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Hawaii Five-O (season 6)

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Title: Hawaii Five-O (season 6)  
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Subject: Hawaii Five-O, Hawaii Five-0 (season 5), Hawaii Five-0 (season 4), Hawaii Five-O (season 12), Hawaii Five-O (season 9)
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Hawaii Five-O (season 6)

Hawaii Five-O Season 6
Hawaii Five-O Season 6 DVD cover
Season 6 DVD cover
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original channel CBS
Original release September 11, 1973 (1973-09-11) – February 26, 1974 (1974-02-26)

The sixth season of Hawaii Five-O premiered on September 11, 1973 and ended February 26, 1974. 24 episodes aired during this season. The Region 1 DVD was released on April 21, 2009.

Creator and executive producer Leonard Freeman died during this season.


No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
122 1 "Hookman" Allen Reisner Glen Olson and Rod Baker September 11, 1973
A double amputee sets out to avenge the loss of his hands by killing every law enforcement officer who contributed to his maiming, including Steve McGarrett. Jay J. Armes guest stars. Morton Stevens won an Emmy for his score to this episode (in fact, all the nominees in this category at that year's Emmys were from Hawaii Five-O!). On this and all subsequent episodes, Jack Lord receives a "Starring" credit on the end titles as well as in the opening. The episode was remade on the updated remake on 4th February 2013.
123 2 "Draw Me a Killer" Charles S. Dubin Walter Black September 18, 1973
McGarrett attempts to solve the riddle of a series of apparently motiveless slayings that occur at six-week intervals, and his investigations lead him to the comic section of the daily newspaper.
124 3 "Charter for Death" Michael O'Herilhy Carey Wilber and Sheldon Wile September 25, 1973
A gangster, his daughter and son-in-law arrive in Hawaii carrying the plague, causing the Governor to seal off the island in an effort to prevent an outbreak of the disease. Nehemiah Persoff and Bert Convy guest star.
125 4 "One Big Happy Family" Alf Kjellin Alvin Sapinsley October 2, 1973
A family of serial killers, having left a trail of death on the mainland, start a new wave of terror when they reach Hawaii. Slim Pickens guest stars.
126 5 "The Sunday Torch" Michael O'Herilhy Jerome Coopersmith October 9, 1973
A young man who fits the classic profile of a pyromaniac is carefully set up in what appears to be a foolproof frame.
127 6 "Murder is a Taxing Affair" Michael O'Herilhy Story by: Jerome Coopersmith and Tony Palmerio
Teleplay by: Jerome Coopersmith
October 16, 1973
A corrupt federal tax agent, pursuing a criminal under indictment for tax evasion, kills the fugitive for $600,000 in hot money, then loses it. Don Porter guest stars.
128 7 "Tricks are Not Treats" Corey Allen Bill Stratton October 23, 1973
The assassination of one of Honolulu's most active pimps threatens an all-out war between two competing vice empires.
129 8 "Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies?" Michael O'Herilhy Jerome Coopersmith October 30, 1973
McGarrett investigates a string of five murders of wealthy men and enlists the aid of an undercover agent from the mainland to reveal a pay-before-death inheritance scheme.
130 9 "Flash of Color, Flash of Death" Alf Kjellin Story by: Norman Lessing and Michael Adams
Teleplay by: Norman Lessing
November 6, 1973
An opal smuggler is set up by a glamorous woman who clears the way for her accomplices to enter a Honolulu jewelery store and rob him and the jeweler of a fortune in opals.
131 10 "A Bullet for El Diablo" Allen Reisner Tim Maschler November 13, 1973
A dictator is murdered by a look-alike for his daughter.
132 11 "The Finishing Touch" Charles S. Dubin Walter Black November 20, 1973
McGarrett becomes suspicious of a documents expert he enlists to help investigate a destructive ring of forgeries of government securities. George Voskovec guest stars.
133 12 "Anybody Can Build a Bomb" Charles S. Dubin Walter Black November 27, 1973
A nuclear physicist becomes involved in an extortion scheme to blow up a portion of Honolulu with an atomic bomb. Lew Ayres guest stars.
134 13 "Try to Die on Time" Charles S. Dubin Story by: Jacqueline Lynch and E. Arthur Kean
Teleplay by: E. Arthur Kean
December 4, 1973
Five-O must unravel a complicated web of relationships surrounding a macabre $240,000 lottery based on the projected hour of a gambler's death.
135 14 "The $100,000 Nickel" Allen Reisner Dick Nelson December 11, 1973
A thief (Victor Buono) steals a very-rare illegally-minted 1913 Liberty Head nickel valued at $100,000 (equal to $531,259 today in inflation, but actually sold for $3,737,500 in 2010), which his panicked accomplice later drops into a vending machine. Bruce Broughton received an Emmy nomination for his score.
136 15 "The Flip Side is Death" Paul Stanley Glen Olson and Rod Baker December 18, 1973
Bank robbers fake a military emergency to cover up their crime, sending Five-O to the windward side of Oahu to investigate.
137 16 "The Banzai Pipeline" Richard Benedict Bill Stratton January 1, 1974
The Banzai Pipeline surfing beach is the setting for three murders connected to a film production.
138 17 "One Born Every Minute" Charles S. Dubin Alvin Sapinsley January 8, 1974
A con game targeting wealthy male tourists goes awry when a victim falls to his death from a hotel window. Ed Flanders guest stars.
139 18 "Secret Witness" Michael O'Herilhy Story by: Sam Roeca and Ken Pettus
Teleplay by: Ken Pettus
January 15, 1974
A professional killer pursues an eyewitness (Mark Jenkins), using the man's dropped library card as his clue.
140 19 "Death with Father" Jack Lord Anthony Lawrence January 22, 1974
A retired narcotics agent's (Andrew Duggan) son (Peter Strauss) is suspected of manufacturing heroin. This was the first episode to be directed by Jack Lord.
141 20 "Murder with a Golden Touch" Michael O'Herilhy Story by: Robert Schlitt and Jerome Coopersmith
Teleplay by: Jerome Coopersmith
January 29, 1974
A search for sunken treasure leads into the Pacific off Oahu. James J Sloyan and Peter Donat guest star.
142 21 "Nightmare in Blue" Michael O'Herilhy Mel Goldberg February 5, 1974
An investigation of five rape-murders points to the police. John Beck, Katherine Justice and Alan Fudge guest star. Don B. Ray received an Emmy nomination for his score.
143 22 "Mother's Deadly Helper" Douglas Green Walter Black February 12, 1974
An extremist (Anthony Zerbe) embarks on a deadly crusade against what he sees as law enforcement leniency.
144 23 "Killer at Sea" Douglas Green Story by: Jerome Coopersmith and Douglas Green
Teleplay by: Jerome Coopersmith
February 19, 1974
A comedian (John Byner) complicates McGarrett's investigation of a robbery-kidnapping aboard a cruise ship. William Devane also guest stars.
145 24 "30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key" Charles S. Dubin E. Arthur Kean February 26, 1974
A stylish jewel thief and master of disguise (David Wayne) evades McGarrett and then sends the Five-O chief an invitation to his next performance. This episode is similar in tone to the Lewis Filer episodes "Over Fifty? Steal" and "Odd Man In" (with tracked-in Morton Stevens music composed for the former), from the same writer.


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