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This article is a list of topics related to the people, culture, history, current events, institutions, places, and traditions of the Republic of the Philippines.


Regions of the Philippines

Includes former regions.

Provinces of the Philippines

Former Provinces

Cities of the Philippines

Islands of the Philippines

Includes island provinces.

Mountains and volcanoes of the Philippines

Other landforms

Bodies of Water

National Parks and Reserves

Northern Luzon

Southern Luzon and Bicol

  • Angono Petroglyphs - Rizal
  • Bicol Protected Area - Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur
  • Bulusan Volcano National Park - Sorsogon
  • Caramoan National Park - Camarines Sur
  • Hinulugang Taktak National Park - Rizal
  • Libmanan Cave National Park - Camarines Sur
  • Mayon Volcano National Park - Albay
  • Minasawa Island Protected Area - Quezon
  • Mounts Banahaw-San Cristobal National Park - Quezon
  • Mounts Palay-Palay and Mataas na Gulod National Park - Cavite
  • Mount Guiting-Guiting National Park - Romblon
  • Mount Isarog Protected Area - Camarines Sur
  • Mount Makiling Forest Reserve - Laguna
  • Mount Malindig National Park - Marinduque
  • Pagsanjan Gorge National Park - Laguna
  • Polo Tayabas Municipal Marine Reserve - Quezon
  • Quezon National Forest Park - Quezon
  • Sibuyan Mountains Cloud Forest Region - Romblon
  • Taal Volcano National Park - Batangas
  • Villagio de Xavier Mondo Bambini - Laguna

Mindoro and Palawan




Churches (structures)

Flora & Fauna

Flora of the Philippines


Political structure

Armed Forces of the Philippines

Military and Police Civilian Defense

Bureaus and Departments of the government

Parks and Wildlife Bureau (Philippines)
Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau (Philippines)
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (Philippines)
Barangay Health Volunteers
Barangay Health Workers
Local Government Academy (Philippines)


Laws of the Philippines

Other political groups

History and Events

Part of a series on the
History of the Philippines
Prehistory (pre-900)
Classical Period (900-1521)
Spanish Period (1521–1898)
American Period (1898–1946)
Independence (1946–present)
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Pre-colonial Philippines

Spanish colonial period

American colonial period

World War II

Post World War II events


Philippine-hosted events

Culture of the Philippines

Musical Instruments

Native Weapons


Main article: List of Philippine festivals

Religious sects


Power plants



Hospitals and Emergency Services


Newspapers and other print media organizations

Main article: List of newspapers in the Philippines

Organizations and groups

Professional organizations

Research groups

Sociocivic organizations

Science & Technology




International affiliates

Educational Institutions

Sociopolitical issues in the Philippines


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