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DejaVu Sans

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Title: DejaVu Sans  
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DejaVu Sans

"DejaVu" redirects here. For the feeling that one has witnessed something previously, see déjà vu. For other uses, see Déjà vu (disambiguation).

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The DejaVu fonts are modifications of the Bitstream Vera fonts designed for greater coverage of Unicode, as well as providing more styles. The Bitstream Vera family was limited mainly to the characters in the Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement portions of Unicode (roughly equivalent to ISO-8859-15) but was released with a license that permitted changes. The DejaVu fonts project was started with the aim to "provide a wider range of characters... while maintaining the original look and feel through the process of collaborative development". The development of the fonts is done by many contributors, and is organized through a wiki and a mailing list.

The DejaVu fonts project was started by Štěpán Roh. Over time, it has absorbed several other projects that also existed to extend the Bitstream Vera typefaces; these projects include the Olwen Font Family, Bepa, Arev Fonts (only partially), and the SuSE standard fonts. The fonts are free software, and may thus freely be embedded. DejaVu fonts can be obtained from the DejaVu project on SourceForge. Some GNU/Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Mandriva Linux) include DejaVu fonts in their default installation.[1][2][3][4] The open source software includes DejaVu fonts in its installation packages.[5][6][7] These fonts are also included in proprietary BlackBerry OS (under the name BBAlphaSans and BBAlphaSerif).[8]

Role of typographically-incompatible scripts

Recently there has been some question within the DejaVu community about the role of scripts typographically incompatible with the typographically-similar scripts Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic (LGC). Most notably, Arabic has been added, but it has caused some software compatibility issues. Further, Latin and Arabic scripts have fundamentally different approaches to typefaces: while Latin fonts have serif and sans-serif versions, Arabic fonts have different distinctions (see Islamic calligraphy). It is still uncertain how the project should handle the mixture between different Latin faces and the different Arabic faces.

The uncertain status of Arabic and other alphabets has led to the creation of DejaVu LGC, a subset of the DejaVu fonts which contains only Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters. This version also tends not to experience as many software issues.

Unicode coverage

DejaVu is an active project, which aims for complete coverage of the alphabetic scripts, abjads, and symbols with all characters that are part of the MES-1, MES-2, and hopefully MES-3 subsets of Unicode. The coverage is already considerable, although some more work is needed to include more hinting rules for clear results at small sizes. Some kerning rules are still being developed for the Sans and Serif styles, for fine typography. Some work is still also needed to create ligatures in these styles.

As of version 2.32, it included characters from the following Unicode blocks.[9] (The fraction given is the number of characters in each block that are included in the DejaVu fonts.)

Plane 0: Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) Range: 0000-FFFF (0–65,535)

C0 Controls and Basic Latin (95/95) Template:Bartable
C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement (96/96) Template:Bartable
Latin Extended-A (128/128) Template:Bartable
Latin Extended-B (208/208) Template:Bartable
IPA Extensions (96/96) Template:Bartable
Spacing Modifier Letters (63/80) Template:Bartable
Combining Diacritical Marks (93/112) Template:Bartable
Greek and Coptic (134/134) Template:Bartable
Cyrillic (256/256) Template:Bartable
Cyrillic Supplement (36/38) Template:Bartable
Armenian (86/86) Template:Bartable
Hebrew (54/87) Template:Bartable
Arabic (161/250) Template:Bartable
N'Ko (54/59) Template:Bartable
Thai (1/87) Template:Bartable
Lao (65/65) Template:Bartable
Georgian (83/83) Template:Bartable
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics (404/640) Template:Bartable
Ogham (29/29) Template:Bartable
Phonetic Extensions (106/128) Template:Bartable
Phonetic Extensions Supplement (38/64) Template:Bartable
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement (6/42) Template:Bartable
Latin Extended Additional (252/256) Template:Bartable
Greek Extended (233/233) Template:Bartable
General Punctuation (107/107) Template:Bartable
Superscripts and Subscripts (34/34) Template:Bartable
Currency Symbols (23/25) Template:Bartable
Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols (7/33) Template:Bartable
Letterlike Symbols (75/80) Template:Bartable
Number Forms (55/58) Template:Bartable
Arrows (112/112) Template:Bartable
Mathematical Operators (256/256) Template:Bartable
Miscellaneous Technical (117/232) Template:Bartable
Control Pictures (2/39) Template:Bartable
Enclosed Alphanumerics (10/160) Template:Bartable
Box Drawing (128/128) Template:Bartable
Block Elements (32/32) Template:Bartable
Geometric Shapes (96/96) Template:Bartable
Miscellaneous Symbols (186/250) Template:Bartable
Dingbats (174/175) Template:Bartable
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A (9/44) Template:Bartable
Supplemental Arrows-A (16/16) Template:Bartable
Braille Patterns (256/256) Template:Bartable
Supplemental Arrows-B (128/128) Template:Bartable
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B (13/128) Template:Bartable
Supplemental Mathematical Operators (72/256) Template:Bartable
Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows (35/87) Template:Bartable
Latin Extended-C (31/32) Template:Bartable
Tifinagh (55/55) Template:Bartable
Supplemental Punctuation (6/50) Template:Bartable
Yijing Hexagram Symbols (64/64) Template:Bartable
Cyrillic Extended-B (31/78) Template:Bartable
Modifier Tone Letters (20/32) Template:Bartable
Latin Extended-D (57/114) Template:Bartable
Alphabetic Presentation Forms (58/58) Template:Bartable
Arabic Presentation Forms-A (98/595) Template:Bartable
Variation Selectors (16/16) Template:Bartable
Combining Half Marks (4/7) Template:Bartable
Arabic Presentation Forms-B (141/141) Template:Bartable
Specials (5/5) Template:Bartable

Plane 1: Supplementary Multilingual Plane (SMP) Range: 10000-1FFFF (65,536–131,071)

Tai Xuan Jing Symbols (87/87) Template:Bartable
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols (117/996) Template:Bartable
Domino Tiles (100/100) Template:Bartable


The 10 styles provided by the original Bitstream Vera fonts have been augmented to 21 styles:

DejaVu Sans DejaVu Serif DejaVu Sans Mono
Book / Oblique Book / Italic Book / Oblique
Bold / Oblique Bold / Italic Bold / Oblique
Condensed / Oblique Condensed / Italic
Condensed Bold / Oblique Condensed Bold / Italic

Original styles are marked in bold.

Sans Mono

The DejaVu Sans Mono typeface in particular is suitable for technical work, as it clearly distinguishes 'l' (lowercase L) from '1' (one) and 'I' (uppercase i), and '0' (zero) from 'O', unlike the more widely available Monotype Courier New.[10] A derivative of Sans Mono, Menlo, is provided by Apple with the Mac OS X 10.6 operating system.

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