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Daewoo Bus

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Title: Daewoo Bus  
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Daewoo Bus

Zyle Daewoo Bus Corporation
Type Public
Industry Automotive industry
Founded Shinjin Motors (1955)
General Motors Korea
Saehan Motor Company (1976)
Daewoo (1983)
Daewoo Heavy Industry (1994)
Daewoo Motor Company (1999)
Daewoo Bus Corporation since 2002
Area served Asia, South America and Middle East
Key people Kim Jae-yong, President and CEO
Products Buses
Revenue Increase 300.2 million
Total equity Increase 100.6 million
Employees 5,000
Parent Young-An Hat Company
Website Daewoo Bus Korean Homepage
Daewoo Bus
Hangul 자일대우버스
Hanja 大宇버스
Revised Romanization Dae-u Beoseu
McCune–Reischauer Taeu Pŏsŭ

Zyle Daewoo Bus Corporation (hangul:자일대우버스) is a manufacturer of buses, it is headquartered in Busan, South Korea, and it is parent company Young-An Hat Company. it was established in 2002 after the merger with Daewoo Motor Company. These buses are primarily used for public transportation. Daewoo Bus is a second-largest bus manufacturer, and has been in a partnership in 2006 with GM Daewoo (now General Motors Korea).


Current Production

Daewoo Bus' principal subsidiaries and partners are:

Former Production

Daewoo Bus Busan Plant.[3][4]

Current products

Daewoo Bus BX212 for Sugisaki Kankō Bus, Japan
Daewoo BF106 operated by HM Transport Inc. in the Philippines
Daewoo BH117K bus by Nan Jye Co., Ltd in Taiwan.
Daewoo BS120CN by Taiwan Capital Bus Company
Daewoo BS106
Daewoo BH117H by Fuho Bus
Daewoo BC211MA
Big transportation bus (New Model)
  • FX212 Super Cruiser
  • FX120 Cruising Star
  • FX116/115 Cruising Arrow (Some of FX116 are operating as line bus in South Korea with CNG engine)
  • BH120F Royal Cruiser II
  • BH116 Royal Luxury II
Big transportation bus
  • BX212H/S Royal Hi-decker
  • BH120F Royal Cruiser
  • BH119 Royal Special
  • BH117H Royal Cruistar
  • BH116 Royal Luxury
  • BH115E Royal Economy
  • BH115H Royal Express
Smally medium-duty bus
  • BF106 (Front Engine/Diesel)
  • BH090 Royal Star
Line bus
  • BS120CN Royal Nonstep (NGV)
  • BS110CN Royal Nonstep (NGV/Diesel)
  • BV120MA
  • BC211M Royal Hi-city (NGV/Diesel)
  • BS106/106L Royal City (NGV/Diesel)
  • BS090 Royal Midi
Sta. Rosa Motorworks
  • BV115 Cityliner/Jetliner (Rear-engine/Diesel)
  • BF106 Cityliner (Front Engine/Diesel)
  • BS106 SR620NV/Cityliner (NGV/Diesel)
Guilin Daewoo
  • GL6127HK
  • GL6128HK
  • GDW6117HK
  • GL6129HC
  • GL6128HW
  • GDW6120HG

Former products

See also GM Daewoo

Shinjin Motor (1955~1971)[5]

  • Shinjin Micro Bus (1962)
  • Shinjin Light Bus (1965)
  • Pioneer (1965)
  • FB100LK (1966)
  • B-FB-50 (1966)
  • DB102L (1968)
  • DHB400C (1970)
  • DAB (1970)
  • RC420TP (1971)

GM Korea Motor Company (1972~1976)[6]

  • DB105LC (1972)
  • BD50DL (1973)
  • BLD24 (1973)
  • BD098 (1976)
  • BD101 (1976)
  • BU100/110 (1976)

Saehan Motor Company (1976~1983)[7]

  • BU120 (1976)
  • BL064 (1977)
  • BF101 (1977)
  • BR101 (1980)
  • BH120 (1981)
  • BV113 (1982)
  • BF105 (1982)

Daewoo Motor Company (1st, 1983~1994)

  • BV101 (1983)
  • BH120S (1983)
  • BH115Q (1984)
  • BH120H (1985)
  • BS105S (1985)
  • BS105 (1986)
  • BU113 (1986)
  • BH115H (1986)
  • BF120 (1987)
  • BS106 (1990)
  • BH120F (2014)
  • BH113 (1994)

Daewoo Heavy Industry (1994~1999)

  • BH117H (1995)
  • BM090 (1996)
  • BH116 (1997)
  • BH115E (1998)

Daewoo Motor Company (2nd, 1999~2002)

  • BF106 (2001)
  • BH090 (2001)
  • BS090 (2002)
  • BV120MA (2002)
  • BS120CN (2002)

Daewoo Bus (2002~2013)

  • BH119 (2003)
  • BX212H/S (2004)
  • BC211M (2005)
  • DM 1724 urban bus
  • DM 1731 suburban bus
  • FX series (2007)
  • BC212MA (2007)

Zyle Daewoo bus

  • lestar(2013)
  • BH119 (2003)
  • BX212H/S (2004)
  • BC211M (2005)
  • DM 1724 urban bus
  • DM 1731 suburban bus
  • FX series (2007)
  • BC212MA (2007)

See also


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