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Iso 233

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Title: Iso 233  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Romanization of Arabic, ISO 259, List of International Organization for Standardization standards, ISO 3166,
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Iso 233

The international standard ISO 233 establishes a system for Arabic transliteration (Romanization). It has been supplemented by ISO 233-2 in 1993.


  • 1984 edition 1
  • ISO 233-2:1993 2
  • ISO 233-3:1999 3
  • ISO/R 233:1961 4
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1984 edition

The table below shows the consonants for the Arabic language.

Arabic Latin Unicode Notes
Hex Dec
ء ˌ 02CC 716 hamza without carrier - low vertical line
ٔ◌ ˈ 02C8 712 hamza above carrier - vertical line (high)
ٕ◌ hamza below carrier (= alif)
ا ʾ 02BE 702 modifier letter right half ring
ب B b
ت T t
ث 1E6E 1E6F 7790 7791
ج Ǧ ǧ 01E6 01E7 486 487
ح 1E24 1E25 7716 7717
خ H+0331 1E96 H+817 7830
د D d
ذ 1E0E 1E0F 7694 7695
ر R r
ز Z z
س S s
ش Š š 0160 0161 352 353
ص 1E62 1E63 7778 7779
ض 1E0C 1E0D 7692 7693
ط 1E6C 1E6D 7788 7789
ظ 1E92 1E93 7826 7827
ع ʿ 02BF 703 modifier letter left half ring
غ Ġ ġ 0120 0121 288 289
ف F f
ق Q q
ك K k
ل L l
م M m
ن N n
ه H h
ة T+0308 1E97 T+776 7831 combining diaeresis
و W w
ي Y y
ى 1EF2 1EF3 7922 7923

ISO 233-2:1993

ISO 233-2:1993 is an ISO schema for the simplified transliteration of Arabic characters into Roman characters.

This transliteration system was adopted as an amendment to ISO 233:1984. It is used mainly in library context, and was introduced because ISO 233 was not meeting the indexing purposes, which are essential for the consistency of library catalogs.

According to ISO 233-2(1993), Arabic words are vocalized prior to romanization.

ISO 233-2 is used in French libraries[1] and in North African libraries, and is recommended by ISSN for establishing key titles when cataloguing serials.

ISO 233-3:1999

ISO 233-3:1999 is dedicated to "Persian language – Simplified transliteration".

ISO/R 233:1961

ISO/R 233 is an earlier standard that has been withdrawn.[2]

See also

External links

  • Transliteration of Non-Roman Scripts -A collection of writing systems and transliteration tables, by Thomas T. Pedersen. PDF reference charts include ISO 233.


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