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Edmund Burke

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Title: Edmund Burke  
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Subject: Conservatism, Charles James Fox, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Impeachment of Warren Hastings, Thomas Paine
Collection: 1729 Births, 1797 Deaths, 18Th-Century British Writers, 18Th-Century Irish Writers, 18Th-Century Philosophers, Alumni of Trinity College, Dublin, Articles Which Contain Graphical Timelines, British Classical Liberals, British People of Irish Descent, British Political Philosophers, British Political Theorists, Christian Philosophers, Conservatism, Critics of Atheism, Early Modern Philosophers, Historians of the French Revolution, Irish Anglicans, Irish Diaspora Politicians, Members of the Parliament of Great Britain for English Constituencies, Members of the Privy Council of Great Britain, Paymasters of the Forces, People Associated with Trinity College, Dublin, People from Dublin (City), Philosophers of Art, Political Philosophers, Politics of Bristol, Prejudices, Rectors of the University of Glasgow, Streathamites, Whig (British Political Party) Mps
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Edmund Burke

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