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German Ambassador to the Court of St. James

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Title: German Ambassador to the Court of St. James  
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Subject: Joachim von Ribbentrop, Konstantin von Neurath, Leopold von Hoesch, Paul Wolff Metternich
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German Ambassador to the Court of St. James

Embassy of Germany in London

Location London
Address 21-23 Belgrave Square
Ambassador Georg Boomgaarden

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Court of St. James's is Germany's diplomatic mission to the United Kingdom.

The embassy is currently located at 23 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PZ, in Belgravia. It occupies three of the original terraced houses in Belgrave Square and a late 20th-century extension. The current ambassador is Georg Boomgaarden.


The Prussian Consul-General was housed at 9 Carlton House Terrace in the so-called Prussia House. After World War II Prussia House was requisitioned as enemy property and the Federal Republic of Germany moved its consulate and diplomatic operations to Belgrave Square, still operating as a Consulate General. The Consulate became a fully functional Embassy in June 1951, the FRG leasing the building for 99 years in 1953.

In the 1970s, office space in the embassy was tight so an extension was erected at Chesham Place, inaugurated in 1978. It won the Westminster City Council prize for architecture.

In 1990, after German reunification, the East German embassy building at 34 Belgrave Square became part of the German embassy.

Delegates of states of the Holy Roman Empire


  • 1701-1703 Balthasar Heinrich von Nischwitz
  • 1714-1718 Georg Sigismund Nostitz
  • Karl Georg Friedrich von Flemming (1705–1767)


  • 1702 Ernst August von Platen-Hallermund


  • 1713-1714 Gerhard Nath (1666–1740)
  • 1714-1719 Hermann von Petkum

Electorate of the Palatinate

  • 1715-1716 Franz Ludwig Viktor Effern


  • 1715 Hermann Beveren


  • 1604 Hans von Bodeck (1582–1658)
  • 1690-1698 Thomas Ernst von Danckelmann[1]
  • 1700 David Ancillon

Ambassadors of Prussia

Ambassadors of Germany

North German Confederation (1867-1871)

German Empire (1871-1918)

  1. Albrecht von Bernstorff (1871–1873)
  2. Georg Herbert zu Münster (1873–1885)
  3. Paul von Hatzfeldt (1885–1901)
  4. Paul Wolff Metternich (1901–1912)
  5. Adolf Marschall von Bieberstein (1912)
  6. Karl Max, Prince Lichnowsky (1912–1914)

diplomatic relations disrupted due to World War I

Weimar Republic (1919-1933)

  1. Friedrich Sthamer (1920–1930) (chargé d'affaires from 1919)
  2. Konstantin von Neurath (1930–1932)
  3. Leopold von Hoesch (1932–1933)

Third Reich (1933-1945)

  1. Leopold von Hoesch (1933–1936)
  2. Joachim von Ribbentrop (1936-March 12, 1938)
  3. Herbert von Dirksen (1938–1939)

diplomatic relations disrupted due to World War II

German Democratic Republic (1949-1990)

  • 1959 Kurt Wolf 1963
  • 1963 Jost Prescher 1965 (*22. März 1930; † 31. Mai 2000) Representative at the Chamber of Commerce
  • 1965 Erich Rennstein 1967
  • 1967 Dieter Butters 1971
  • 1971 Erich Albrecht
  • 1971 Karl Heinz Kern 1980 (*1930)
  • 1984 Gerhard Lindner (*1930)
  • 1989 Joachim Mitdank 1990

Federal Republic of Germany (since 1949)

  1. Hans Schlange-Schöningen (1950–1955)
  2. Hans von Herwarth (1955–1961)
  3. Hasso von Etzdorf (1961–1965)
  4. Herbert Blankenhorn (1965–1970)
  5. Karl-Günther von Hase (1970–1977)
  6. Hans Helmut Ruethe (1977–1980)
  7. Jürgen Ruhfus (1980–1983)
  8. Rüdiger von Wechmar (1985–1989)
  9. Hermann von Richthofen (1989–1993)
  10. Peter Hartmann (1993–1995)
  11. Jürgen Oesterhelt (1995–1997)
  12. Gebhard von Moltke (1997–1999)
  13. Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz (1999–2002)
  14. Thomas Matussek (2002–2006)
  15. Wolfgang Ischinger (2006–2008)
  16. Georg Boomgaarden (2008–present)

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