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Football at the 1906 Intercalated Games

At the 1906 Summer Olympics, called "Intercalated Games", in Athens, an unofficial football event was contested. Only four teams competed, three of them clubs from Greece and the Ottoman Empire. Some medal tables give the gold to Denmark and the silver and bronze to Turkey.[1]

The Athens team withdrew from the final at half time to preserve their dignity, and were then invited to play off in a match to decide second place, but declined and were promptly ejected from the tournament.

Smyrna and Thessaloniki, both then cities in the Ottoman Empire, played off instead. The Thessaloniki team composition was Greek from the group of "Friends of the Arts" (Omilos Philomuson, later Iraklis Thessaloniki F.C.).[2] The Smyrna team consisted of English, French and Armenian players.

The Danish team was a selection of players from Copenhagen Football Association.[2]

The goalscorers of this tournament are unknown.


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April 23
Denmark 5 - 1 Smyrna
Athens 5 - 0 Thessaloniki
Final, April 24
Denmark 9 - 0 Athens
Second Place Match, April 25
Smyrna 12 - 0 Thessaloniki


  •  Denmark: Viggo Andersen, Peder Pedersen, Charles von Buchwald, Parmo Ferslev, Stefan Rasmussen, Aage Andersen, Oscar Nielsen, Carl Pedersen, Holger Frederiksen, August Lindgren, Henry Rambusch, Hjalmar Herup
  • Smyrna (Ottoman Empire): Edwin Charnaud, Zareh Kouyoumdjian, Edouard Giraud, Jacques Giraud, Henri Joly, Percy de la Fontaine, Donald Whittal, Albert Whittal, Godfrey Whittal, Harold Whittal, Edward Whittal.
  • Vasilios Zarkadis, Dimitrios Mikhitsopoulos, Antonios Karagionidis, Ioannis Abbot, Ioannis Saridakis.
  • Athens (Greece): Panagiotis Vrionis, Nikolaos Dekavalas, Georgios Merkouris, Konstantinos Botasis, Grigorios Vrionis, Panagiotis Botasis, Georgios Gerontakis, Alexandros Kalafatis, Theodoros Nikolaidis, Konstantinos Siriotis, A. Georgiadis.

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^ Player of the originally from Armenia, grammatically correct to write Kouyoumdjian, both written in the English language. Name Zareck in Armenia does not exist. The most likely name of the player - Zaren.

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