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Education in Macau

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Title: Education in Macau  
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Education in Macau

Education in Macau
Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ)
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Leong Lai
Lou Pak Sang
Kuok Sio Lai
General details
Primary languages Chinese and English, Portuguese

Most of the schools in Macau are private or subsidized schools. There are only a few government or state schools, in which Portuguese is used as a medium of instruction or taken as a compulsory subject in Macau. A basic 15 years compulsory, free education, is offered to those pupils who have been enrolled at the schools which have met certain requirements stipulated by the government.

Moreover, the majority of the schools in Macau are so-called grammar schools, which offer language learning, mathematics, science subjects, social studies, etc. to the pupils. There are only a few vocational schools in Macau, offering technical subjects such as car-repairing, electronics, constructions, etc.

As prescribed by the Basic Law of Macau Chapter VI Article 121, the Government of Macau shall, on its own, formulate policies on education, including policies regarding the educational system and its administration, the language of instruction, the allocation of funds, the examination system, the recognition of educational qualifications and the system of academic awards so as to promote educational development. The government shall also in accordance with law, gradually institute a compulsory education system. Community organizations and individuals may, in accordance with law, run educational undertakings of various kinds.


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System of education

Education in Macau
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At present, most schools in Macau follow a so-called ″local education system″ . That is, 6 years Edexcel, CIE and College Board, or the related government bodies in mainland China and Taiwan.

School Grade

Typical age Grade/Level Curriculum Stages Schools
3 N/A Infant Education Kindergarten
6—10 Primary 1 Primary Education Primary School
7—11 Primary 2
8—12 Primary 3
9—13 Primary 4
10—14 Primary 5
11—15 Primary 6
12—16 Form 1 Junior Secondary Education Junior Secondary School
13—17 Form 2
14—18 Form 3
15—19 Form 4 Senior Secondary Education Vocational and Technical Education Senior Secondary School Vocational School
16—20 Form 5
17—21 Form 6

Mediums of instruction

Pui Ching, a secondary school in Macau

Regarding language learning in Macau, Cantonese and English are offered at most of the schools. Escola Portuguesa de Macau is currently the only school in Macao offering curricula similar to those of Portugal and a Portuguese-language education for pupils from 1st grade to 12th grade.

Primary education

Secondary and vocational education

Higher education

There are more than ten higher-learning institutions in Macau. Some student choose to further their studies in the local universities or polytechnics whereas some others choose to further their studies in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, or some other places.

See also

Further reading

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