University
1997 1958
Illinois 16 Kinzinger, AdamAdam Kinzinger Republican unspecified Protestant McLean County, Illinois Board of Commissioners Illinois State University 2011 1978
Illinois 17 Bustos, CheriCheri Bustos Democratic Roman Catholic East Moline City Council University of Maryland
University of Illinois at Springfield
2013 1961
Illinois 18 Schock, AaronAaron Schock Republican Baptist - CBA Illinois House of Representatives, President of the Peoria, Illinois School Board Bradley University 2009 1981
Indiana 1 Visclosky, PetePete Visclosky Democratic Roman Catholic Attorney, Congressional aide Indiana University Northwest
University of Notre Dame
Georgetown University
1985 1949
Indiana 2 Walorski, JackieJackie Walorski Republican Pentecostal - AG Indiana House of Representatives Liberty Baptist College
Taylor University
2013 1963
Indiana 3 Stutzman, MarlinMarlin Stutzman Republican Baptist - SBC Indiana Senate, Indiana House of Representatives Glen Oaks Community College
Trine University
2010* 1976
Indiana 4 Rokita, ToddTodd Rokita Republican Roman Catholic Indiana Secretary of State Wabash College
Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
2011 1970
Indiana 5 Brooks, SusanSusan Brooks Republican Roman Catholic U.S. Attorney for Southern Indiana Miami University of Ohio
Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
2013 1960
Indiana 6 Messer, LukeLuke Messer Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Indiana House of Representatives Wabash College
Vanderbilt University Law School
2013 1969
Indiana 7 Carson, AndréAndré Carson Democratic Muslim Indianapolis City-County Council Concordia University Wisconsin
Indiana Wesleyan University
2008* 1974
Indiana 8 Bucshon, LarryLarry Bucshon Republican Lutheran - LCMS Heart Surgeon University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Illinois Medical School
2011 1962
Indiana 9 Young, ToddTodd Young Republican Churches of Christ Deputy Prosecutor for Orange County, Indiana, President of the Orange County, Indiana Bar Association United States Naval Academy
University of Chicago
University of London
Indiana University
2011 1972
Iowa 1 Braley, BruceBruce Braley Democratic Presbyterian PC(USA) President of the Iowa Trial Lawyers Association, Lawyer Iowa State University
University of Iowa
2007 1957
Iowa 2 Loebsack, DavidDavid Loebsack Democratic United Methodist Professor Iowa State University 2007 1952
Iowa 3 Latham, TomTom Latham Republican Lutheran - ELCA Businessman Iowa State University 1995 1948
Iowa 4 King, SteveSteve King Republican Roman Catholic Iowa Senate Northwest Missouri State University 2003 1949
Kansas 1 Huelskamp, TimTim Huelskamp Republican Roman Catholic Kansas Senate College of Santa Fe
American University
2011 1968
Kansas 2 Jenkins, LynnLynn Jenkins Republican United Methodist Kansas State Treasurer, Kansas Senate, Kansas House of Representatives Kansas State University
Weber State College
2009 1963
Kansas 3 Yoder, KevinKevin Yoder Republican United Methodist Kansas House of Representatives University of Kansas
University of Kansas Law School
2011 1976
Kansas 4 Pompeo, MikeMike Pompeo Republican Presbyterian (EPC) Attorney U.S. Military Academy
Harvard Law School
2011 1963
Kentucky 1 Whitfield, EdEd Whitfield Republican United Methodist Vice President of CSX Corporation, Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission, Kentucky House of Representatives University of Kentucky
Wesley Theological Seminary
1995 1943
Kentucky 2 Guthrie, BrettBrett Guthrie Republican Churches of Christ Kentucky Senate United States Military Academy
Yale University
2009 1964
Kentucky 3 Yarmuth, JohnJohn Yarmuth Democratic Jewish Newspaper Publisher, Vice-President for University Relations University of Louisville Yale University 2007 1947
Kentucky 4 Massie, ThomasThomas Massie Republican United Methodist Judge-Executive of Lewis County, Kentucky Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012* 1971
Kentucky 5 Rogers, HalHal Rogers Republican Baptist - SBC Commonwealth's Attorney for Pulaski and Rockcastle County, Kentucky University of Kentucky 1981 1937
Kentucky 6 Barr, AndyAndy Barr Republican Episcopalian Attorney University of Virginia
University of Kentucky College of Law
2013 1973
Louisiana 1 Scalise, SteveSteve Scalise Republican Roman Catholic Louisiana State Senate, Louisiana House of Representatives Louisiana State University 2008 1965
Louisiana 2 Richmond, CedricCedric Richmond Democratic Baptist Louisiana House of Representatives Morehouse College
Tulane School of Law
2011 1973
Louisiana 3 Boustany, CharlesCharles Boustany Republican Episcopalian Heart surgeon University of Southwestern Louisiana
Louisiana State University
2005 1956
Louisiana 4 Fleming, JohnJohn Fleming Republican Baptist - SBC , Businessman University of Mississippi 2009 1951
Louisiana 5 McAllister, VanceVance McAllister Republican Baptist - SBC Businessman University of Louisiana at Monroe 2013* 1974
Louisiana 6 Cassidy, BillBill Cassidy Republican Nondenominational Christian Louisiana State Senate Louisiana State University 2009 1957
Maine 1 Pingree, ChellieChellie Pingree Democratic Lutheran - ELCA Majority Leader Maine State Senate, President Common Cause College of the Atlantic 2009 1955
Maine 2 Michaud, MikeMike Michaud Democratic Roman Catholic President of the Maine State Senate, Maine House of Representatives Schenck High School 2003 1955
Maryland 1 Harris, AndyAndy Harris Republican Roman Catholic Maryland State Senate Johns Hopkins University 2011 1957
Maryland 2 Ruppersberger, DutchDutch Ruppersberger Democratic United Methodist Baltimore County Executive; Chief of the Office of Investigative Division for Maryland's Department of Justice; Baltimore County Assistant State's Attorney University of Maryland
University of Baltimore
2003 1946
Maryland 3 Sarbanes, JohnJohn Sarbanes Democratic Eastern Orthodox Attorney, Law Clerk Princeton University
Harvard Law School
2007 1962
Maryland 4 Edwards, DonnaDonna Edwards Democratic Baptist Community Activist Wake Forest University
University of New Hampshire School of Law
2008* 1958
Maryland 5 Hoyer, StenySteny Hoyer Democratic Baptist - Alliance of Baptists Current House Minority Whip
President of the Maryland State Senate, Maryland Board of Higher Education
University of Maryland
Georgetown University
1981* 1939
Maryland 6 Delaney, JohnJohn Delaney Democratic Roman Catholic Businessman Columbia University
Georgetown University Law Center
2013 1963
Maryland 7 Cummings, ElijahElijah Cummings Democratic Baptist - ABCUSA Speaker pro tempore of the Maryland House of Delegates Howard University
University of Maryland
1996* 1951
Maryland 8 Van Hollen, ChrisChris Van Hollen Democratic Episcopalian Maryland State Senate, Maryland House of Delegates Swarthmore College
Harvard University
Georgetown University
2003 1959
Massachusetts 1 Neal, RichardRichard Neal Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Springfield American International College
University of Hartford
1989 1949
Massachusetts 2 McGovern, JimJim McGovern Democratic Roman Catholic Congressional staff member American University 1997 1959
Massachusetts 3 Tsongas, NikiNiki Tsongas Democratic Eastern Orthodox Dean of External Affairs at Middlesex Community College Smith College
Boston University
2007* 1946
Massachusetts 4 Kennedy, JoeJoe Kennedy Democratic Roman Catholic Prosecutor, assistant district attorney Stanford University
Harvard University
2013 1980
Massachusetts 5 Clark, KatherineKatherine Clark Democratic unspecified Christian Massachusetts Senate, Attorney St. Lawrence University
Cornell University
Harvard Kennedy School of Government
2013 1963
Massachusetts 6 Tierney, JohnJohn Tierney Democratic Roman Catholic Attorney Salem State University
Suffolk University Law School
1997 1951
Massachusetts 7 Capuano, MikeMike Capuano Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Somerville Dartmouth College
Boston College Law School
1999 1952
Massachusetts 8 Lynch, StephenStephen Lynch Democratic Roman Catholic Massachusetts State Legislature Wentworth Institute of Technology
Boston College Law School
2001* 1955
Massachusetts 9 Keating, BillBill Keating Democratic Roman Catholic Massachusetts House of Representatives, Massachusetts Senate, Norfolk County District Attorney Boston College
Suffolk University Law School
2011 1952
Michigan 1 Benishek, DanDan Benishek Republican Roman Catholic surgeon University of Michigan
Wayne State University School of Medicine
2011 1952
Michigan 2 Huizenga, BillBill Huizenga Republican Christian Reformed Michigan House of Representatives Calvin College 2011 1969
Michigan 3 Amash, JustinJustin Amash Republican Eastern Orthodox Michigan House of Representatives University of Michigan
University of Michigan Law School
2011 1980
Michigan 4 Camp, DavidDavid Camp Republican Roman Catholic Michigan House of Representatives Albion College
University of San Diego School of Law
1991 1953
Michigan 5 Kildee, DanDan Kildee Democratic Roman Catholic Genessee County Treasurer Central Michigan University 2013 1958
Michigan 6 Upton, FredFred Upton Republican Congregationalist - UCC U.S. government administrator University of Michigan 1987 1953
Michigan 7 Walberg, TimTim Walberg Republican United Brethren U.S. House Fort Wayne Bible College
Wheaton College
2011 1951
Michigan 8 Rogers, MikeMike Rogers Republican United Methodist Michigan Senate Adrian College 2001 1963
Michigan 9 Levin, SanderSander Levin Democratic Jewish U.S. Government administrator University of Chicago
Columbia University
Harvard Law School
1983 1931
Michigan 10 Miller, CandiceCandice Miller Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Harrison Township Supervisor, Macomb County Treasurer, State Secretary of State Macomb Community College
Northwood University
2003 1954
Michigan 11 Bentivolio, KerryKerry Bentivolio Republican Roman Catholic Teacher, engineer Saint Mary's College
Marygrove College
2013 1951
Michigan 12 Dingell, JohnJohn Dingell Democratic Roman Catholic asst. prosecutor, Wayne County Georgetown University 1955* 1926
Michigan 13 Conyers, JohnJohn Conyers Democratic Baptist - NBC Congressional aide Wayne State University 1965 1929
Michigan 14 Peters, GaryGary Peters Democratic Episcopalian Michigan Senate, Michigan Lottery Commissioner Alma College
University of Detroit Mercy
Wayne State University Law School
2009 1958
Minnesota 1 Walz, TimTim Walz DFL Lutheran - ELCA Army National Guard Command Sergeant Major, teacher Chadron State College 2007 1964
Minnesota 2 Kline, JohnJohn Kline Republican United Methodist U.S. Marine Corps Colonel Rice University
Shippensburg University
2003 1947
Minnesota 3 Paulsen, ErikErik Paulsen Republican Lutheran - LCMS Minnesota Senate St. Olaf College 2009 1965
Minnesota 4 McCollum, BettyBetty McCollum DFL Roman Catholic North St. Paul City Council, Minnesota House of Representatives College of St. Catherine 2001 1954
Minnesota 5 Ellison, KeithKeith Ellison DFL Muslim Minnesota House of Representatives Wayne State University
University of Minnesota Law School
2007 1963
Minnesota 6 Bachmann, MicheleMichele Bachmann Republican Evangelical Free Church Education adviser for Minnesota Family Institute, Minnesota Senate Winona State University
Oral Roberts University
College of William and Mary
2007 1956
Minnesota 7 Peterson, CollinCollin Peterson DFL Lutheran - ELCA Certified Public Accountant, Minnesota Senate Moorhead State University 1991 1944
Minnesota 8 Nolan, RickRick Nolan Democratic Roman Catholic U.S. House, businessman St. John’s University
University of Minnesota
University of Maryland
St. Cloud State University
2013 1943
Mississippi 1 Nunnelee, AlanAlan Nunnelee Republican Baptist - SBC Mississippi Senate Mississippi State University 2011 1958
Mississippi 2 Thompson, BennieBennie Thompson Democratic United Methodist alderman, mayor of Bolton, Hinds County Board of Supervisors Tougaloo College
Jackson State University
1993* 1948
Mississippi 3 Harper, GreggGregg Harper Republican Baptist - SBC Attorney, Rankin County Party Chairman Mississippi College
University of Mississippi
2009 1956
Mississippi 4 Palazzo, StevenSteven Palazzo Republican Roman Catholic Mississippi House of Representatives University of Southern Mississippi 2011 1970
Missouri 1 Clay, WilliamWilliam Clay Democratic Roman Catholic Missouri State Legislature University of Maryland
Harvard University
2001 1956
Missouri 2 Wagner, AnnAnn Wagner Republican Roman Catholic U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg University of Missouri 2013 1962
Missouri 3 Luetkemeyer, BlaineBlaine Luetkemeyer Republican Roman Catholic Missouri House of Representatives, State Tourism Director Lincoln University 2009 1960
Missouri 4 Hartzler, VickyVicky Hartzler Republican Fellowship of Evangelical Churches Missouri House of Representatives University of Missouri
Central Missouri State University
2011 1960
Missouri 5 Cleaver, EmanuelEmanuel Cleaver Democratic United Methodist Mayor of Kansas City, pastor, radio show host Prairie View A&M University
St. Paul School of Theology
2005 1944
Missouri 6 Graves, SamSam Graves Republican Baptist - SBC Missouri Senate University of Missouri 2001 1963
Missouri 7 Long, BillyBilly Long Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) auctioneer 2011 1955
Missouri 8 Smith, Jason T.Jason T. Smith Republican Pentecostal - AG Missouri House of Representatives University of Missouri 2013 1980
Montana At Large Daines, SteveSteve Daines Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Businessman Montana State University 2001 1955
Nebraska 1 Fortenberry, JeffJeff Fortenberry Republican Roman Catholic Lincoln city council, businessman Louisiana State University
Georgetown University
Franciscan University of Steubenville
2005 1960
Nebraska 2 Terry, LeeLee Terry Republican United Methodist Omaha City Council, attorney University of Nebraska
Creighton University
1999 1962
Nebraska 3 Smith, AdrianAdrian Smith Republican Evangelical Free Church Gering City Council, State Legislator University of Nebraska 2007 1970
Nevada 1 Titus, DinaDina Titus Democratic Eastern Orthodox U.S. House College of William & Mary
University of Georgia
Florida State University
2013 1950
Nevada 2 Amodei, MarkMark Amodei Republican Presbyterian Nevada House of Representatives; Nevada Senate University of Nevada, Reno
University of the Pacific
2011* 1958
Nevada 3 Heck, JoeJoe Heck Republican Roman Catholic Nevada Senate Pennsylvania State University
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
U.S. Army War College
2011 1961
Nevada 4 Horsford, StevenSteven Horsford Democratic Baptist Nevada Senate University of Nevada, Reno (attended) 2013 1973
New Hampshire 1 Shea-Porter, CarolCarol Shea-Porter Democratic Roman Catholic U.S. House University of New Hampshire 2013 1952
New Hampshire 2 McLane Kuster, AnnAnn McLane Kuster Democratic Episcopalian Attorney, lobbyist Dartmouth College
Georgetown University Law Center
2013 1956
New Jersey 1 Norcross, DonaldDonald Norcross Democratic Unknown New Jersey Senate, New Jersey General Assembly Camden County College 2014* 1958
New Jersey 2 LoBiondo, FrankFrank LoBiondo Republican Roman Catholic New Jersey General Assembly St. Joseph's University 2003 1946
New Jersey 3 Runyan, JonJon Runyan Republican Roman Catholic National Football League player (offensive tackle) University of Michigan 2011 1973
New Jersey 4 Smith, ChrisChris Smith Republican Roman Catholic Retail executive Trenton State College 1981 1953
New Jersey 5 Garrett, ScottScott Garrett Republican Nondenominational Christian New Jersey General Assembly Montclair State University
Rutgers University
2003 1959
New Jersey 6 Pallone, FrankFrank Pallone Democratic Roman Catholic Long Branch city council, New Jersey Senate Middlebury College
Tufts University
Rutgers University
1988* 1951
New Jersey 7 Lance, LeonardLeonard Lance Republican Roman Catholic New Jersey Senate Lehigh University
Vanderbilt University
Princeton University
2009 1952
New Jersey 8 Sires, AlbioAlbio Sires Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of West New York, Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly Saint Peter's College
Middlebury College
2006* 1951
New Jersey 9 Pascrell, BillBill Pascrell Democratic Roman Catholic New Jersey General Assembly, Mayor of Paterson Fordham University 1997 1937
New Jersey 10 Payne, Jr., DonaldDonald Payne, Jr. Democratic Baptist Newark Municipal Council, Essex County Freeholder Kean University 2012* 1958
New Jersey 11 Frelinghuysen, RodneyRodney Frelinghuysen Republican Episcopalian New Jersey General Assembly Hobart College 1995 1946
New Jersey 12 Holt, Jr., RushRush Holt, Jr. Democratic Quaker physicist Carleton College
New York University
1999 1948
New Mexico 1 Lujan Grisham, MichelleMichelle Lujan Grisham Democratic Roman Catholic Bernalillo County commissioner University of New Mexico
University of New Mexico School of Law
2013 1959
New Mexico 2 Pearce, SteveSteve Pearce Republican Baptist - SBC U.S. House New Mexico State University
Eastern New Mexico University
2011 1947
New Mexico 3 Luján, BenBen Luján Democratic Roman Catholic New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner New Mexico Highlands University 2009 1972
New York 1 Bishop, TimTim Bishop Democratic Roman Catholic Provost of Southampton College College of the Holy Cross
Long Island University
2003 1950
New York 2 King, PeterPeter King Republican Roman Catholic Hempstead Town Council, Nassau County Comptroller St. Francis College
University of Notre Dame
1993 1944
New York 3 Israel, SteveSteve Israel Democratic Jewish Huntington Town Board George Washington University 2001 1958
New York 4 McCarthy, CarolynCarolyn McCarthy Democratic Roman Catholic Practical Nurse Glen Cove Hospital School of Nursing 1997 1944
New York 5 Meeks, GregoryGregory Meeks Democratic African Methodist New York State Assembly Adelphi University
Howard University
1998* 1953
New York 6 Meng, GraceGrace Meng Democratic unspecified Christian New York State Assembly University of Michigan
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
2013 1975
New York 7 Velázquez, NydiaNydia Velázquez Democratic Roman Catholic Director, Dept. of Puerto Rican Community Affairs University of Puerto Rico
New York University
1993 1953
New York 8 Jeffries, HakeemHakeem Jeffries Democratic Baptist - unspecified New York State Assembly New York University School of Law
Georgetown University
Binghamton University
2013 1970
New York 9 Clarke, YvetteYvette Clarke Democratic African Methodist New York City Councilwoman Oberlin College 2007 1964
New York 10 Nadler, JerroldJerrold Nadler Democratic Jewish New York State Assembly Columbia University
Fordham University
1992* 1947
New York 11 Grimm, MichaelMichael Grimm Republican Roman Catholic FBI Agent Baruch College
New York Law School
2011 1970
New York 12 Maloney, CarolynCarolyn Maloney Democratic Presbyterian PC(USA) New York City Councilwoman Greensboro College 1993 1948
New York 13 Rangel, CharlesCharles Rangel Democratic Roman Catholic United States Army Sergeant, attorney, New York State Assembly New York University
St. John's University
1971 1930
New York 14 Crowley, JosephJoseph Crowley Democratic Roman Catholic New York State Assembly Queens College 1999 1962
New York 15 Serrano, JoséJosé Serrano Democratic Roman Catholic New York State Assembly Lehman College 1990* 1943
New York 16 Engel, EliotEliot Engel Democratic Jewish high school teacher, New York State Assembly Lehman College
New York Law School
1989 1947
New York 17 Lowey, NitaNita Lowey Democratic Jewish New York Assistant Secretary of State Mount Holyoke College 1989 1937
New York 18 Maloney, Sean PatrickSean Patrick Maloney Democratic Roman Catholic Attorney University of Virginia 2013 1966
New York 19 Gibson, ChrisChris Gibson Republican Roman Catholic United States Army Siena College
Cornell University
2011 1964
New York 20 Tonko, PaulPaul Tonko Democratic Roman Catholic NY Assemblyman Clarkson University 2009 1949
New York 21 Owens, BillBill Owens Democratic Roman Catholic Lawyer, business owner Fordham University
Manhattan College
2009* 1949
New York 22 Hanna, RichardRichard Hanna Republican Roman Catholic businessman Reed College 2011 1951
New York 23 Reed, TomTom Reed Republican Roman Catholic Mayor of Corning Alfred University
Ohio Northern University, Pettit College of Law
2010* 1971
New York 24 Maffei, DanDan Maffei Democratic Roman Catholic U.S. House Brown University
Columbia University
Harvard University
2013 1968
New York 25 Slaughter, LouiseLouise Slaughter Democratic Episcopalian Monroe County Legislature, New York State Assembly University of Kentucky 1987 1929
New York 26 Higgins, BrianBrian Higgins Democratic Roman Catholic Buffalo Common Council,New York State Assemblyman University at Buffalo
Harvard University
2005 1959
New York 27 Collins, ChrisChris Collins Republican Roman Catholic Erie County Executive North Carolina State University
University of Alabama at Birmingham
2013 1950
North Carolina 1 Butterfield, G. K.G. K. Butterfield Democratic Baptist - ABCUSA North Carolina Supreme Court Justice North Carolina Central University 2004* 1947
North Carolina 2 Ellmers, ReneeRenee Ellmers Republican Roman Catholic registered nurse Oakland University 2011 1964
North Carolina 3 Jones, WalterWalter Jones Republican Roman Catholic North Carolina House of Representatives Atlantic Christian College 1995 1943
North Carolina 4 Price, DavidDavid Price Democratic Baptist - ABCUSA college professor Mars Hill College
University of North Carolina
Yale University
1997 1940
North Carolina 5 Foxx, VirginiaVirginia Foxx Republican Roman Catholic North Carolina Senate University of North Carolina
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
2005 1943
North Carolina 6 Coble, HowardHoward Coble Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) NC Secretary of Revenue,
North Carolina House of Representatives
Guilford College
University of North Carolina
1985 1931
North Carolina 7 McIntyre, MikeMike McIntyre Democratic Presbyterian PC(USA) Attorney University of North Carolina 1997 1956
North Carolina 8 Hudson, RichardRichard Hudson Republican United Methodist Businessman UNC Charlotte 2013 1971
North Carolina 9 Pittenger, RobertRobert Pittenger Republican Nondenominational Christian North Carolina State Senate University of Texas 2013 1948
North Carolina 10 McHenry, PatrickPatrick McHenry Republican Roman Catholic North Carolina House of Representatives North Carolina State University
Belmont Abbey College
2005 1975
North Carolina 11 Meadows, MarkMark Meadows Republican United Methodist Businessman University of South Florida 2013 1959
North Carolina 12 Adams, AlmaAlma Adams Democratic Unknown North Carolina House of Representatives North Carolina A&T State University
Ohio State University
2014* 1946
North Carolina 13 Holding, GeorgeGeorge Holding Republican Baptist - SBC U.S. Attorney for Eastern North Carolina Wake Forest University
Wake Forest University School of Law
2013 1968
North Dakota At Large Cramer, KevinKevin Cramer Republican Pentecostal - ICFG North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Concordia College
University of Mary
2013 1961
Ohio 1 Chabot, SteveSteve Chabot Republican Roman Catholic U.S. House College of William & Mary
Northern Kentucky University
2011 1953
Ohio 2 Wenstrup, BradBrad Wenstrup Republican Roman Catholic Physician University of Cincinnati 2013 1958
Ohio 3 Beatty, JoyceJoyce Beatty Democratic Baptist Ohio House of Representatives Minority Leader Central State University
Wright State University
University of Cincinnati
2013 1950
Ohio 4 Jordan, JimJim Jordan Republican Nondenominational Christian State General Assembly, Ohio Senate University of Wisconsin–Madison 2007 1964
Ohio 5 Latta, BobBob Latta Republican Roman Catholic Wood County Commissioner, Ohio House of Representatives, Ohio Senate Bowling Green State University
University of Toledo
2007 1956
Ohio 6 Johnson, BillBill Johnson Republican unspecified Protestant United States Air Force Troy University 2011 1954
Ohio 7 Gibbs, BobBob Gibbs Republican United Methodist Ohio House of Representatives, Ohio Senate Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute 2011 1954
Ohio 8 Boehner, JohnJohn Boehner Republican Roman Catholic Current Speaker of the House of Representatives
Ohio House of Representatives
Xavier University 1991 1949
Ohio 9 Kaptur, MarcyMarcy Kaptur Democratic Roman Catholic Domestic Policy Advisor, Carter Adm. University of Wisconsin
University of Michigan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1983 1946
Ohio 10 Turner, MikeMike Turner Republican Presbyterian Mayor of Dayton Ohio Northern University
Case Western Reserve University
University of Dayton
2003 1960
Ohio 11 Fudge, MarciaMarcia Fudge Democratic Baptist Mayor of Warrensville Heights Ohio State University
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
2008* 1952
Ohio 12 Tiberi, PatPat Tiberi Republican Roman Catholic Ohio House of Representatives Ohio State University
Capital University
2001 1962
Ohio 13 Ryan, TimTim Ryan Democratic Roman Catholic Ohio Senate Bowling Green State University
University of New Hampshire School of Law
2003 1973
Ohio 14 Joyce, DavidDavid Joyce Republican Roman Catholic Geauga County Prosecutor University of Dayton 2013 1957
Ohio 15 Stivers, SteveSteve Stivers Republican United Methodist Ohio Senate Ohio State University 2011 1965
Ohio 16 Renacci, JimJim Renacci Republican Roman Catholic businessman, CPA Indiana University of Pennsylvania 2011 1958
Oklahoma 1 Bridenstine, JimJim Bridenstine Republican Baptist - SBC Museum director Rice University
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
2013 1975
Oklahoma 2 Mullin, MarkwayneMarkwayne Mullin Republican Pentecostalism Businessman Missouri Valley College 2013 1977
Oklahoma 3 Lucas, FrankFrank Lucas Republican Baptist - SBC Oklahoma House of Representatives Oklahoma State University 2003 1960
Oklahoma 4 Cole, TomTom Cole Republican United Methodist Oklahoma Senate, Oklahoma Secretary of State, college professor Grinnell College
Yale University
University of Oklahoma
2003 1949
Oklahoma 5 Lankford, JamesJames Lankford Republican Baptist - SBC youth minister University of Texas at Austin
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
2011 1968
Oregon 1 Bonamici, SuzanneSuzanne Bonamici Democratic Unknown Oregon House of Representatives, Oregon State Senate Lane Community College
University of Oregon
2012* 1954
Oregon 2 Walden, GregGreg Walden Republican Episcopalian Oregon House of Representatives, Oregon State Senate University of Oregon 1999 1957
Oregon 3 Blumenauer, EarlEarl Blumenauer Democratic unspecified Protestant Oregon state representative, Multnomah County Commissioner, Portland City Commissioner Lewis & Clark College 1996* 1948
Oregon 4 DeFazio, PeterPeter DeFazio Democratic Roman Catholic Lane County Commissioner, Chair Tufts University
University of Oregon
University of Notre Dame
1987 1947
Oregon 5 Schrader, KurtKurt Schrader Democratic Episcopalian Veterinarian, Oregon State Senate Cornell University
University of Illinois
2009 1951
Pennsylvania 1 Brady, BobBob Brady Democratic Roman Catholic Congressional aide; Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission St. Thomas More High School 1998* 1945
Pennsylvania 2 Fattah, ChakaChaka Fattah Democratic Baptist - NBC Pennsylvania General Assembly University of Pennsylvania 1995 1956
Pennsylvania 3 Kelly, MikeMike Kelly Republican Roman Catholic businessman University of Notre Dame 2011 1948
Pennsylvania 4 Perry, ScottScott Perry Republican United Brethren Pennsylvania House of Representatives Pennsylvania State University 2013 1962
Pennsylvania 5 Thompson, GlennGlenn Thompson Republican Nondenominational Christian Centre County Party Chairman Penn State University
Temple University
2009 1959
Pennsylvania 6 Gerlach, JimJim Gerlach Republican unspecified Protestant Pennsylvania General Assembly Dickinson College
Dickinson School of Law
2003 1955
Pennsylvania 7 Meehan, PatPat Meehan Republican Roman Catholic Delaware County District Attorney, U.S. Attorney Bowdoin College
Temple Law School
2011 1955
Pennsylvania 8 Fitzpatrick, MikeMike Fitzpatrick Republican Roman Catholic U.S. House St. Thomas University
Dickinson School of Law
2011 1963
Pennsylvania 9 Shuster, BillBill Shuster Republican Lutheran - ELCA Businessman Dickinson College
American University
2001* 1961
Pennsylvania 10 Marino, TomTom Marino Republican Roman Catholic U.S. Attorney Lycoming College
Dickinson School of Law
2011 1952
Pennsylvania 11 Barletta, LouLou Barletta Republican Roman Catholic Mayor of Hazleton 2011 1956
Pennsylvania 12 Rothfus, KeithKeith Rothfus Republican Roman Catholic Attorney SUNY Buffalo
University of Notre Dame
2013 1962
Pennsylvania 13 Schwartz, AllysonAllyson Schwartz Democratic Jewish Pennsylvania State Senate Simmons College
Bryn Mawr College
2005 1948
Pennsylvania 14 Doyle, MichaelMichael Doyle Democratic Roman Catholic State Senator Chief of Staff Penn State University 1995 1953
Pennsylvania 15 Dent, CharlieCharlie Dent Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Pennsylvania State Senate Penn State University
Lehigh University
2005 1960
Pennsylvania 16 Pitts, JoeJoe Pitts Republican Nondenominational Christian State Representative, Pennsylvania Asbury College 1997 1939
Pennsylvania 17 Cartwright, MattMatt Cartwright Democratic Roman Catholic Attorney Hamilton College
University of Pennsylvania Law School
2013 1961
Pennsylvania 18 Murphy, Timothy F.Timothy F. Murphy Republican Roman Catholic Pennsylvania State Senate Wheeling Jesuit University
Cleveland State University
University of Pittsburgh
2003 1952
Rhode Island 1 Cicilline, DavidDavid Cicilline Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Providence Brown University
Georgetown University Law Center
2011 1961
Rhode Island 2 Langevin, JimJim Langevin Democratic Roman Catholic Rhode Island State Assembly, Rhode Island Secretary of State Rhode Island College
Harvard University
2001 1964
South Carolina 1 Sanford, MarkMark Sanford Republican Episcopalian U.S. House (1995-2001), Governor of South Carolina Furman University
University of Virginia
2013* 1960
South Carolina 2 Wilson, JoeJoe Wilson Republican Presbyterian ARPC South Carolina Senate Washington and Lee University
University of South Carolina School of Law
2001* 1947
South Carolina 3 Duncan, JeffJeff Duncan Republican Baptist - SBC South Carolina House of Representatives Clemson University 2011 1966
South Carolina 4 Gowdy, TreyTrey Gowdy Republican Baptist - SBC 7th Circuit Solicitor Baylor University
University of South Carolina School of Law
2011 1964
South Carolina 5 Mulvaney, MickMick Mulvaney Republican Roman Catholic South Carolina House of Representatives, South Carolina Senate Georgetown University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2011 1967
South Carolina 6 Clyburn, JimJim Clyburn Democratic African Methodist Political aide, teacher South Carolina State University 1993 1940
South Carolina 7 Rice, TomTom Rice Republican Episcopalian Attorney, businessman University of South Carolina 2013 1957
South Dakota At Large Noem, KristiKristi Noem Republican Pentecostal - ICFG South Dakota House of Representatives South Dakota State University 2011 1971
Tennessee 1 Roe, PhilPhil Roe Republican United Methodist OB/GYN, Mayor of Johnson City Austin Peay State University
University of Tennessee
2009 1945
Tennessee 2 Duncan, JimmyJimmy Duncan Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) state court judge University of Tennessee
George Washington University
1988* 1947
Tennessee 3 Fleischmann, ChuckChuck Fleischmann Republican Roman Catholic attorney University of Illinois
University of Tennessee College of Law
2011 1962
Tennessee 4 DesJarlais, ScottScott DesJarlais Republican Episcopalian physician University of South Dakota
Sanford School of Medicine of the University of South Dakota
2011 1964
Tennessee 5 Cooper, JimJim Cooper Democratic Episcopalian college professor University of North Carolina
Oriel College
Harvard Law School
2003 1954
Tennessee 6 Black, DianeDiane Black Republican Lutheran - ELCA Tennessee House of Representatives, Tennessee Senate Belmont University 2011 1951
Tennessee 7 Blackburn, MarshaMarsha Blackburn Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Tennessee Senate Mississippi State University 2003 1952
Tennessee 8 Fincher, StephenStephen Fincher Republican United Methodist farmer 2011 1973
Tennessee 9 Cohen, SteveSteve Cohen Democratic Jewish Tennessee Senate, Attorney Vanderbilt University
University of Memphis
2007 1949
Texas 1 Gohmert, LouieLouie Gohmert Republican Baptist - SBC Texas appeals court judge Texas A&M University
Baylor University
2005 1953
Texas 2 Poe, TedTed Poe Republican Churches of Christ federal court judge Abilene Christian University
University of Houston Law Center
2005 1948
Texas 3 Johnson, SamSam Johnson Republican United Methodist Texas state legislator Southern Methodist University 1991* 1930
Texas 4 Hall, RalphRalph Hall Republican United Methodist Texas Senate, attorney; financial executive Southern Methodist University
Texas Christian University (attended)
University of Texas at Austin (attended)
1981 1923
Texas 5 Hensarling, JebJeb Hensarling Republican Episcopalian energy executive Texas A&M University
University of Texas at Austin
2003 1957
Texas 6 Barton, JoeJoe Barton Republican United Methodist oil industry consultant Texas A&M University
Purdue University
1985 1949
Texas 7 Culberson, JohnJohn Culberson Republican United Methodist Texas House of Representatives Southern Methodist University
South Texas College of Law
2001 1956
Texas 8 Brady, KevinKevin Brady Republican Roman Catholic Beaumont, Texas Chamber of Commerce executive University of South Dakota 1997 1955
Texas 9 Green, AlAl Green Democratic Baptist - SBC Harris County Justice of the Peace, Houston NAACP president Florida A&M University
Tuskeegee Institute
Texas Southern University
2005 1947
Texas 10 McCaul, MichaelMichael McCaul Republican Roman Catholic Attorney, federal prosecutor Trinity University
St. Mary's University
Kennedy School of Government (attended)
2005 1962
Texas 11 Conaway, MikeMike Conaway Republican Baptist - SBC oil exploration executive Texas A&M University–Commerce 2005 1948
Texas 12 Granger, KayKay Granger Republican United Methodist Mayor of Fort Worth Texas Wesleyan University 1999 1943
Texas 13 Thornberry, MacMac Thornberry Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Rancher, attorney Texas Tech University
University of Texas Law School
1995 1958
Texas 14 Weber, RandyRandy Weber Republican Baptist - SBC Texas House of Representatives University of Houston–Clear Lake 2013 1953
Texas 15 Hinojosa, RubénRubén Hinojosa Democratic Roman Catholic food processing executive, Texas State Board of Education University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas-Pan American
1997 1940
Texas 16 O'Rourke, BetoBeto O'Rourke Democratic Roman Catholic El Paso City Councilman Columbia University (attended) 2013 1972
Texas 17 Flores, BillBill Flores Republican Baptist - SBC businessman Texas A&M University
Houston Baptist University
2011 1954
Texas 18 Jackson Lee, SheilaSheila Jackson Lee Democratic Seventh-Day Adventist Houston City Council Yale University
University of Virginia Law School
1995 1950
Texas 19 Neugebauer, RandyRandy Neugebauer Republican Baptist - SBC Lubbock City Council, real estate developer Texas Tech University 2003 1949
Texas 20 Castro, JoaquínJoaquín Castro Democratic Roman Catholic Texas House of Representatives Stanford University
Harvard Law School
2013 1974
Texas 21 Smith, Lamar S.Lamar S. Smith Republican Christian Scientist Bexar County, Texas commissioner Yale University
Southern Methodist University School of Law
1987 1947
Texas 22 Olson, PetePete Olson Republican United Methodist Congressional aide Rice University
University of Texas at Austin
2009 1962
Texas 23 Gallego, PetePete Gallego Democratic Roman Catholic Texas House of Representatives Sul Ross State University
University of Texas School of Law
2013 1961
Texas 24 Marchant, KennyKenny Marchant Republican Nazarene mayor of Carrolton, State Representative, Texas Southern Nazarene University 2005 1951
Texas 25 Williams, RogerRoger Williams Republican Disciples of Christ Secretary of State of Texas Texas Christian University 2013 1949
Texas 26 Burgess, MichaelMichael Burgess Republican Anglican (REC) physician University of North Texas
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
2003 1950
Texas 27 Farenthold, BlakeBlake Farenthold Republican Episcopalian attorney University of Texas at Austin
St. Mary's University School of Law
2011 1961
Texas 28 Cuellar, HenryHenry Cuellar Democratic Roman Catholic Texas House of Representatives, Texas Secretary of State Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
University of Texas at Austin
2005 1955
Texas 29 Green, GeneGene Green Democratic United Methodist Texas House of Representatives, Texas Senate University of Houston 1993 1947
Texas 30 Johnson, EddieEddie Johnson Democratic Baptist - NBC Texas Senate, nurse Saint Mary's College-Indiana
Texas Christian University
Southern Methodist University
1991 1935
Texas 31 Carter, JohnJohn Carter Republican Lutheran - ELCA district judge Texas Tech University
University of Texas at Austin
2003 1941
Texas 32 Sessions, PetePete Sessions Republican United Methodist marketing executive Southwestern University 1997 1955
Texas 33 Veasey, MarcMarc Veasey Democratic Baptist Texas House of Representatives Texas Wesleyan University 2013 1971
Texas 34 Vela, Jr., FilemonFilemon Vela, Jr. Democratic Roman Catholic Attorney Georgetown University
University of Texas School of Law
2013 1963
Texas 35 Doggett, LloydLloyd Doggett Democratic United Methodist Texas Senate, Texas Supreme Court justice, college professor University of Texas at Austin 1995 1946
Texas 36 Stockman, SteveSteve Stockman Republican Baptist - SBC U.S. House University of Houston–Clear Lake 2013 1956
Utah 1 Bishop, RobRob Bishop Republican Mormon Utah State Representative, Chairman of the Utah Republican Party University of Utah 2003 1951
Utah 2 Stewart, ChrisChris Stewart Republican Mormon Author, businessman Utah State University 2013 1960
Utah 3 Chaffetz, JasonJason Chaffetz Republican Mormon Business relations executive Brigham Young University 2009 1967
Utah 4 Matheson, JimJim Matheson Democratic Mormon Business owner Harvard University
University of California, Los Angeles
2001 1960
Vermont At Large Welch, PeterPeter Welch Democratic Roman Catholic Vermont Senate President Pro Tempore College of the Holy Cross
University of California, Berkeley
2007 1947
Virginia 1 Wittman, RobRob Wittman Republican Episcopalian Mayor of Montross, Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors, Virginia House of Delegates Virginia Tech
University of North Carolina
Virginia Commonwealth University
2007* 1959
Virginia 2 Rigell, ScottScott Rigell Republican Nondenominational Christian businessman Mercer University
Regent University
2011 1960
Virginia 3 Scott, RobertRobert Scott Democratic Episcopalian Virginia State Legislature Harvard University
Boston College Law School
1993 1947
Virginia 4 Forbes, RandyRandy Forbes Republican Baptist - SBC Virginia Senate Randolph-Macon College
University of Virginia School of Law
2001 1952
Virginia 5 Hurt, RobertRobert Hurt Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Virginia House of Delegates, Virginia Senate Hampden-Sydney College
Mississippi College School of Law
2011 1969
Virginia 6 Goodlatte, BobBob Goodlatte Republican Christian Scientist Private legal practice Bates College
Washington and Lee University
1993 1952
Virginia 7 Brat, DaveDave Brat Republican Christian Economics professor at Randolph–Macon College Hope College
Princeton Theological Seminary
American University
2014* 1964
Virginia 8 Moran, JimJim Moran Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Alexandria College of the Holy Cross
University of Pittsburgh
1991 1945
Virginia 9 Griffith, MorganMorgan Griffith Republican Episcopalian Virginia House of Delegates Emory and Henry College
Washington and Lee University
2011 1958
Virginia 10 Wolf, FrankFrank Wolf Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior Pennsylvania State University
Georgetown University
1981 1939
Virginia 11 Connolly, GerryGerry Connolly Democratic Roman Catholic public administration Maryknoll College (Illinois) (closed)
Harvard University
2009 1950
Washington 1 DelBene, SuzanSuzan DelBene Democratic Episcopalian Washington Department of Revenue Director Reed College
University of Washington
2012* 1963
Washington 2 Larsen, RickRick Larsen Democratic United Methodist Snohomish County Council Pacific Lutheran University
University of Minnesota
2001 1965
Washington 3 Herrera Beutler, JaimeJaime Herrera Beutler Republican unspecified Christian Washington House of Representatives University of Washington 2011 1978
Washington 4 Hastings, DocDoc Hastings Republican Presbyterian Washington House of Representatives Columbia University
Central Washington University
1995 1941
Washington 5 McMorris Rodgers, CathyCathy McMorris Rodgers Republican Evangelical Free Church Washington House of Representatives Pensacola Christian College
University of Washington
2005 1969
Washington 6 Kilmer, DerekDerek Kilmer Democratic United Methodist Washington State Senate Princeton University
University of Oxford
2013 1974
Washington 7 McDermott, JimJim McDermott Democratic Episcopalian Psychiatrist, Washington State Senate Wheaton College
University of Illinois
1989 1936
Washington 8 Reichert, DaveDave Reichert Republican Lutheran - LCMS King County Sheriff Concordia College 2005 1950
Washington 9 Smith, AdamAdam Smith Democratic Episcopalian Washington State Senate Fordham University
University of Washington
1997 1965
Washington 10 Heck, DennisDennis Heck Democratic Lutheran - ELCA Washington House of Representatives The Evergreen State College 2013 1952
West Virginia 1 McKinley, DavidDavid McKinley Republican Episcopalian businessman Purdue University 2011 1947
West Virginia 2 Moore Capito, ShelleyShelley Moore Capito Republican Presbyterian PC(USA) West Virginia House of Delegates Duke University
University of Virginia
2001 1953
West Virginia 3 Rahall, NickNick Rahall Democratic Presbyterian PC(USA) Senate Staff Member; media executive Duke University
George Washington University
1977 1949
Wisconsin 1 Ryan, PaulPaul Ryan Republican Roman Catholic Legislative Director Miami University 1999 1970
Wisconsin 2 Pocan, MarkMark Pocan Democratic Unspecified Wisconsin State Assembly University of Wisconsin–Madison 2013 1964
Wisconsin 3 Kind, RonRon Kind Democratic Lutheran - WELS County Prosecutor London School of Economics
University of Minnesota
1997 1963
Wisconsin 4 Moore, GwenGwen Moore Democratic Baptist Wisconsin State Assembly, Wisconsin State Senate Marquette University
Harvard University
2005 1951
Wisconsin 5 Sensenbrenner, JimJim Sensenbrenner Republican Episcopalian Wisconsin State Senate Stanford University
University of Wisconsin
1979 1943
Wisconsin 6 Petri, TomTom Petri Republican Lutheran - ELCA Wisconsin State Senate Harvard University 1979 1940
Wisconsin 7 Duffy, SeanSean Duffy Republican Roman Catholic Ashland County District Attorney St. Mary's University
William Mitchell College of Law
2011 1971
Wisconsin 8 Ribble, ReidReid Ribble Republican Nondenominational Christian businessman 2011 1956
Wyoming At Large Lummis, CynthiaCynthia Lummis Republican Lutheran - LCMS Wyoming State Treasurer University of Wyoming 2009 1954


District Name Party Religion Former Experience Schooling Assumed Office Born In
American Samoa Fa'aua'a Hunkin Faleomavaega, Jr., EniEni Fa'aua'a Hunkin Faleomavaega, Jr. Democratic Mormon Lieutenant Governor of American Samoa Brigham Young University, University of Houston, University of California, Berkeley 1989 1943
District of Columbia Holmes Norton, EleanorEleanor Holmes Norton Democratic Episcopalian Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Antioch College, Yale University, Yale Law School 1991 1937
Guam Bordallo, MadeleineMadeleine Bordallo Democratic Roman Catholic Lieutenant Governor of Guam Saint Mary's College, College of St. Catherine 2003 1933
Puerto Rico Pierluisi, PedroPedro Pierluisi New Progressive Party
and Democratic
Roman Catholic Attorney General of Puerto Rico George Washington University 2009 1959
United States Virgin Islands Christian-Christensen, DonnaDonna Christian-Christensen Democratic Moravian Commissioner of Health George Washington University 1997 1945
Northern Mariana Islands Sablan, GregorioGregorio Sablan Democratic Roman Catholic Election Commission Director Marianas High School 2009 1955


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