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Hans Andrias Djurhuus

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Title: Hans Andrias Djurhuus  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Faroese short story writers, Beinta Broberg, Faroese literature, Faroese language conflict, Faroe Islands
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Hans Andrias Djurhuus

Djurhuus on a Faroese stamp from 1984

Hans Andrias Djurhuus (20 October 1883 - 6 May 1951) was a Faroese poet and teacher. He is well known for his national poems and for his children's songs, but he also wrote psalms, short stories, plays, fairytales and one novel.[1]

Djurhuus was born and died in Tórshavn. His brother Janus Djurhuus, who was two years older, is also one of the well known poets of the Faroe Islands. Both were born and raised in a house in the old part of Tórshavn, which is called Áarstova, down in the Eastern Harbour; the brothers are often referred to as the Áarstovu Brothers (Áarstovubrøðurnir). Hans Andrias Djurhuus was one of the most productive poets of the Faroe Islands. The brother's great grandfather was Jens Christian Djurhuus (1773-1853) who was the first poet who wrote poems in the Faroese language.[2]

After finishing the school, he worked as a fisherman for a short period, after that he attended the Føroya Fólkaháskúli and after that he studied at the Teachers Seminar (Føroya Læraraskúli), which he finished in 1905. He worked as a school teacher in Sandavágur, Klaksvík, Tvøroyri and Tórshavn.


Ein firvaldur - A Butterfly. Faroese stamp from 2003 with motive from one of Djurhuus's poems.
  • Ritsavn. ill. by William Heinesen. Tórshavn, 1952-1958 – 7 vol. (collection of all of H.A. Djurhuus's works)


  • 1905: Hin gamla søgan (The Old Story)
  • 1915: Barnarímur (children's poems'). New edition published in 2000, ill. by Elinborg Lützen. ISBN 99918-1-237-7
  • 1916: Hildarljóð
  • 1922: Søgumál. Tórshavn: Felagið Varðin – 126 pp.
  • 1925: Sjómansrímur. (Seamen's poems). Notes published in 1993.
  • 1932: Halgiljóð. Tórshavn: Varðin – 52 pp.
  • 1934: Morgun- og kvøldsálmar (Morning- and evenings psalms)
  • 1934: Undir víðum lofti. Tórshavn: Varðin – 415 pp. (utvalgte dikt). Nytt opplag 1970
  • 1936: Yvir teigar og tún. Tórshavn: Varðin – 345 pp. (collected poems)
  • 1936: Havet sang


  • 1908: Marita
  • 1917: Annika
  • 1930: Álvaleikur
  • 1930: Eitt ódnarkvøld (On a Stormy Night)
  • 1933: Traðarbøndur
  • 1935: Ólavsøkumynd
  • 1936: Løgmansdótturin á Steig
  • 1947: Leygarkvøld í Bringsnagøtu. Published as a book, Tórshavn, Varðin, 1947 – 61 pages

Other works

  • 1922: Eitt ár til skips ("One year on board" – short-stories and fairytales)
  • 1922: Barnabókin (The Children's Book)
    • 1927: Barnabókin, økt útgáva. New and changed edition 1970
  • 1924: Føroya søga. Eitt stutt yvirlit. Tórshavn: Felagið Varðin – 59 S. (Faroese history)
    • 1952: Føroya søga, økt útgáva. New edition published in 1963
  • 1927: Beinta (novel, based on the legend of Beinta Broberg, whom Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen also based his novel, Barbara, on some years later)
  • 1929: Ævintýr (Fairytale)
  • 1950: Í mánalýsi
  • 1975: Fyrisagnir til skúlabrúks. – Tórshavn: Føroya skúlabókagrunnur, 39 pp. (essays for teaching in the Faroese language for children)

Djurhuus in Norwegian translation

  • 1936 Havet song. In Norwegian translation by Peter Molaug. Gyldendal forlag


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