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Guanyang County

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Title: Guanyang County  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Biao Min language, Mienic languages, Xing'an County, Longxu District, Diecai District
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Guanyang County

Guanyang County
Chinese transcription(s)
 • Chinese 灌阳
 • Pinyin Guànyáng
Country China
Province Guangxi
Prefecture Guilin
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Guanyang County is a county of Guangxi, China. It is under the administration of Guilin city.

Yao people

Yao ethnic subgroups and dialect areas of Guanyang County are:[1]

  • Pan Yao 盘瑶
    • Iu Mien 优勉, Guoshan Yao 过山瑶
      • Dahejiang 大河江, Yezhudian 野猪殿, and Baoliang 保良 of Dongjing 洞井
      • Xiaohejiang 小河江 of Dongjing 洞井, Panjiang 盘江 of Guanyin'ge 观音阁
      • Doushui 陡水, Dazhushan 大竹山, and Shunxi 顺溪 of Huanguan 黄关
    • Biao Min
      • Dialect area 1
        • Hongqi Township 红旗乡: Wenhua 文化, Xiufeng 秀凤, Shangwang 上王, Helong 鹤龙
        • Xinyu Township 新圩乡: Hongshuiqing 洪水箐, Guiyang 贵阳
        • Shuiche Township 水车乡: Shangpao 上泡, Xiapao 下泡, Dongliu 东流, Hecheng 合成, Sanhuang 三皇, Xiumu 修睦
      • Dialect area 2
        • Jiangtang, Shuiche 水车乡江塘; Baizhuping, Wenshi 文市镇白竹坪
  • White-Collar / Bailing Yao 白领瑶. The Bailing Yao speak a form of Pinghua called Youjia(hua) 优家话.
    • Xishan Township 西山瑶族乡: Lannitang 烂泥塘、Yantang 盐塘、Lingdi 灵地、Hongtou 江头、Huangnibang 黄泥榜、Jiangkou 江口、Beishajian 北沙涧、Chayuan 茶源
    • Xinjie Township 新街乡: Liexijian 烈溪涧
    • Hongqi Township 红旗乡: Dayuan 大源、Fanshen 翻身、Matou 马头、Yutang 鱼塘、Paibujiang 排埠江
    • Xinwei Township 新圩乡: Chaoli 潮立
  • Four-Village / Sicun Yao 四村瑶. The Sicun Yao speak a form of Pinghua called Sicun(hua) 四村话. It is related to Youjia(hua) 优家话, which is spoken by the neighboring Bailing Yao 白领瑶.
    • Dongjiang Township 洞井瑶族乡: Baoliang 保良
  • Jiaojiang Yao 蕉江瑶. The Jiaojiang Yao speak a form of Pinghua of the same name (Jiaojiang Yao 蕉江瑶语).
    • Xishan Township 西山瑶族乡: Daping 大坪、Batang 扒塘、Jiangkou 江口、Henglutou 横路头、Zhendongjiang 正东江
    • Hongqi Township 红旗乡: Fanshen 翻身、Matou 马头、Dayuan 大源、Yutang 鱼塘


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