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Gazipur District

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Title: Gazipur District  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Gazipur City, Kapasia Upazila, Gazipur Sadar Upazila, Kaliakair Upazila, Kaliganj Upazila, Gazipur
Collection: Districts of Bangladesh, Gazipur District
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Gazipur District

গাজীপুর জেলা
Nickname(s): KMS Multimedia
Motto: Sataish,Tongi,Gazipur
Location of Gazipur in Bangladesh
Location of Gazipur in Bangladesh
Country  Bangladesh
Division Dhaka Division
 • Total 1,741.53 km2 (672.41 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
 • Total 3,403,912
 • Density 2,000/km2 (5,100/sq mi)
Literacy rate
 • Total 36%
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Postal code 1712
Coast 5 km (3.1 mi)

Gazipur District (Bengali: গাজীপুর জেলা) is a district of Dhaka Division in Bangladesh. It has an area of 1741.53 km2.[1]

Gazipur (Town) has 9 wards and 31 mahallas. The area of the town is 49.32 km2. The town's population is 123,531; male 52.52%, female 47.48%; density is 2,505 per km2. Various establishments such as Islamic University of Technology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, and others are located here.


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  • Thana and subdistricts of Gazipur 6
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Administrator of Zila Porishod: Akhteruzzaman [3]

Deputy Commissioner (DC): Nurul Islam [4]

Sub districts

Gazipur district was established in 1984. It has 6 upazilas, 46 union Union Parishads, 710 mouzas, 2 municipalities and 1163 villages.

The six upazilas (previously known as "thanas") in Gazipur are:


There are five universities in Gazipur — OIC. Educational institutions in the area include:

* Bhringoraj Talebabad High School, Boliadi, Kaliakair.

  • Kaliakair Degree College, Boliadi, Kaliakair.
  • M A Aziz Peace Institute of Technology,(Peaceful Technology for the Solution of Humanity)

BTEB-53084,West Chatter, Gazipur-1703, Bangladesh

  • Ideal Pre Cadet School Gazipur
  • Tapir Bari High School
  • Azmatpur Adarsha School & College, Kaliganj
  • Jangalia High School
  • Berua A R Khan High School
  • St. Nicolas High School, Nagori, Kaligonj
  • Bhawal Badre Alam Govt. College
  • Kazi Azim Uddin College.
  • Dhaladia Degree College J.H
  • Pubail Adarsha college
  • Rani Bilashmoni Govt. Boys' High School
  • Ranigonj High School
  • Bhawal Rajabari High School J.H
  • Vadun High School.
  • V.S.A.J Ansar V.D.P School And College, Shafipur, Kaliakoir, Gazipur
  • Mouchak Scout High School, Mouchak, Kaliakoir, Gazipur
  • West Chandana Govt. Primary School
  • Chandana High School
  • Banshtali Govt. Primary School
  • Golamnobi Pilote High School
  • Barmi Bazar High School
  • Barmi Jamia Anwaria Madrasa, Biggest Kowmi Madrasa in Gazipur.
  • Pubail High School
  • KIDS PARK SCHOOL, Pubail, Gazipur
  • Barai Bari A K U Institution & College,Kaliakoir.
  • Gazipur Cantonment College
  • Kalpar Pollimangul High School,Kaliakoir.
  • Shafiuddin Sarker Academy and College
  • Tongi Pilot School and Girls College
  • Kamarjury Yousuf Ali High School, Kamarjury, Gasha.
  • Kalmeswer Rokeya Soroni Girl's High School, Board Bazar.
  • Khandakar Rojob Ali Biddiya Niketon, Board Bazar,Gazipur
  • Gasha High School, Gasha.
  • Badsha Mia High School
  • Tongi govt. college
  • M E H Arif College,Konabari,Gazipur
  • Khailkor Badshah Miah Agranaye Biddalaya, Gazipur
  • Ta'mirul Millat Kamil Madrasha (Tongi Campus)
  • Telihaty High School
  • Empo Angels School
  • Rangamatia High School, Kaligonj
  • Sreepur University College
  • Abdul Awal College
  • Piar Ali college
  • *Hatimara High School and College
  • Rover poly degree college
  • Bhawal mirzapur degree college
  • Baw para govt. primary school
  • Abder bazar govt. primary school
  • Kapasia Degree college
  • Bhasa Shahid Abdul Jabbar College and High School (formerly known as Ansar VDP High School)
  • Rajendrapur cant. public school & college, jogirsit high school
  • Satkhamair high school,
  • Gazipur City College, Chandana Chawrasta,
  • Gzzipur City Model School, Chandana Chawraste, Gazipur.
  • ARSI Multimedia School
  • M.M.Neaz-Uddin High School
  • Matrykole Pre- Cadet school.
  • Silmoon Abdul Hakim Master High school
  • Pubail Muktilateral High school
  • Kaligonj Shramik (Degree) College
  • Kaligonj Women College
  • Kaligonj RRN Pilot High School
  • Kaligonj Govt. Girls High School
  • Rangamatia Govt. Primary School, Kaligonj
  • Kayer High School, Kaligonj
  • Badsha Mia High School,Boardbazar
  • Tomilia Boys High School, Kaligonj
  • St. Merry's Girls High School, Tomilia, Kaligonj
  • Holy Model School, Tengra,Sreepur,Gazipur
  • Rangamatia High School.
  • Dagari Adarsha High School, Mirzapur, Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur
  • Saturia Sulhaty High School,Haturia Chala,Kaliakoir,Gazipur.
  • Cantonment BOF English School, Gazipur cantonment. Simoltoli, Gazipur.
  • Pioneer Model School, Karomtola, Gazipur
  • Panjora Girls High School, Nagori, Kaligonj,
  • Aloha Bangladesh, Gazipur center. D-84 1st Floor, College Road, Chiabethi, Joydevpur, Gazipur.
  • Dullsmudra Primary School Kaliakoir,Gazipur.
  • Dullsmudra Girls School Kaliakoir,Gazipur.
  • Habuarchala Primary School Kaliakoir,Gazipur.
  • Gosaibari Alia Madrasha Kaliakoir,Gazipur.
  • Barai Bari Adarsha Degree College Kaliakoir,Gazipur.
  • Gazipur saheed Academy, Chandona-Gazipur.
  • Singer Dighi High School, Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur
  • Singer Dighi Govt. Primary School, Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur
  • harbaid high school
  • Banshkopa High School
  • Dumni Mallika Khatu Adarsho High School
  • Banshkopa Govt. Primary School
  • Prohladpur High School

One of the most historic schools is Barai Bari A K U Institution & College, Rani Bilashmoni Govt. Boys' High School which is more than 100 years old. Kaligonj RRN Pilot High School is also old & renowned school. Vadun High School is another old and historic school that established in 1938 at Vadun in Pubail. Bhasa Shahid Abdul Jabbar College and High School is not only well known for its academic excellence but also for its students' success in sports and cultural competition in national level including splendid handball performance in sports and streak of winning in sections like song, debate, general knowledge, dance, essay writing, acting every year. Recently there is a new medical college started in February 2012 named City Medical College and Hospital.


There is head office of a national strong bank which is Progoti Co-operative Land Development Bank Limited, in the short name or a nickname, Progoti Bank in Kapasia Upazila Sadar, a small but very beautiful town nearly 30 kilometer north of Gazipur City what specializes in originating and/or servicing mortgage loans, is said that Progoti Bank is father of Land Development Banks in the country. Without it, branches of banking institutions in the area include:

· Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd

Places of interest

  • Bhawal National Park,Gazipur
  • Nandan Park
  • Ansar VDP Academy
  • Jomidar Bari, Baliadi, Kaliakoir
  • Kalinarayana Temple(circa 1900,Built by Maharaja Kalinarayana of Bhawal), Joydebpur
  • Vawal Rajbari, one-time home of Prince Ramendra Narayan of the Bhawal case, Joydebpur
  • Pubail Resort
  • Zinda Park
  • Mollah Eco Park (Processing), Kudabo, Pubail, Gazipur
  • St. Antony Church, Panzora
  • St. Nicolas Church, Nagori (1695)
  • Nurjahan Garden (Meghdubi, Pubail, Gazipur)
  • Kudabo Eidgah (The Largest Eidgah of Gazipur), Kudabo, Pubail, Gazipur
  • Pubail Rahamania Masjid EIDGAH Moidan (Pubail Railway Station, Gazipur)
  • Pushpodam Picnic spot
  • Waiddadegi, Telihaty, Sreepur
  • Rangamatia Jesus Sacred Heart Church, Kaligonj (1889)
  • St. Baptist Jhon Church, Tomolia (1844)
  • St. Agustin Church, Mothbari
  • Joyna Bazar, Sreepur
  • Abder Bazar (Lohai Bazar), Telihaty, Sreepur.
  • Rover Polly High School & Degree College, Gazipur
  • Rebeiro Bari, Rangamatia, Kaligonj
  • Bishaw Estema maydhan. The second largest mass of the Muslim around the world is Estema. Thousands of Muslims from many countries comes here and stay for 3 days just beside the River Turag.
  • Rajendrapur cantonment

Thana and subdistricts of Gazipur

Gazipur District is divided into the following upazilas:

  • Tongi
  • Monipur
  • Pirozali
  • Mizapur

Transport system

  • Dhaka-Tongi diversion road has connected Gazipur with Dhaka.
  • There are 7 railway stations in the Gazipur district. They are: Rajendrapur, Sripur, Dhirasrom, Joydevpur, Tongi, satkhamair and Pubail.
  • Tongi - Kaligonj diversion road.


Print media:

  • Prothom Alo (National)
  • The Daily Kaler kantho (National)
  • The Daily Samakal (National)
  • The Daily Janakhanta (National)
  • The Daily Jugantar (National)

Online Daily:

  • gazipur24 (Local)
  • Gazipur Times (Local)


Satellite Television:

See also


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