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Independent Party of Connecticut


Independent Party of Connecticut

Independent Party of Connecticut
Founded August 23, 1966
Politics of the United States
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The Independent Party of Connecticut is a minor political party in the State of Connecticut. As of November 3, 2014, Connecticut had 16,189 active voters registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State with the Independent party, making it the third largest party in the state. [1] The party has at least one elected official. In November, 2013, Lawrence DePillo was elected to the Waterbury Board of Alderman.[2]


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  • Town Committees 2
  • Notable Candidates 3
  • Non-Independent Party of CT Candidates 4
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In the 1930s, an Independent-Republican party was formed by Professor Albert Levitt of Redding, CT and Irving Fisher, a Yale economist.[3] However, the official title of "Independent Party" was used later on. In 1958, Andrew C. LaCroix of Easton, CT was acting treasurer of the Independent Party of CT. The party backed Ms. Vivian Kellems of Stonington, CT in a 1956 write-in campaign. At that time, Anthony Sparaco of Old Saybrook was President, and Rosemary Favale of Waterbury was Vice-President.[4] In 1959, Charles R. Iovino of Milford, CT was also elected as an Independent write-in candidate.[5] As early as 1967, the Independent Party of Connecticut has successfully held meetings throughout the State.[6] However, it is speculated that the Independent Party of Connecticut was actually formed on August 23, 1966.[7]

Town Committees

An Independent Town Committee is local organization that affiliates with the State-Central Executive Board. According to bylaws, they must consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Town Committees by City/Town

  • East Haven, CT[8]
  • Milford, CT[9]
  • Middletown, CT[10]
  • Newtown, CT[11]
  • Waterbury, CT[12]
  • Watertown, CT[13]

Notable Candidates

  • Jennie Cave - The First Woman Elected Mayor of the City of Norwalk in 1975.[14]
  • In 1885, there were 2 Connecticut Senators elected as Independents.[15]

Non-Independent Party of CT Candidates

In Connecticut, some candidates have been referred to as "Independent" while running for public office. However, they were not endorsed by The Independent Party of Connecticut.

List of Non-Independent Party of CT Candidates


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