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Iowa Highway 175

Iowa Highway 175 marker

Iowa Highway 175
Route information
Maintained by Iowa DOT
Length: 221.367 mi[1] (356.256 km)
Major junctions
West end: N-51 west of Onawa
East end: US 63 near Voorhies
Highway system
Iowa 173 Iowa 182

Iowa Highway 175 (Iowa 175) is a main east–west route in the northern portion of the state. The highway has a length of 221 miles (356 km). Iowa Highway 175 enters the state by a Missouri River crossing between Decatur, Nebraska and Onawa. The highway continues westward as Nebraska Highway 51. Iowa 175's eastern terminus is at a T intersection with U.S. Route 63 in southwestern Black Hawk County.

Despite Iowa 175's length, it only passes through small communities. The largest city on the route is Onawa, whose 2000 population was 3,091.


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Route description

Iowa Highway 175 begins at the east end of the Burt County Missouri River Bridge west of Onawa. At Onawa, it intersects Interstate 29. At Turin, it meets Iowa Highway 37 and turns northeast to follow an alignment which lies next to the Maple River. It continues through Castana and meets Iowa Highway 141 in Mapleton. At Mapleton, Iowa 175 overlaps Iowa Highway 141 through town. This is a wrong-way concurrency, with eastbound Iowa 175 and westbound Iowa 141 routed on one side of the road, and vice versa. It continues northeast from Mapleton through Danbury and Battle Creek and meets U.S. Highway 59 west of Ida Grove. After passing through Ida Grove together with U.S. 59, they separate east of Ida Grove. Iowa 175 passes east through Arthur and at Odebolt, meets Iowa Highway 39. Further east, Iowa 175 meets U.S. Highway 71. Iowa 175 and U.S. 71 run east, then south, then east again concurrently through Lake View and Ulmer before separating at Auburn.

Iowa 175 leaves Auburn going east, then passes through Lake City. After Lake City, Iowa 175 meets Iowa Highway 4. The two highways run concurrently through Lohrville before separating. Iowa 175 then passes through Farnhamville and Gowrie and intersects Iowa Highway 144 before intersecting U.S. Highway 169 at Harcourt. They continue east together before separating before Dayton. After passing through Stratford, Iowa 175 meets Iowa Highway 17 at Stanhope. It leaves Stanhope going east and meets U.S. Highway 69 south of Jewell. They run together going north into Jewell before Iowa 175 turns east. After passing through Ellsworth, Iowa 175 intersects Interstate 35.

Iowa Highway 175 then continues east of I-35 by passing through Radcliffe before meeting U.S. Highway 65 in Hubbard. Iowa 175 and U.S. 65 then go north, then east, together before separating. Iowa 175 then goes east through Eldora and meets Iowa Highway 14 west of Grundy Center. Iowa 175 continues east with Iowa 14 before separating in Grundy Center. It turns slightly southeasterly while passing through Morrison and Reinbeck, then turns east and ends at U.S. Highway 63 south of Hudson.


Eldora Viaduct was built over the Iowa River in 1914

Iowa Highway 175 was originally nothing more than a very short spur from U.S. Route 65 to Hubbard but grew to absorb other routes. By 1955 it had extended westward to Nebraska. The final segment of Highway 175 was commissioned in 1969, extending the highway eastward from Hubbard to its present eastern terminus.

Major intersections

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Burt Decatur N-51 west Continuation into Nebraska
Missouri River 0.000 0.000 Burt County Missouri River Bridge; Nebraska–Iowa state line
Monona Onawa 6.093 9.806 I-29
Belvidere Township 15.624 25.144 Iowa 37 east
Mapleton 29.294 47.144 Iowa 141 east West end of Iowa 141 overlap
29.895 48.111 Iowa 141 west East end of Iowa 141 overlap
No major junctions
Ida Corwin Township 50.418 81.140 US 59 north West end of US 59 overlap
54.068 87.014 US 59 south East end of US 59 overlap
Sac Odebolt 64.476 103.764 Iowa 39 south
Clinton Township 69.433 111.742 US 71 to US 20 west West end of US 71 overlap
Coon Valley Township 79.135 127.355 Iowa 196 to US 20 east
Auburn 87.107 140.185 US 71 south East end of US 71 overlap
Calhoun Calhoun Township 99.179 159.613 Iowa 4 north West end of Iowa 4 overlap
Reading Township 108.060 173.906 Iowa 4 south East end of Iowa 4 overlap
Webster Lost Grove Township 119.976 193.083 Iowa 144 south
Harcourt 122.974 197.907 US 169 north West end of US 169 overlap
Dayton Township 126.988 204.367 US 169 south East end of US 169 overlap
Hamilton Clear Lake Township 145.174 233.635 Iowa 17 south West end of Iowa 17 overlap
Stanhope 146.169 235.236 Iowa 17 north East end of Iowa 17 overlap
Ellsworth Township 154.162 248.100 US 69 south West end of US 69 overlap
Ellsworth 155.577 250.377 US 69 north East end of US 69 overlap
Lincoln Township 159.577 256.814 I-35
Hardin Hubbard 172.950 278.336 US 65 south West end of US 65 overlap
Tipton Township 179.950 289.601 US 65 north East end of US 65 overlap
Grundy Melrose Township 197.593 317.995 Iowa 14 south West end of Iowa 14 overlap
Grundy Center 204.867 329.701 Iowa 14 north East end of Iowa 14 overlap
Black Hawk Lincoln Township 221.367 356.256 US 63
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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