Distinct cell types in the adult human body

There are many different types of cells in the human body.

Cells that are derived primarily from endoderm

Exocrine secretory epithelial cells

All 200 different cells in the human body

Hormone secreting cells

Derived primarily from ectoderm

Integumentary system

Keratinizing epithelial cells

  • Epidermal keratinocyte (differentiating epidermal cell)
  • Epidermal basal cell (stem cell)
  • Keratinocyte of fingernails and toenails
  • Nail bed basal cell (stem cell)
  • Medullary hair shaft cell
  • Cortical hair shaft cell
  • Cuticular hair shaft cell
  • Cuticular hair root sheath cell
  • Hair root sheath cell of Huxley's layer
  • Hair root sheath cell of Henle's layer
  • External hair root sheath cell
  • Hair matrix cell (stem cell)

Wet stratified barrier epithelial cells

Nervous system

There are nerve cells, also known as neurons, present in our human body. They are branched out. These cells make up nervous tissue. A neuron consists of a cell body with a nucleus and cytoplasm, from which long thin hair-like parts arise.

Sensory transducer cells


  • Cholinergic neural cell (various types)
  • Adrenergic neural cell (various types)
  • Peptidergic neural cell (various types)

Sense organ and peripheral neuron supporting cells

  • Inner pillar cell of organ of Corti
  • Outer pillar cell of organ of Corti
  • Inner phalangeal cell of organ of Corti
  • Outer phalangeal cell of organ of Corti
  • Border cell of organ of Corti
  • Hensen cell of organ of Corti
  • Vestibular apparatus supporting cell
  • Taste bud supporting cell
  • Olfactory epithelium supporting cell
  • Schwann cell
  • Satellite glial cell (encapsulating peripheral nerve cell bodies)
  • Enteric glial cell

Central nervous system neurons and glial cells

Lens cells

  • Anterior lens epithelial cell
  • Crystallin-containing lens fiber cell

Derived primarily from mesoderm

Metabolism and storage cells

Barrier function cells (lung, gut, exocrine glands and urogenital tract)


Extracellular matrix cells

Contractile cells

Blood and immune system cells

Germ cells

Nurse cells

  • Ovarian follicle cell
  • Sertoli cell (in testis)
  • Thymus epithelial cell

Interstitial cells


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